Why Ac Not Blowing Cold Air

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You Need To Clear Out The Vent

Goodman Air Conditioner Runs but Not Blowing Cold

To clear a blocked or clogged vent, you can try using a small cleaning brush or vacuum. Once your vents are clear, it should become much easier for the air conditioner to blow cold air into each area of your home. It wont struggle with airflow issues any longer and youll stop noticing the AC barely blowing air

If that doesnt work, you will want to call out a professional who knows how to clean out an air conditioning unit properly. Or, they might discover a different problem as the cause of your AC frustrations.

A Clogged Drainage Line

Air filters are not the only part of an air conditioner that is vulnerable to clogs. It is also possible for your drain system in your AC unit to clog and then fill with water. Every AC unit absorbs moisture, which helps make the room more comfortable. This moisture does not, however, simply disappear.

AC units have different drainage systems, but they all expel water through a drainage canal. If the drainpipe is not flushed regularly it can get clogged. Mold and algae can build up, as well as outdoor debris. Check your drainage pipe and make sure it is clear. It may be a good idea to clean it even if it does not appear to be clogged.

Contact A Carrier Hvac Dealer

Thermostat not reaching the set temperature? If you reach this conclusion and youve exhausted the options outlined previously, its time to call a Carrier HVAC dealer. Its important for your comfort, but also for the health of your AC system. Continuing to run your AC when its not properly cooling your home can take a minor issue and turn it into a major component failure or system replacement.

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Why Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold

Asked by: Kennedi Schaden

If your central AC is not blowing cold air, the refrigerant may be the problem. The unit could be running low and need additional refrigerant added. The most likely cause of this is a leak. … If you suspect a refrigerant leak, you should contact an HVAC professional right away.

Check Your Circuit Breaker

Apartment Ac Unit Not Blowing Cold

Breakers trip all the time but when your AC isnt blowing cold air, your mind probably presumes the worst.

Your air conditioning connects to two circuit breakers one for the outside unit and another for the inside.

If the outside breaker trips and the inside breaker is still functioning, the air cant be cooled.

Reset the breaker, but if it happens again dont be too fast to reset it as it could cause damage to your AC.

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The Ac Filter Is Clogged Or Dirty

The air filter needs cleaning now and then at regular intervals. If this is not done, the filter gets clogged, leading to the airflow being restricted, thus inhibiting the standard cooling capacity of the unit. It may also frost on the evaporator coils, further inhibiting air circulation.

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How To Fix It

Replacing the filter is the most advisable option. Secondly, you can clean the evaporator coils with warm water to unclog the filter area. Always check the filter at the back of the conditioner if it isnt cooling as expected.

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Hummer H3 a.c not blowing air– DIY. Hummer H3 ac not blowing air. DIY Small tutorial on how to fix a common H3 air conditioning problem.

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The Ac Is In The Wrong Mode

A simple reason why your window AC is not pumping cold air could be that it is not in the suitable mode . AC units are built to operate from different modes. These modes may depend on the particular model you are using, but most work in the same way. Most if not all window ACs operate between the following modes:

  • Cool mode
  • Fan mode
How To Fix It

Make sure your window AC unit is in cool mode. This mode removes heat from the room up to the required temperature in the AC thermostat. On reaching the desired temperature, it works to keep it at that level.

If it is still not working in the cool mode, you need to read on for additional sources of trouble.

You Have A Refrigerant Leak

How to Fix Car AC that’s Not Blowing Cold Air

Most people know the chemical coolant, also known as the refrigerant, that helps to create cold air: Freon. Freon flows through your ACs indoor and outdoor coil, drawing heat energy and humidity from the air and releasing it outside. While you should only have to add Freon to your central air conditioner once, a refrigerant leak reduces the systems ability to cool the air. If you discover a refrigerant leak in your central air conditioner, it has to be fixed ASAP. Otherwise, the problem will only get worse.

You need a license

However, since Freon is a chemical regulated strictly by the EPA, only people with professional licenses are allowed to handle it. Youll need to reach out to your local HVAC maintenance company to help you repair the leak and refill the coolant in your air conditioner to get it up and running again.

Do the maintenance

The refrigerant levels in air conditioners should be checked annually. A heat pump should be checked twice per year. Refrigerant leaks typically occur in the evaporator or condenser coils. Refrigerant leakage from these components or anywhere in the condenser unit is easy to find with a freon detector. This is also the best way to identify a faulty compressor.

The hard-to-find leak

Leaks in the refrigerant lines can be difficult to identify, locate, and repair. The line-set is copper refrigerant tubing that connects the outdoor condenser unit to the indoor portion of your HVAC system.

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Troubleshooting Your Aircon If Not Blowing Cold Air

1. Make Sure The Thermostat Is Set To Cool

On most occasions, you do need to exert yourself much to fix an aircon that is not blowing cool air. Prior to calling the technicians, make sure that it is set to âcool,â and also that the temperature of the room is low enough to switch on the unit.

2. Inspect Circuit Breaker Box

If the problem of your aircon is not because of the thermostat, then you ought to verify the circuit breaker box. Most air conditioning units come with two parts â the indoor unit, and the outdoor unit. If the outdoor device isnât powered, the indoor unit will not be able to supply you with cold air. Try resetting any tripped circuit breaker and wait for some time to check whether the problem occurs again. If the problem does not go away, it’s time for you to seek the help of a professional expert.

3. Clean Dirty Aircon Filters

Dirty aircon filters will make the device work harder plus less effectively. As a result, there is the possibility for your electricity bills to go up and you wonât get the cold air you desire. Make it a point to wash the filters at least once every month.

4. Check If Thereâs Ice Build-Up In The Aircon

Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Not Producing Cold Air

1. Air Filter Clogging

The filter helps to trap airborne particles traveling through the ductwork before they can damage the aircon unit significantly. The filter can get clogged and restrict the flow of air if you donât change the filter for quite some time. If so, there is a chance for the evaporator coil to freeze and it will not be able to cool the air anymore.

2. Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coil might become dirty and full of debris over time. It is important to wash the condenser so as to dissipate the heat outside. If the coils become quite dirty, it will not be possible for the aircon unit to cool the room anymore.

3. Broken Compressor

The compressor of the air conditioning unit circulates refrigerant between the outside and inside units. The indoor units cannot blow cold air if the compressor starts malfunctioning. Thus, it is often necessary to replace a broken and faulty compressor.

4. Defective Thermostat

A thermostat aids in detecting alterations in temperature. A malfunctioning or broken thermostat can be one significant reason why your house or room is not becoming cold. Therefore, it is of prime importance to inspect it from time to time to make sure that it is working properly.

5. Small Air Conditioner, Large Spaces

One way of knowing when you are purchasing the right type of aircon for your space is knowing the aircon’s BTU. Read more about BTU here.

6. Leaked Refrigerant

7. Dirty Evaporator

8. Blocked Condenser

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You Need To Clean Or Replace A Dirty Filter

A clogged or dirty AC filter will have trouble cooling down each room properly. The trouble stems from the fact that the airflow coming from the units vents isnt powerful enough to reach every corner of your house. Thats when you end up with a situation where the air conditioner is working but not cooling.

If its difficult to see the AC filter, you may want to turn off your unit and then remove any furniture or other things that block your access. Once you locate the air conditioning filter , wipe away any dust on top of it with a damp cloth.

If the filter is really dirty, you may want to vacuum or use a brush on it before wiping it down with a wet towel again. Finally, replace the filter if its too far gone to work properly. Otherwise, youll continue to complain that the central air not cooling.

Evaporator Coil Is Frozen

AC Not Blowing Cold Air: 5 Reasons Why This is Happening

The indoor component of your central air conditioning system will include an evaporator coil. If your indoor unit is a furnace, the evaporator coil sits in its own cabinet, outside the furnace. If the indoor unit is a fan coil , the evaporator coil sits inside the fan coil cabinet. Warm indoor air passes through the evaporator coil where heat energy and humidity are removed from the air. Cooler, more comfortable air is then circulated back to your home. Signs of a frozen evaporator coil include:

  • Frost forming on the copper refrigerant tubing coming from the coil cabinet
  • Inadequate cooling
  • Excessive condensate drainage near your indoor unit
  • In extreme cases, frost forming on exterior refrigerant tubing or the outdoor unit

Because accessing the evaporator coil is difficult, resolving issues associated with a frozen evaporator coil are best handled by an HVAC professional.

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Did You Change Your Furnace Filter

In a big way, the filter might contribute to an AC malfunction and failure to blow cold air. The accumulation of dirt and debris in your filter could obstruct airflow and affect the functionality of the cooling system. If the filter is clogged, there will be a limited flow of air in your home. In addition to noticing hot air, you might also notice overall stuffiness and dust in your house. Its advisable to have the filter checked every 30 days and either change or clean it as necessary. Cleaning and changing the air filter regularly enhance the free movement of air and improves indoor comfort.

Is There A Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant is cycled between the outdoor and indoor air conditioner units, compressing and expanding as it does. You should never have to replace it, or top it off, because it never runs out.

But when a refrigerant leak occurs, theres not enough of it to effectively absorb heat. Youll therefore notice a decrease in cool air.

There are a few ways to identify a refrigerant leak:

If you find a leak, or suspect you have one but arent sure where to look, stop using your air conditioner right away and get in touch with us. You should not leave your air conditioner running if you suspect an issue- an HVAC professional will handle the issue for you.

Important: If you do have a refrigerant leak, you should not try to fix it yourself. This repair process takes specialized training, and should always be left to professionals.

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Clogged Condensate Drain Lines

An air conditioner works by absorbing the heat and moisture from the air inside your home. That humidity condensates on the evaporator coils. The water then drips into a drip pan and is then siphoned out of your home through condensate lines.

Now, its no secret that high levels of humidity cause mold growth and the same is the case with the condensate lines. You can prevent this from happening by having routine AC maintenance performed on your air conditioner. You could opt to clean your AC drain line yourself by flushing them with distilled white vinegar, but if the damage is already done, youll need a wet/dry vac and an attachment that goes from the vac to the condensate line. For instructions on how to do it on your own, .

For more information, check out our blog: The Complete Guide to Unclogging Your AC Drain Line

Faulty Ac Pressure Switch

AC not blowing cold air and why is my ac coil frozen?

There are two AC pressure switches in your car that monitor the high-pressure side and the low-pressure side of the air condition system for safety reasons.

If the pressure gets too high it will stop the AC compressor from cooling the system anymore because of safety reasons.

If the pressure gets too low, it will also shut off the function of the AC compressor.

If this AC pressure is faulty, it can give the AC compressor faulty signals to stop even if it shouldnt, and this will cause your AC system not to function at all.

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Reasons Why Your Is Ac Not Blowing Cold Air

Nothing spells bad news for homeowners than an AC unit refusing to blow cold air. If left unchecked, this problem can cause hot days and sleepless nights in your home. Heres the good news: you can solve this problem without needing to pay an HVAC technician. There are various possible reasons that might be causing this issue. Some are easier to solve and its possible to do DIY repairs. In other scenarios, you might need a contractor to fix it. In this article, well cover what causes an AC not to blow cold air and how you can fix it to get your air conditioner blowing cold air once again.

How Do I Reset My Air Conditioner

Another thing that you can try to do if your air conditioner is not blowing cold air is reset the unit.

  • Turn off the unit at the circuit breaker and flip the ACs power switch to the off position.
  • Locate the reset button and hold it down for around 5 seconds before releasing it.
  • Turn the unit back on.
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    Reasons Your Ac Is Not Blowing Cold Air

    One things for sure: If your heating and cooling system is acting up, theres a good reason for it.

    No matter the cause, its important not to wait until the heat gets too tough to bearthere is nothing like being trapped in a hot, stuffy house with no signs of relief.

    So without further ado, lets dig into the nine most common reasons for an AC blowing warm air .

    Why My Ac Is Not Blowing Cold Air

    My Home is Too Hot! Why is My Central AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

    Reliable cool air is crucialespecially if you live in a hot, humid climate where temperatures reach into triple-digits. The last thing you want to walk into after a long day is a hot, stuffy, and downright miserable home.

    From dirty air filters to frozen evaporator coils, things can go awry with your air conditioner when you least expect itand even the smallest problems can cause your energy costs to rise. Luckily, we can pinpoint a few issues that could lead to your systems malfunction. Check out these five reasons why your AC is not blowing cold air and keep reading for one guaranteed way to fix them all.

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