Window Ac Unit Not Cooling

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How To Repair A Room Air Conditioner Fan

Window Air Conditioner Not Cooling And The Most Common Fix
What You’ll Need

  • Wrench 20-weight nondetergent motor oil
  • Volt-ohmmeter or multimeter


Step 1: Open cabinet and locate fan.

Step 2: Step 3:

Step 5:If you suspect fan motor is faulty, test it with VOM set to RX1 scale. Disconnect terminal wires from terminals, and clip probes of VOM to wires.

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Window Ac Troubleshooting Video

The very comprehensive video below does a great job of showing you how to troubleshoot a window air conditioner for various problems. It begins with a discussion of how an air conditioner works, and then moves on to various troubleshooting methods and maintenance.

We especially like the way he shows how to test whether or not the units thermostat is working, using a multimeters continuity tester and an ice cube.

Note, though this video discusses fixing a refrigerant leak and dealing with the units compressor, both of which are beyond the scope of do-it-yourself repairs. Again, please take the unit to an appliance repair person.


Is Your Air Conditioner Not Turning On

Dont let an unresponsive window AC unit scare you. Often this window air conditioner problem can be fixed by just plugging back in an unplugged cord from the outlet.

If thats not the case, check your electrical circuit box for a tripped breaker or blown fuse. Reset the breaker, if necessary, or replace the fuse.

Note: A fuse must have the proper amperage rating for the circuit. Dont use a fuse with a higher amperage rating than the circuit wiring. For example, never replace an old 15-amp fuse with a new 20-amp fuse.

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Ge Window Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Complete Step By Step Guide

Be sure to read through the instruction manual before attempting to fix any household appliance this will prevent you from doing more harm than good.

A window Air conditioner is a common cooling device in many homes. They are very convenient as they can be installed even when the weather outside is cold. However, their operations need proper maintenance and care to ensure their efficiency and longevity. As soon as you hear them making unusual noises, you should check for any faults and fix them to ensure that all safety measures are met.

Reason Why My Window Air Conditioner Fan Not Working

Haier Portable 12,000 Btu Ac Window Air Conditioner

If you have a window air conditioner in your home, you may detect that the fan is not working as often as it should for various reasons. The job of your AC fan is to keep the hot air out constantly. This fan also attracts a lot of dust and dirt while doing this work.

Thats why the sound can come from the fan, so the normal function of the AC will be blocked. As a result, your window air conditioner will not function properly here. The fan or fan motor could be the issue if your window air conditioner isnt blowing any air. Ensure that the fan motor works freely and that the blades are in good condition. If the motor has seized or the fan blades have been damaged, they must be replaced. And you become tense about why your window AC fan is not working.

We will try to find out the various reasons why the AC fan does not work and the ways to solve it by writing below.

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A Fans Function In A Window Air Conditioner

The window air conditioners evaporator is exposed to the outside weather. The high-temperature environment is pulled by the blade fan placed behind the condenser, which then blows the air over the condenser. The refrigerant inside the condenser is extremely hot and must be cool in order to achieve the required cooling effect.

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Is Water Dripping Out Of The Front Panel

The evaporator coil is what causes moisture condensation to form and this is supposed to drain onto a metal pan at the bottom of your AC unit, which then flows outside through a hole or drain tube. If water is dripping out the front panel, then the pan is not sloping correctly toward the back of the unit.

To correct the problem, ensure that your air conditioner is level on the window sill. When the unit is level, the drain pan should be slopped towards the back, allowing the condensation to be expelled outdoors.

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Ge Window Air Conditioner Rattling Noise

If your GE window air conditioner is making a rattling noise, the front grille could be loose, the filter could be dirty , the louvers could be loose or broken, or the AC is improperly installed. It could also be the normal water splashing on the condenser coils by the slinger ring.

GE window air conditioners make some noise especially from the water splashing on the condenser coils by the slinger ring. This is normal and aids in cooling the coils and improving the efficiency of your room AC.

But, if the noise is louder than usual, something may be amiss, which could be one of the problems explained below.

Ge Window Air Conditioner Remote Control Not Working

Window Air Conditioner Not Cooling? EASY Common Fix – How to Clean a Windows AC

If your GE unit is unresponsive, there are a few things you should check first. Contact our team if none of these solutions work.Double-check your remote batteries and make sure theyre inserted correctly. If the problem persists, download the GE Smart Slot app on your iOS or Android mobile device, and reset your device from there.

If you are unable to operate the air conditioner via its remote, this indicates that the batteries may have been installed incorrectly.

In the case of a GE Window Air Conditioner, the batteries should be installed with their and terminals in the reverse directions. Needless to say, you could also have exhausted batteries which will require a replacement.

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Window Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide: Problems And Solutions

Nothing helps you fight back against summer heat waves better than a quality window air conditioning unit, but unfortunately not all AC units have been designed to offer the kind of longevity and performance we are accustomed to.

As these appliances get a little bit older and have been through several seasons of cooling, its not uncommon for problems to pop up.

Thankfully though, unlike traditional whole home air conditioning units, window air conditioners can be cleaned, maintained and run through a proper troubleshooting process without any real difficulty.

This is true even if you dont have special technical skills or an assortment of tools laying around the house.

Obviously, youll want to learn as much about how window air conditioners work so that you can to better understand exactly what youre getting into when it comes time to fix them.

But hopefully, by the time were done with the details in this guide, youll have a more fundamental understanding of everything that modern air conditioning units bring to the table so that you can repair them more effectively.

Air Coming Out Is Not Cool Enough

The compressor is called the heart of the air conditioning unit for many reasons, mainly because it compresses the refrigerant and pumps it around the system to effectively pull out heat from the room and deliver it out into the outdoor part of your window-type air conditioner.

If the air conditioner is not cooling the room as its supposed to, there are many possible reasons, including a broken thermostat, insufficient refrigerant due to leaks, dirty coils, or a faulty compressor.

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Why Window Air Conditioner Compressor Not Turning On

Compressors are responsible for regulating the temperature in a room by pumping the refrigerant around the air conditioning system to absorb the heat out of the room and deliver cool wind into it. The cooling process wont start if the compressor does not turn on.

There are several reasons why a window air conditioner compressor isnt turning on, including dirty coils and filters, or a lack of power due to insufficient power supply or damage to the air conditioners electrical wirings. Or the compressor may already be dead if the machine is old.

This article will help you find the reason why a compressor stopped working, which is the first step to repair your air conditioner. Then you can decide whether you can fix it yourself or if its time to hire a professional.

Ge Window Air Conditioner Not Starting

Window Air Conditioner Not Cooling And The Most Common Fix

There are many possible reasons why your GE window air conditioner isnt starting up when you turn the switch on. Luckily, theyre all fixable and preventable with a bit of troubleshooting.

Check Electrical Connection

First, try plugging the unit back into the outlet and make sure its pushed in all the way. If that doesnt work, check the circuit breaker or GFCI .

If the air conditioners power switch is in the On position and the unit still will not start, make sure that your electrical circuit is providing power by investigating appliances that are plugged in around your window air conditioner.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Youre sure your circuit breaker works and the outlet you plugged your window air conditioner into is working. Heres what you can do:

Turn the control switch to Off then back to On and try again. If the power cord is plugged in, make sure its pushed in all the way.

Power Failure

When the AC is on and theres a power outage, it will automatically restart after the power comes back. The process takes about 3 minutes, and helps prevent tripping of the compressor overload meaning the unit may not start to cool sufficiently until 3 minutes elapse since it was turned back on. This feature is particularly useful during summer when blackouts are more common than winter.

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Ge Window Air Conditioner Thermostat Problems

GE window air conditioner thermostat problems may be caused by thermostat sensitivity to outdoor/indoor temperatures or a faulty thermostat.

GE window air conditioners are either high-end with an electronic thermostat or older models that have a mechanical thermostat.

Electronic GE window AC thermostats are designed with a temperature fluctuation allowance of 3°F while mechanical thermostats have a temperature fluctuation of 4/5°F.

What this means is that your GE window thermostat will cycle every 8 minutes even though the room temperature has not surpassed the set level.

While this is the normal working of your GE window AC thermostat, the temperature control device can have issues and cause problems with the working of other AC parts.

Here are the two most common GE thermostat problems.

Strong Odors Emit From The Window Air Conditioner

Depending on the odor type, if it is a distinctive musty smell, mold, mildew, germs, or bacteria could be growing on the compressor or coils. Microorganisms thrive in dark and humid conditions like inside the AC. The root cause is likely that the window AC is dormant for some time, e.g. during the winter season, and is not kept in a dry place. You will need to perform a thorough cleaning to remove every bit of microorganisms inside the window AC before using it. Ensure the room humidity is at an ideal level to prevent the recurring issue.

If it is a burning smell with smoke coming out from the window unit, turn it off immediately and air out the smell. There is likely a burned circuit board, capacitor, compressor, or other electronic components causing it. Hire a certified technician for inspection or send it back to the service center for repair. Alternatively, you can also replace it with a brand new unit.

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Ge Window Air Conditioner Turns On And Off Repeatedly

A GE window air conditioner that turns on and off repeatedly has voltage issues, a bad or badly-positioned thermostat, dirty coils, airflow restrictions, or the unit is oversized or low on refrigerant. Airflow restriction is the most common cause solved by cleaning the unit or clearing the airway.

A GE window air conditioner is programmed to cycle every 8 minutes. If your cooling unit is turning on and off in shorter cycles than that, you should check it or have it checked for the following problems.

Filter Power Cord Coils Switch Drain Ports Motor And Compressor

A/C window unit not cooling? Try this

Filter Power CordEvaporator and Condenser CoilsSwitchMotor and Compressor

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  • Thermostat Maintenance: To make sure there’s actually a problem with your a/c, you may want to check the thermostat, too. Learn how to calibrate a thermostat.

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Ac Not Blowing Cold Air Due To Basic Electrical Issues

Lets first cover the basics. All air conditioners require access to electricity to prevent them from blowing warm air. If the compressor is not getting adequate power, it would be able to compress the R410A or R22 refrigerant. The consequence will be no heat exchange and it will result in the air conditioner blowing same-temperature air.

First, check the cables. The power cable has to be correctly plugged into the outlet. Make sure youre using the correct voltage. Smaller AC units require 110/120V while bigger units will require 220/240V. Also check if any of the power cables have been damaged.

Who doesnt plug in their air conditioner?

Thats the common response. The reason for check the power cables is because air conditioners require a surge of power when starting and when the rotary compressor starts working at 100%.

Everybody has an air conditioner plugged in. However, when the surge comes, two things can happen:

  • A fuse is blown.
  • Amp breaker is tripped.
  • Its likely you wont notice either the blown fuse or 30A breaker tripped. What you are likely to notice is that your air conditioner was blowing cold air and all of a sudden the air conditioner stopped blowing cold air.

    To fix basic electrical issues that might be causing the problem, check if the fuse is blown or if the amp breaker has been tripped.

    If everything works OK, check the thermostat:

    Repair Condenser Coil Leak

    Before continuing this task, its important to note that it can require extensive work to complete. If the air conditioner is still under a manufacturer or retailers warranty, it might be best to replace the defective unit with a working model.

    However, if your new AC has a damaged condenser coil and youd like to treat this operation as a DIY project, here are the steps to repair it:

    What Youll Need

    • Silver solder

    Step-by-Step Guide

  • Remove the window AC from its installation location and set it on a stable and level surface.
  • Open the appliances outer shell by following the manufacturers instructions.
  • Locate the condenser coil and find the location of the damage.
  • Remove a portion of the aluminum film with the torch.
  • Push the melted aluminum aside with a screwdriver to expose the damaged portion of the condenser coil.
  • Use a welding machine with a silver solder material to repair the damaged area.
  • Reinstall the window ACs outer shell and return the appliance to its original window setup.
  • Turn on the window cooling unit to check if the problem persists.
  • If you dont want to use a welding machine, you can also use an air conditioner sealant for this repair project. It should provide you with similar results, and it may not require you to use a soldering material to seal condenser coil damage like cracks and gaps.

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    The Main Components That Cause The Most Problems

    There are a lot of different moving parts that go into creating an effective window air conditioning unit, but the most common components of these devices that are most likely to fail include:

    • The face panel of the AC unit with the air filtration system
    • The evaporator coil that allows your AC unit to cool your space
    • The fan or the blower system that blows air past the evaporator coil and into the room
    • The thermostat which controls the temperature of the air and the room its working in
    • The compressor that moves the flow of air as well as the coolant material throughout the AC unit
    • The condenser coil that converts hot air into cool air
    • The condenser fan that blows hot air from the hot condenser coil out into the outside

    These are the elements of your air conditioning unit that will most likely need a little bit of extra attention over time, and these are the components of your device that youre going to spend the majority of your maintenance on.

    Your Window Ac Filter Is Dirty Or Clogged

    The 10 Best Window Air Conditioners, According to Reviewers

    And the fins on the back might be dirty too.

    The air conditioner filter is something that is meant to be cleaned from time to time. If your filter is dirty or clogged, it is probably restricting the air flow and preventing your AC from cooling at its normal capacity. In addition, if the filter is very dirty, it could cause frost to form on the evaporator coils, which further inhibits good air flow. The best fix for this is to replace the filter and remove any material that might be clogging the filter area. If you notice any dirt build-up on the evaporator coils, you can clean them with warm, soapy water.

    This is one of the most common AC problems, so be sure to check the filter and the fins/coil in back if your window air conditioner is not cooling properly!

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