Water Not Getting Hot Gas Water Heater

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Other Ways To Save Hot Water

Gas Water Heater Not Heating? Gas Water Heater Troubleshooting

Besides the thermostat, you should pay attention to your water heater’s pipes and tank too. Insulating the tank and pipes can save heat during times you’re not using hot water. You can also install low flow faucets and shower heads, which will reduce the amount of hot water you use without impacting your experience.

If you’re unsure about making any of these improvements on your own, check with your utility. Utilities may offer home energy efficiency fixes for free or a discounted price. In some cases, someone from the utility will come and install insulation and new shower heads for free.

In addition to adjustments to your home’s hot water infrastructure, you can adjust your habits. Taking shorter showers, washing laundry on a cold setting, showering instead of bathing and using a dishwasher can all save hot water.

Many water heaters have an expected life time of around 10 to 20 years. If you need to replace your water heater, look for an efficient one. You can start with Energy Star, which will help you find energy efficient Energy Star-certified water heaters and provides you with buying guides to decide on brand, energy source and type, like tankless or storage.

You’ll have to balance the upfront costs of a water heater with the savings over time, but water heaters, like many appliances, typically have estimated energy costs disclosed before purchase.

When Is It Time To Call A Water Heater Professional

Dont be afraid to say, I dont know whats wrong with the water heater. Not everybody understands how these units work or want to fix them on their own. If youre not sure whats wrong, contact A.B. May to schedule an appointment. From tankless water heaters to older tank-type water heaters, we can fix them all.

Our water heater experts will come to your home, figure out what the issue is, and recommend what steps to take next. This could be as simple as making a repair to replacing the entire unit. We can look at the warranty you have and see what can be repaired or replaced under it. Perhaps, we can even help install an energy-efficient upgrade to your home. No matter what, we will explain your options so you can choose the best one for you. Let us give you peace of mind and ensure your water heater is working for you and your family.

Sediment Build Up In The Tank

Water that enters your water heater tank is rarely 100 percent pure.

Calgary water is classified as hard and so it carries plenty of dissolved minerals, as well as possible sand particles and other debris. This all falls to the bottom of the tank when the water sits and is heated.

Over time, sediment can build up in the bottom of the tank, where the burner usually is. This can lead to slower heating or poor efficiency in your water heater, meaning lukewarm water rather than hot water.

The solution for this is to drain the tank and to use a water softener.

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Why Gas Water Heater Is Not Hot Enough

Even if youre not a fan of extremely hot showers, having lukewarm water constantly running from your faucets is not a great thing.

Your gas water heater might not be getting hot enough, in case the thermostat settings are not correct, the dip tube is damaged, or the unit is getting close to the end of its lifespan. An undersized water heater might also be to blame.

The Water Heaters Pilot Light Is Out

Not getting hot water from new gas hot water heaters.

Although newer water heaters no longer have pilot lights, its commonplace for older gas water heaters to have them. Typically, you can find instructions for relighting the pilot light somewhere on the side of the water heater tank, in the owners manual, or in online instructions from the manufacturer. Of course, you can always consult a qualified plumber regarding water heater pilot light issues as well.

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Is 50 Degrees Hot Enough For Hot Water

50 degrees Celsius is too hot. If the water coming out of your faucet is only a few degrees higher than your body temperature , it can give you a first-degree burn.

When it comes to Fahrenheit, the optimal temperature for shower water is no higher than 105 F. However, keeping the temperature between 98 F and 101 F is recommended.

Causes Of A Gas Water Heater Not Heating The Water

So, now that weve gone over how a gas water heater is supposed to heat the water, why would a unit fail to do so? Here are the five most likely causes:

  • Restricted pilot Carbon deposits can create a restriction in the pilot, preventing it from lighting the gas burner. You can try cleaning the pilot with a stiff brush or compressed air, but that old pilot may need to be replaced with a new one.
  • Defective igniter or spark electrode The igniter or spark electrode is the component the lights the pilot. A defective igniter or electrode will stall the ignition process and prevent the water from heating. You can use a multimeter to test an igniter for electrical continuity to determine if a continuous electrical path is present in the component. If the igniter tests negative for continuity, the part is defective and will need to be replaced.
  • Faulty gas valve & thermostat assembly The gas valve opens to allow gas to enter the burner and be lit by the igniter. A faulty gas valve may prevent gas from entering the burner. You should first confirm the ignition source is working properly and the gas valve has pressure before replacing the valve assembly.
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    How Long Should A Gas Water Heater Last

    A manufacturers basic warranty for service life of a gas water heater is eight to twelve years. Where the water heater is used can affect the lifespan based on the water quality. Professional installation can affect the lifespan, and the homeowners diligence of maintenance can all affect the life span. With all things in an ideal situation, you could get up to thirteen years or longer.

    Is There A Water Leak

    NO HOT WATER? Follow these EASY Water Heater Troubleshooting steps!

    If theres no gas leak and you cant smell rotten eggs, check the water tank for leaks. If its leaking, the water wont have chance to heat up, which could explain the cold water issue.

    If the leak is coming from the drain valve, the pipe connections or the cold water valve, its possible that you can have someone repair your heater but if its coming from elsewhere, you may need to buy a new one.

    In any case, you should call out a professional plumber for their evaluation.

    Theres Sediment Buildup In The Tank

    Sediment buildup may also be preventing your water heater from being able to provide sufficiently hot water. Its rare that a water heater will intake 100% pure water, which means that usually hard water is whats being passed through a water heater.

    Hard water carries dissolved minerals, particles, and other debris. These elements will rest at the bottom of the water heaters tank if the water has been sitting for a long time. Over time, a buildup of sediment may occur in the bottom of the tank, usually around where the burners are.

    When this happens, the burners might not be able to produce heat effectively, and therefore a water heater may only be able to produce lukewarm water. When this problem happens, you will need to drain your tank, remove the sediment, and then, when you start using your system again, youll need to use water softener.

    How Do I Make My Hot Water Heater Hotter

    The easiest way to make your gas water heater hotter is to adjust the temperature setting.

    Bear in mind that older gas units have a temperature knob close to the base .

    Newer gas water heaters have temperature controls hidden behind a panel. Tankless models usually have an LED panel that you can use to directly adjust the temperature.

    The Pilot Light Is Out

    Hot water is one of the most important things needed in your home in order to live comfortably.

    Hot water is needed for personal hygiene, washing the familys clothes, washing dishes and food preparation.

    In order to be able to supply all of the necessary hot water, you need to have a working hot water heater.

    Unfortunately, if you happen to experience a problem with the hot water in your home, there is likely a number of causes.

    If your home is equipped with a connection to a municipal supply of natural gas, you likely have a gas-powered hot water heater.

    If you are finding that your water inside the tank is not getting hot, the problem might be that the pilot light is out and that prevents the gas in the burner from igniting and heating the water.

    If your older hot water heater comes with a pilot light as part of the ignition system you need to first check to see if the pilot light is lit or not.

    If it turns out that the pilot light is out you can follow a simple procedure to see if you can relight it yourself.

    First, locate the regulator and switch it off and allow the gas to dissipate. After waiting for a few minutes switch the regulator to the pilot light position.

    Water Heater Not Enough Hot Water Or Water Not Hot Enough

    Electric, Gas, Tank Or Tankless, Renewable Energy

    Again, if you dont have enough hot water, the reason why will depend on the type of heater you have.

    If you have a heater with a tank, it may simply be that your tank is not big enough for your requirements. If your tank is too small for the number of people showering, for example, you may use up all the hot water before everyone is finished.

    If this is the case, you need to think about buying a new water heater that can meet your needs.

    If your heater produced enough hot water for everyone before but suddenly stopped or no longer heats the water enough, the problem is probably due to a heating element failing. Check them and replace as necessary.

    Another quick fix is to check the thermostat you may just need to turn it up to a higher setting. Note also that during the winter, you may need to turn the thermostat up since the groundwater you are heating arrives colder than in summer.

    If you have a tankless heater, you may be trying to run too many fixtures for the units power, so check how many fixtures your unit is rated for. The problem could be that your heater is not powerful enough for your requirements.

    Tankless heaters also have to work harder in winter, so if you experience this problem during the colder months, this could be the reason. You may need to consider upgrading to a more powerful unit.

    Do You Have A Faulty Heating Element

    Hot water is heated by one or more heating elements that are located at the bottom of the hot water heater. Due to sediment cover, these elements become less effective at heating water. Even without sediment buildup, heating elements can become damaged and inefficient after years of regular use.

    In the event that the hot water heater’s heating element fails, the water will be lukewarm throughout the home. You can restore hot water to your home by contacting a plumber or hot water heater technician.

    Electric Water Heater Is Too Hot: How To Remedy

    Your electric water heater uses an electric burner to activate the heating elements. If you have an issue, start by turning off all power to the unit before assessing, as a safety precaution.

    Use these steps to resolve the problem when your electric water heater generates water at excessively high temperatures.

  • Set Temperature
  • To set the temperature on your conventional electric water heater, you will need to find the temperature control behind the access panel. The temperature control can come in the form of a dial or a digital control panel. Check the temperature and lower it if necessary,

  • Test Thermostat
  • Test the thermostats in your water heater to verify proper function. Keep in mind that most home water heaters use a dual-heating design, meaning you will need to test both thermostats.

  • Reset Water Heater
  • Many issues with electric water heaters involve malfunctioning thermostats. Find the red reset button on your unit and reset it to see if that resolves the problem.

  • Replace Faulty Thermostat
  • If the reset does not resolve the issue, you will need to replace the faulty thermostat. See the video below to learn how to easily replace the faulty thermostat yourself.

    Damaged Or Displaced Dip Tube

    Hot water heaters must be supplied with cold water that is then heated. The hot water is drawn from the top of the hot water tank, while the cold water is directed to the bottom of the hot water tank by the dip tube. By carrying the cold water to the bottom of the hot water tank, this allows the cold water to come into contact with the internal heating elements. However, if the dip tube is damaged or displaced, then the cold water may be released at the top of the tank, cooling the hot water to a lukewarm temperature.

    Defective dip tubes aren’t an issue that can be tackled by most DIYers, so it’s advised to contact a plumber or a hot water heater technician to repair or replace the dip tube. Once the hot water heater has a new dip tube, the hot water in the home should return to its standard temperature.

    No Hot Water Gas Water Heaters

    No Hot Water: Water Heater Troubleshooting

    Gas units have different problems than electric ones, but both types can usually be repaired. When dealing with natural gas, extra precautions are necessary and do-it-yourself repair should only be done if you feel 100% confident in your abilities. Otherwise, see the form above to at least get a free quote from a local plumbing expert.

    If there is no hot water in your home, here are some common causes to check:

    Is Your Water Tank Leaking

    You should not attempt to fix a leaking water tank because it could lead to dangerous situations and/or further damage to your home.Replace the unit with a professional.

    For reliable water heater repairs, you can count on Albright’s Mechanical Services, Baltimores trusted HVAC & plumbing professionals. Call us today at 834-0148, or contact us online!


    Can Water Heaters Last 20 Years

    The typical warranty for a gas powered hot water heater is usually five or six years. A higher quality, more expensive brand will have a ten-year warranty. Gas water heater made of fiberglass will typically come with a lifetime warranty and a stainless steel gas water heater will last even longer than a conventional unit.

    So, if we were to even all things to equal, a new gas water heater should last the length of the warranty. If you keep the basic maintenance done, like flushing it as recommended by the manufacturer, you could get up to thirteen years or longer.

    How To Relight A Gas Water Heater Pilot Light

    The problem is often that the pilot light has gone out. This can be caused by the gas supply being interrupted, the gas valve being turned off, or a gust of wind blowing out the pilot flame. Look for a very small flamethe pilot lightthrough the viewing window at the bottom of the water heater. If you dont see a pilot light, try relighting the pilot. Instructions are almost always posted on the water heater, but these generic directions work for most water heaters:

    • 1. Turn off the water heaters gas shut-off valve.
    • 2. Wait 5 minutes for gas to clear from the water heater.
    • 3. Open the access cover to the pilot light .
    • 4. Turn the gas valve to Pilot.
    • 5. Push down the knob to start the flow of gas to the pilot. Continue holding it down.
    • 6. Use a long lighter to reach into the access and light the pilot. Keep holding the button down.
    • 7. After holding down the knob or button for about one minute, slowly release it. Make sure the pilot flame stays lit.
    • 8. Turn the water heaters gas valve to On. When you do this, you may hear the burner ignite.
    • 9. Secure the access cover back in place.

    To relight the pilot light of a water heater like the one shown in the above video:

  • Hold down the pilot switch and click the ignitor button repeatedly. A tiny spark should ignite the pilot when you click the ignitor.
  • After one minute, slowly release the pilot switch and make sure the pilot light stays lit. If it doesnt stay lit, repeat the process.
  • If the Water Heater Pilot Light Wont Light

    Other Causes Of Hot Water Not Working:

    Hot water heater not working by hotwaterheaternotworking

    Accidental Grounding

    Look for foreign objects shorting across wiring connections.

    Tripped Reset Button

    Tripping repeatedly could be the sign of a failed reset button. First try resetting the water heater and if that doesnt do anything, you will likely need to replace the component.

    Wire Short

    Frayed or scratched wiring could lead to a direct short. Replace all defective wiring immediately to prevent potential fire.

    Water Leak

    If you dont have hot water, itll be pretty obvious if a water leak is the problem since it wont be a typical slow drip type leak. Leaking connections can sometimes be tightened, and can be replaced if tightening does not work. Many water heater leaks can be easily fixed but a leaking tank means the water heater must be replaced.

    Undersized Fuse or Breaker

    Replace the faulty device with one rated for more amperage. This is not something that would likely occur out of nowhere but if youve just replaced your water heater with a newer model, it may be the culprit.

    Weak Breaker

    This is especially true with older homes, but circuit breakers can fail over time and need to be replaced. Replace the breaker.

    Need to hire a plumber?Get a free estimate online from top local home service pros in your area.

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