Water Dripping From Split Ac Indoor Unit

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Water Dripping From Split Ac Indoor Unit

Split AC Water Leaking From Indoor Unit Problem Solve

Your air-con soaks up humidity available in the air. Moreover, the moisture gathers in the ACs drip pan, and then later, it drains out via the drain line. If you incorrectly installed the drain line or disconnected it, there will be an overflow from the drip pan, causing an ac leak within your home.

You fix the drain line issue its easy! You only have to ensure you correctly connect the drainpipe to the ACs drip pan. If water leaks persistently, replace the drain line.

What Should You Do If Your Ac Unit Is Leaking Water

Air conditioners all create some condensation. However, if your system is operating correctly and the condensate drain pipe is clear, there should not be enough water to overfill the drip pan or cause water damage.

If you notice water leaking from your HVAC system, there are a few AC maintenance tasks you should take to prevent water damage and further damage.

Diagnosing And Fixing Your Dripping Split Ac Indoor Unit

Of course, before you can fix the problem, you need to figure out the problem. A split air conditioner consists of two main parts: an outside compressor and an interior air outlet unit.

A series of pipes, instead of ducts, connect the two units. The refrigerant flows through these pipes to generate cold or hot air. Sometimes, the inside unit will drip, which can be a real pain, but not necessarily a major hassle to fix.

In many cases, you can likely handle the fix yourself if you feel comfortable. However, if you dont have the proper tools or are unsure, it is best to call an HVAC professional.

Most likely, one of the following issues is the cause for your dripping split AC unit:

  • Blocked Condensation Drain Line
  • Faulty Installation

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Defective Float Switch/condensate Pump

One of the most important devices in any air conditioner is a condensate pump, which is designed to siphon away excess water that builds up inside the central unit. Condensation inside the air conditioner happens naturally when the coils dry out this vapor needs somewhere to go.

Condensate pumps send excess condensation from central air systems through this drain line where it is collected safely outside of your home.

When the temperature outside is relatively low, the heat produced by HVAC systems condense on surfaces inside the duct. Water can then drip from your registers onto your floors and soak your carpets. A water pump keeps excess water out of your house, through a drainpipe to remove it away from your home.

If the condensate pump is out of order and/or the float switch is malfunctioning, water will not be pumped outside the air conditioner. The excess moisture in the air conditioner will accumulate and start spilling from your AC unit.

Its not surprising that a simple appliance can malfunction especially when exposed to hard water and other long-term condensation. Make sure you contact a technician to look at your issue as soon as possible so they can make the proper repairs or replacements.

Rusted Or Damaged Drain Pan

Air Conditioner Leaking Water Under Carpet

A drain pan is located underneath your ACs evaporator coils or in the air handler to catch condensation as it drips. From here, the water flows into the drain line and outdoors. Now, if the drain pan is damaged or rusted, the water will start to leak instead of traveling into the drain line.

When your air conditioning unit is around 15-20+ years old, it will start showing signs of aging, and a rusted drain is one common occurrence. Drain pan can rust and corrode over time, causing your AC to leak water.


  • A cracked drain pan will need to be carefully and securely sealed. First, clean the drain pan well, and next, using a flashlight and pouring water, identify the cracks. Use a good quality water-resistant sealant to patch the cracks and test the repair by pouring down the water again.
  • It is best to replace a rusted drain pan. Any kind of drain pan wont do it has to be the right size for your AC to work properly.

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Is It Normal For Ac To Leak Water

Its natural to see an ac leaking water since the manufacturers made it to generate condensation while operating. You dont have to worry if you notice a tiny puddle of moisture on the condenser unit that dries up fast when its hot. Its normal to see an ac leaking water while running. However, if the leak from the condensate tray is persistent, call an HVAC pro to check the split ac for issues.

How To Fix A Disconnected Drain Line

When your AC sucks the humidity out of the air, it collects in the drip pan. The water that collects in the drain pan then flows out through the drain line. But, if the drain line gets disconnected or is connected wrong, then the drip pan will eventually overflow. This overflow turns into a leak inside of your home.

This is a relatively simple fix. All you need to do is ensure that the drain line is connected to the drip pan correctly. If this does not solve the issue, the drain line might be damaged, in which case you must replace it.

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What Causes Water To Leak From Split Ac

Whether your unit was installed recently or youve had it for several years, there are multiple reasons for why your air conditioner could be leaking.

  • Blocked drainage pipe
  • Poorly installed units
  • Faulty components

While a blocked drainage pipe can be fixed with little to no hassle, most of these issues including faulty components like malfunctioning coils, cracked condensation pans, and broken fittings or pipes require a call to the professionals.

How Do I Stop My Ac From Dripping Water In The Future

Fix AC Leaking Water Inside the House in 10 Seconds | Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

One of the highest priorities on your maintenance to-do list is swapping your old, dirty air filters with new ones. .

Have a professional maintenance done on your AC system in the spring, prior to the strenuous summer season. You can avoid most AC problems.

The HVAC pro should check your drain pan for cracks or rust and apply treatment to keep algae from growing. He should flush drain line and check that the condensate pump works, among other things.

Thats it!

Now youre equipped to deal with your air conditioner leaking water.

Weve tried to show you how, with the right know how, you can speedily pinpoint and correct some AC dripping water issues.

When you cant, call an HVAC specialist. In Maryland, thats us! Our SuperTech HVAC family has been helping homeowners with their HVAC problems for a long time.

Weve seen it all, so give us a call or schedule online here.

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    Blocked Or Clogged Drain Line

    If the air filters are clean or have cleaned them and the AC is still leaking water, the blocked or clogged drain line might be causing an overflow.

    As the AC cools your home, the dirt collected inside it might drop with the water and accumulate as sludge inside the drain line. As time goes by, the accumulation grows large enough to block the water flow and eventually causing a clogging.

    Check the drain pipe from the outside and see if there any water dropping out. If nothing is coming out or the water drops take time to come out even when the AC is running, there is a clog.


    You need a Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum to suck out the clog or the blocking dirt. You can also use a regular vacuum cleaner. However, itll be best to allow the dirt collection bag to dry out under the sunlight, or you can replace it with a replaceable bag if yours has it.

    How do you do it? Remove the vacuum attachment and insert the AC drain pipe into the vacuum hose. Get a wet towel and wrap it around the joint to create enough suction.

    Power on the vacuum cleaner for a minute or two. Allow it to suck all the dirt in the drain line. It should be able to dislodge anything clogging or blocking the drain pipe. If you feel something pass through the hose, its a good sign that youve unclogged the drain.

    You can test the water flow of the drain pipe by slowly emptying a water container on the third module of the freezing coils. Be very careful not to drop water on ACs electrical parts.

    Ice Formation On Evaporator Coils

    The formation of water inside the indoor unit is a natural phenomenon.

    However, for some reason ice forms on the evaporator coils, more water will form when this ice melts.

    More water can get easily overflown from the water tray leading to water leakage.

    There can be many underlying causes of ice formation few of which are dirty air filters, low refrigerant gas, faulty fan capacitor, etc

    Solution: Depending on the underlying cause of ice formation, the solution will vary.

    The most probable cause of ice formation is low gas for which the solution is gas refilling.

    Another cause can be dirty air filters, this can restrict the airflow making the evaporator coil get too chilled leading to ice formation.

    You must clean the air filters regularly at least once in a month.

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    How To Fix Air Conditioner Leaking Water From The Unit

    Is your air conditioner leaking water Outside or Inside the last time you checked? If it is, dont despair! There are still some ways for you to fix it yourself.

    1.Change Your Air Filters

    One of the best things you can do to ensure your AC Systems stop leaking is to change your air filters. These shouldnt prove much of a financial problem as theyre cheap compared to buying a new AC unit.

    2. Clean the Condensate Drain Line

    If youre experiencing a condensate drain line clog, then its best to shut down your unit first. Opening up the unit until you can see the drain line will allow you to clean this out faster and easier.

    Pop open the PVC cap covering the drain line and you should see how clogged it is from the inside. A good way to clean this is to get a long wire brush and scrub the inside of the drain line.

    3.Make Sure Your Drain Pan Is the Right Fit for Your Unit

    As mentioned above, replacement is the best fix for rusted or cracked drain pans. However, some people think any kind of drain pan fits their AC unit. This causes a lot of air conditioning units to have ill-fitting drain pans.

    If you think that doesnt sound too great, youre right. Drain pans should be a perfect fit for the AC unit to function well.

    4.Pour Bleach into Your Drain Line Every 6 Months

    5.Dont Overwork Your Air Conditioner When Its Hot Outside

    How And Why Water Forms In Your Air Conditioner

    Pin by Kory M. on Home Stuff

    Most modern air conditioning systems contain an indoor and outdoor unit. An evaporator coil is contained in the inside unit that cools the warm air as it blows over it to create a comfortable indoor temperature.

    As hot air blows over the coil, condensation starts to form. Imagine water droplets forming on a cold glass of water, and thats exactly whats happening to your evaporator coil.

    As the moisture forms, it drips into a drain pan that leads to a condensate drain line. This line leads out of your home so ideally, you shouldnt have issues with your AC leaking inside the home.

    Unfortunately, there may be times when your air conditioner is leaking water inside the house, but theres no need to panic. Lets examine a few reasons why this could be happening and how to fix it.

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    Is The Water That Comes Out Of Ac Toxic

    Yes. Water that comes from the air conditioner should not be ingested. It is harmful to people since it is a condensed liquid filled with byproducts of air pollutants collected in your home. Here are other reasons why it’s toxic:

    • It contains indoor air pollution like mildew, fungal spores, human discharge, chemicals from appliances, etc.
    • The inside of the AC is not sanitized as it has no water treatment or purification features.

    Can We Use Ac When Water Is Leaking

    If your aircon is leaking due to frozen coils, you shouldnt power it on until you or the HVAC technician fixes it. If you continue using the HVAC unit while its coils are still frozen, you may badly damage your unit. Assuming a dirt buildup or blockage has caused the leak, youre free to power on and use the aircon.

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    This Can Help Prevent The Water From Causing Damage To The Electrical Components Of Your Air Conditioner And Limit The Amount Of Water Damage To Your Home

    Check the end of the drainpipe, which is located outside your home, to see if anything is blocking it. Remove any debris from the drain and surrounding area. I called and reported it and a matinence worker came in within a couple of hours and told me that he needed to clean it out and it would take several hours.

    Low Refrigerant Levels Causing Air Handler Leaking

    Air conditioning (aircon) How to Fix a Water Leaking

    Low refrigerant levels can cause similar AC evaporator freezing and the consequent melting of ice, ending in water coming from the air handler. In short, if the refrigerant is leaking, a chain of events can lead up to ice accumulation on the evaporator coils.

    When that ice melts, it will overwhelm the drain pipe, and you will see that the access water is leaking down from the wall AC unit.

    Solution: As before you would wait for all the ice to melt. During that melting use something to soap up the water and avoid carpet or wall damage.

    It is very hard to recharge a mini split freon by yourself. You will need professional help. If you suspect that your mini split has low refrigerant levels , you should turn off the AC unit and call your HVAC guy. He or she will measure the freon pressure, and help you out with recharging your AC unit.

    All in all, if you see your air handler leaking water all over a carpet on the floor, or on the walls, you are facing two potential problems: inadequate drainage or access water.

    Hopefully, you can use the understanding of the causes of the leaking air handler above to fix the leakage yourself.

    If you need some help, you can use this form here and get quotes from up to 4 vetted HVAC guys in your area that will help you with a leaking mini split AC indoor unit.

    In short, it is not all that hard to find out why your air handler is leaking water and fix it .

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    Cause : Clogged Condensate Drain Line

    A clogged condensate drain line is the most common cause of water leaking from your AC into your home.

    If the drain line gets clogged with dust, dirt, sludge or mold, that water backs up into your home. In that case, youll need to unclog it. There are multiple unclogging methods, like using a wet/dry vac on the condensate line.

    But the surefire way is to have a professional use a special vacuum to suck the blockage material out.

    Your Ac Is Low On Refrigerant

    As the volume of refrigerant gets lower, the pressure inside of your AC system lowers, too. This can also cause your evaporator coil to freeze, creating a wet mess.

    If you notice that your air conditioner isnt cooling down your home like it should, check the refrigerant levels. Other signs include an unusual hissing or bubbling sound, which can indicate that you have a leak.

    If you catch a leak in time, you might be able to repair the damage. If not, you could end up having to pay for a completely new unit.

    Have your HVAC system inspected regularly to prevent these problems from occurring. Ideally, you should have a thorough inspection at the start of every summer to prevent leaks and other issues.

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    Reasons Why Your Ac Is Leaking Water

  • The condensation drain line is clogged. Blockage formed by dirt debris collected during the dehumidification process clogs the drain line, causing the water to spill out.
  • The drain pan is damaged. This pan serves as the bridge where condensed water travels to get to the drain line. The drain pan is located under the evaporator coil. Check to see if it is corroded or rusty.
  • The drain line is not properly attached. It may have become loose or disconnected.
  • The float switch is broken. The float switch triggers the condensate pump to drain the water reservoir to the outside of your home. If it is broken, the pump won’t have a signal to release the water, resulting in a leak.
  • There is condensation buildup. Excess condensation occurs during summer when humidity is high.
  • The evaporator coils are broken. They freeze up when airflow is blocked. This can lead the drain pan to overflow due to the increase in moisture.
  • The air filter is dirty. Once filled with air pollutant particles and dust, warm air cannot be passed easily. Hence, the evaporator coil will freeze because the refrigerant can’t absorb the heat.
  • The AC was installed incorrectly. One common mistake is that drain pipes might not be balanced.
  • When Is Ac Water Leakage Too Much

    Pioneer 24,000 BTU 2 Ton 20 SEER Floor/Ceiling Mini

    As a rule of thumb, your air conditioner should leak condensation only while its running. If a puddle of condensation pools under your compressor, it should dry up after a hot day. If you notice the unit has been leaking for a full day or longer or you notice the puddle of water is consistently getting bigger, its probably wise to call Conditioned Air to inspect your AC unit for problems.

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