Why Isn T My Ac Unit Turning On

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You’ve Got A Blown Transformer

Outdoor AC Unit Not Running, Not Turning On! Top 10 Problems!

Same deal as the blown fuse. Ok, it’s a different problem, but the outcome is identical. Your AC won’t work until you replace the bad transformer.

You might also have a bad contactor in the outdoor unit. That’s what often leads to a blown transformer, so you’ll need to have that switched out as well. Wiring issues, like a short in the wire, can also cause this problem.

You Tripped A Circuit Breaker

Air conditioners cause a lot of draw on our electrical grids, including the electrical systems in our homes. Our homes are designed to protect us in case of an overload of draw or demand. If your air conditioner just turned off and wont turn back on, its possible that you tripped a breaker. Take a visit to your electrical box and flip your breakers. Sometimes, this may solve your problem. However, if you keep tripping a circuit breaker over and over, you may want to buy an updated air conditioner that uses less electricity, or run fewer items that will overload your homes electrical system.

Tripped Circuit Breaker Panel

The circuit breaker inside is designed to protect electrical appliances, including an air conditioning unit from high voltages. It is connected to the main electrical panel and protects appliances by triggering an immediate shut down by disconnecting the breaker when a high voltage current passes through it. It keeps your home safe from fire.

Apart from high voltage current, using multiple electrical appliances at the same time, can cause this problem. With an old air conditioner system, youll face this problem as well.

To solve this problem, youll need to make sure that all your electrical appliances are in good condition. Check yourself or call experts. Also, if your air conditioning system is more than 10 years old, you should replace it as soon as possible. Because when the air conditioner gets old, it starts to consume more electricity and cause this problem frequently.

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Air Conditioner Not Working Problems And Solutions

When summer comes along, you need your central AC unit to run without a hitch, and even the best air conditioners can run into issues with time. Is your AC not cooling? Dont worry. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning experts at Sears Home Services can troubleshoot your air conditioner to get it running smoothly again. Use this air conditioning troubleshooting list to help you identify some common air conditioner problems like AC not cooling, and identify solutions.

Considering a new air conditioner, or looking to replace your existing AC? Sears Home Services can help.

Your Ac Is Not The Right Size

Bryant Air Conditioner Fan Not Spinning

Did you take into account the size of an air conditioner when buying it? Well, it is a mistake that is continuously overlooked but can have a great impact on the performance of the HVAC system.

The air conditioner that is not the right size will have to work harder and, at one point, will break down completely.

When your AC is larger than required, it will keep turning on and off quickly, increasing wear and tear. Further, it wont remove the excess humidity as it does not stay on for a sufficient time.

On the other hand, a small unit will have to run for a long time to cool/warm the house, which may cause overheating of the capacitor.

An HVAC system that is not the right size can also wreak havoc on your bills.

Unfortunately, the only solution is to replace the unit.

Some parameters determine what size you require, such as the area of your house, climate, number of windows, and insulation level. You will have to go for a professional evaluation to find out the perfect size of air conditioner for your home.

There is also an equation that roughly estimates the right size of AC.

0.5 = Required AC size

Lets say your area is 1000 square feet.

0.5= 1.5

You require a 1.5-ton AC.

If you figured out why your AC was not turning on and managed to find the solution on your own, congratulations! But even then, we recommend that you contact a professional for a complete inspection to avoid similar problems in the future.

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Common Causes Of Ac Problems

Image courtesy of: https://www.reddit.com/r/memes/comments/dd5e51/when_the_air_conditioning_is_broken/

With age and use, even the best central air system experience changes. There are common air conditioner problems that no central air system can fully escape without the help of an HVAC contractor. These include:

Resolving Air Conditioner Problems: Repair Or Replace

How do you fix an AC unit that wont start? If your air conditioner simply wont turn on, youll need to decide if you should repair or replace the unit. Remember that units over 12 years old should generally be replaced with more efficient units. If the AC cuts on and off before your home is cool or your hvac unit wont shut off, you may need a repair. However, you should carefully evaluate repair costs before making a final decision. If repairs will cost more than 50 percent of your units overall value, it is better to replace the unit.

Solving air conditioner problems quickly is absolutely essential, especially in warm spring and summer months. At Bill Joplins Air Conditioning & Heating, we focus on providing for the air conditioning needs for both residential and commercial customers throughout the McKinney, TX, area. We will be happy to help you whether your air conditioner wont turn on or you are interested in having a new HVAC system installed. Ensuring your comfort is our top priority.

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Check Furnace & A/c Shut Off Switch

If your air conditioner does not turn on, the power supply to your indoor A/C unit and furnace may be the problemthe furnace switch powers on and off the indoor part of your HVAC system. Make sure to check the furnace switch to see if it’s in the “on” position. If it’s not, turn it on and see if your air conditioner starts working. Since the switch looks like a light switch, people often accidentally turn it off.

Have a Local HVAC professional Fix Your AC

Clogged Evaporator Coils Of The Air Conditioning Unit

AC Not Turning On? Try These Troubleshooting Tips!

Evaporator coil is usually in the outdoor unit of home AC unit and it gets dirty very quickly. It reduces the overall efficiency of the air conditioning unit, and eventually, it leads to system failure.

Thats why Ill recommend you to clean the outdoor unit of the air conditioner system. The best way to keep your AC system in good condition is by doing a regular maintenance. When you do regular maintenance, all air conditioner parts will be in good condition. Besides, when you take AC maintenance checkup service by a local expert heating and cooling service professional, he will clean all your AC parts.

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Dirt On The Condenser Coil

Yep. That pesky dirt can cause havoc everywhere in your system. The condenser coils job is to disperse heat outside your home. If dirt has built up, heat will be trapped inside the air conditioner and keep your system running to reach the target cooling temperature your thermostat is calling for.

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Trouble Adjusting The Thermostat

Speaking of the thermostat, glitches within the control center of your air conditioner could also pose a problem. Failure to turn on an AC unit thats blowing warm air are both signs of a thermostat issue.

First, make sure your thermostat is calibrated correctly. Some people think that new, high-tech thermostats and SMART technology have replaced the need for calibration, but this simply isnt true.

Even digital thermostats need to be properly calibrated to work efficiently. Calibration is what tells your homes AC unit to turn on when the house hits a certain temperature.

If your thermostat is calibrated correctly but the AC still isnt working, check that its set to the lowest possible temperature. This should kick start the unit. If not, it may be time to call in the experts.

HVAC repair technicians know how to recalibrate both older and newer thermostats. The digital varieties are sometimes more confusing than the older models. Have your owners manual handy to help the technician troubleshoot the problem.

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Air Conditioner Too Small

If an air conditioner wasnt sized appropriately to meet a homes cooling load, it will run for extremely long periods of time. Smaller air conditioners simply dont have the power to cool spaces that are too large for the equipment. Undersized air conditioners waste a lot of electrical power and break down quicker due to excessive wear and tear from long run times.

Your Thermostat Batteries Are Dead

Why Is My AC Unit Freezing Up?

Yup. Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with your air conditioner at all. Your thermostat isn’t displaying anything, and it’s because the batteries are out of juice.

The solution? Switch ’em out. Simple as that.

Changing the thermostat batteries should be your first line of defense when the screen is blank and you don’t know why. You can certainly call an HVAC company to fix this, but that costs way more than a few AAAs.

Bonus : Make sure your thermostat is set to “cool.” If it isn’t, you’re either running the heat or you’re just spinning the fan!

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What To Do If Your Air Conditioner Is Running But Not Cooling Your House

Its no fun when the air conditioner doesnt work, however, it happens. And it wont be in the middle of winter as it happens. It will be the hottest day of the year, and no matter how low you set the thermostat, the air conditioner will not blow cool enough air.

The condenser compressor outside your house is just part of an air conditioning system. An indoor air handler unit , an evaporator coil, air filter, thermostat, and copper tubing that link the indoor and outdoor systems are all common components of split-system air conditioners.

So, to the debate, Why isnt my air conditioner cooling the house? There are a few options. But dont be concerned. Only because your system isnt cooling doesnt mean you have to spend a lot of money on AC upgrades or a new system.

The majority of homeowners are capable of doing simple troubleshooting and will be able to fix the problem. There are times, though, that youll need to contact the nearest HVAC company for reliable air conditioner support.

There are a number of reasons why your air conditioner could be working but not dropping the temperature in your home, ranging from basic problems like an improperly set thermostat or a dirty filter to more complicated situations requiring part replacement.

How To Reset An Air Conditioner When It’s Not Working

If youve ever asked an IT professional why your computer isnt working, they may have responded with a question: Have you tried restarting it?

Like many appliances around your house, air conditioners are getting smarter and sometimes require a good old-fashioned reset. Even older models that suddenly stop working can benefit from a reset, especially after a power outage.

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Possible Cause: Frozen Evaporator Coil

A frozen evaporator coil can be the culprit for the reason your air conditioner isnt working. If your air conditioner powers on but you feel hot air, or no air at all, then a frozen coil could be the root of the problem.

You can easily check if you have a frozen coil by having a look at your unit and seeing if a layer of ice has developed. Unlike condenser coils, which are located on your outdoor unit, evaporator coils are located on your furnace. If you can see ice, then a frozen evaporator coil is likely the problem.

This problem is important to address immediately as a frozen over coil can damage a compressor, which is an expensive fix.

Air Conditioner Leaking Water Outside

How to fix your AC: fan not spinning

On hot or humid days, you might see a little puddle of water under your condenser unit. In hot, humid weather, thats normal, as long as it only forms while the unit is working. In cool weatherusually, 60 degrees or lessan air conditioner can freeze up, causing the unit to leak water when it melts which is also normal. If its leaking in other circumstances, try cleaning or replacing your air filters. If that doesnt fix the problem, schedule a service call. You may need more refrigerant, have a blockage in your drain pipe, or have a broken condensate pan.

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Why Do I Need To Reset My Air Conditioner

The most common reason for an AC unit requiring a reset is when the protection circuit breaker in your AC unit kicks in. This typically happens after a power outage and is in place to prevent fires and explosions.

A reset can also correct an AC thats only blowing warm air, even when the thermostat is set to cool. There are a handful of reasons your AC could be blowing warm air, but one of them is a general thermostat error. Sometimes a hard reset of your AC can solve that problem.

While resetting an air conditioner is an easy task, if you are uncertain or uncomfortable, please contact an HVAC professional to assist by requesting an appointment with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. As a final precautionary note, accessing your resent button may require you to open your condensing unit plan and with certain units, this could impact your warranty. Please check your warranty guidelines before attempting to reset your air conditioner. If you are familiar with your AC unit, and comfortable moving forward, follow the simple instructions below.

Condensing Unit Is Faulty Or Broken

With a typical split-system central air conditioner, the condensing unit sits outside your home and includes the outdoor coil, the compressor, the condenser fan and its electronic controls. Its time to troubleshoot an air conditioner for a faulty or broken condensing unit when you notice issues like:

  • No cooling or inadequate cooling
  • System turning on and off rapidly
  • System running continuously or for unusually long periods of time
  • Frost or ice on the coil or copper refrigerant tubing
  • Condensing unit not turning on at all

As was the case with evaporator coil issues, a condensing unit might have an excessively dirty coil or refrigerant leakage. Additional issues with the outdoor condensing unit might include a faulty compressor, a failing condenser fan motor, or a faulty run capacitor. Most of these air conditioner problems require a professional. Do not attempt to troubleshoot refrigerant or electrical issues yourself.

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Is Your Ac Not Turning On Or Has It Run Its Course

Your AC has stopped running, and you are wondering what could be the reason. If it has been your comfort companion for quite a long time, maybe it has reached the end of its lifespan.

But how can you actually tell that its time to say goodbye to your AC?

Following are some signs indication why your AC is not turning on:

  • You notice a significant decrease in ACs airflow. The decreased airflow can be due to dirty filters, but if cleaning the filters does not work, your AC has aged and needs replacing.
  • Your AC requires repair services every now and then, which could give a clue if your AC has problems related to its lifespan.
  • Your bills are increasing at an abnormal rate. Near the end of life, the AC becomes sluggish and overworks to maintain the desired temperature, leading to a surge in bills. You can go for an energy audit to see if it is really your air conditioner causing the bills to increase.
  • The inside unit of your AC is leaking excessively. It may be due to a refrigerant leak, but even if the issue does not get resolved, its time for the unit to go.
  • If your AC is making weird loud noises such as grinding, screeching, rattling, its time to replace it as it signals a serious problem.
  • Your air conditioner smells bad. It could be due to molds growing inside your unit or due to dirty filters, but if the smell does not go away, consider replacing it.

Also, read these six ways to extend the average life of your AC.

Ac Disconnect Shut Off Switch

Why IsnâT My Heating System Starting Up?

If your AC won’t turn on, you may need to check your outside AC unit disconnect. The outdoor AC disconnect switch sits on your home near your system. It looks like a metal box sitting on the wall of your house. Inside the shut off box sits a pull out head used to complete the circuit of electricity from your main electrical panel to your air conditioner.

If the pull out head has been moved or flipped upside down, it will cut off the power supply to your system leaving it powerless. Simply place the pull out head back into the correct position to ensure a complete circuit is made and power is sent to your system. If the pull out or disconnect are damaged, you will need a heating and air conditioning expert to help you replace the disconnect.

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Find The Reset Switch

To reset your air conditioner, youll have to first find the reset button of the outside unit. But if youre wondering where is the reset button or switch on the air conditioner unit, look for a small and red button or switch on the air conditioner. If you dont find any reset button, your AC probably doesnt have one, and to reset your air conditioner, youll have to do it manually.

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