Power Vent Water Heater 50 Gallon

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Can You Convert Regular Water Heaters To Power Vent Water Heaters

50 Gallon Power Vent Water Heater Replacement

Although technically possible, we highly recommend NOT retrofitting a regular heater to a power vent system. Attempting to convert a regular heater will almost certainly void your water heater warranty. Even worse, it may void your home warranty, or should you experience a serious malfunction, it may even cause an issue with an insurance claim.

Most premium manufacturers, such as Rheem and A.O. Smith sell power vent water heaters, and it would be in your best interest to purchase a heater that is designed for this type of venting instead of attempting to do a retrofit.

Changing the way a water heater vents it’s exhaust is asking the heater to perform in a way that it was not designed to operate. This is not a DYI project, and if you are still seriously considering retrofitting your heater, please contact a professional water heater installer to discuss your options. The safety of your family is not worth saving a few dollars!

Westinghouse Wgr050ng076 Water Heater

I believe the Westinghouse High Efficiency Gas Water Heater 50-Gallon is the top 50 gallon gas hot water heater money can buy. I give it five stars for its stunning look, exceptional performance, remarkable construction, and effortless operation.

One look at this gas water heater is enough to think it is extraordinary. It features a rectangular block that extends at the front, giving it a more modern look. This component houses the gas water heaters intelligent controls, including an Eco Mode for improving its energy efficiency. The LCD is bright, and the digital buttons are touch-sensitive, making operation a breeze.

Its thermal and energy efficiencies are also exceptional. I appreciate its 97% thermal efficiency rating, optimizing its 76,000-BTU, ultra-low NOx output to heat the water in a flash. People will never wait long for their water to reach its desired temperature.

Its recovery rate is also astounding. Although there is no information on product leaflets, real-world experience shows it can recover up to three gallons of hot water per minute. It translates to a remarkable recovery rate of 120 to 180 gallons per hour.

I also admire its tank construction that features premium-quality 316L stainless steel. This material not only improves the gas water heaters corrosion and limescale resistance but also makes it more lightweight than conventional tank water heaters. Installing this water heater in the home should never be a concern.

  • Creates some noise while working

About The Rheem 50 Gal Residential Gas Water Heater

This sleek and efficient water heater is a smart choice for just about any household. Rheem has managed to design a unit that can easily fit into your home, and provide you with a strong supply of hot water. With a 50 gallon capacity, this heater will provide plenty of water throughout the household.

This model is gas-powered something that many people prefer thanks to its heating efficiency. However, you will still require an electrical source to power the blower in the venting system.

The blower included with this heater makes it an easy product to fit into different spaces too. As long as there is a point for the vent to release outside the house, you can easily incorporate this heater into various places. The blower also runs very quietly, which is a big benefit for these kinds of heaters.

The Rheem 50 gal. is also about as eco-friendly as they get, with low emissions and an environmentally safe burner. It is also easy to monitor and service thanks to its electronic gas control. Overall this is a smart unit that can effectively be incorporated into most homes.

Lets take a more in-depth look into some of the prominent features of this unit.

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The Best 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater Power Vent Has Good Customer Service

The best 50 gallon gas water heater power vent under $100 have good customer service. A product is a product, but a company is a company. It is why customer service is so important. Customer service allows the customer to feel as if they are being heard and appreciated, leading to increased loyalty and even referrals of other customers.

While there are many different approaches to customer service, the ultimate goal should be to create a positive experience for the customer, no matter their issue.

To do this, companies need to have an understanding of what their customers want from them. Many things can contribute to the quality of customer service that a company provides – from how they answer the phone call or speak on social media to how they package and deliver their product on time.

Rheem Performance 50 Gal Tall 6 Year 42000 Btu Natural Gas

Rheem Commercial 50 Gallon Gas Power Direct Vent Water Heater

The Rheem Performance 50 Gal. Natural Gas Tall Power Vent Water Heater comes with a 42,000 BTU/hour environmentally friendly low NOx burner that provides ample hot water for households with 3 to 5 people. … SHIPMENT OR INSTALLATION OF THIS WATER HEATER IN ANY AIR QUALITY DISTRICT THAT REQUIRES ULN WATER HEATERS. Please refer to the maps below ….


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What To Look For When Buying 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater

Several factors are crucial in choosing the right 50-gallon gas-powered water heater. Potential buyers should learn and understand these attributes to make intelligent decisions.

First-hour Rating

All gas water heaters have a first-hour rating that describes the volume of hot water the appliance can deliver in the first hour of operation. It would be best to understand that the FHR is not similar to the water heaters rated capacity. For example, a 50-gallon water heater does not necessarily have an FHR of 50 gallons.

A water heaters FHR value depends on its BTU rating and heating efficiency. The water heaters FHR rating increases with its BTU value and thermal efficiency.

The tanks hot water content decreases every time someone uses hot water. Hence, cold water enters the tank to replenish it.

Unfortunately, replenishing the tank content reduces the water temperature. That is why the water heaters thermal efficiency and BTU ratings matter. A gas water heater with a high FHR value keeps up with the hot water demand for an hour.

Hence, it would be best for buyers to choose a 50-gallon gas-powered water heater with a high FHR value. All of the gas water heaters on this list have an FHR of around 80 gallons, sufficient for a family of at least five members.

Recovery Efficiency

Vent Design

Thermal Efficiency


Gas Valve Type



Other Features

The Best 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater Power Vent Have Reasonable Prices

Many products in the market claim to be the best. But not all of them offer reasonable prices. We need to choose wisely and only invest in those with an affordable price range.

The best 50 gallon gas water heater power vent under $500 have fair prices, and they don’t over-promise features that they cannot deliver. The cost of the best 50 gallon gas water heater power vent in 2020 is crucial because it determines the items success measures. It affects whether or not consumers purchase it and also how often they purchase it.

When prices are too high, consumers will be turned off from buying the item altogether. The opposite can also happen when prices are too low. Consumers may see this as a bargain and buy up all the products, leading to shortages for other products in the company’s stores or inventory warehouses.

There is a variety of prices out there for the best outcome. These prices range from the cheapest to the most expensive. The cost of a product can indicate how much it is worth and how good it is.

The best 50 gallon gas water heater power vent have reasonable prices because they are worth more than their cheaper counterparts. They also provide more value to the customer with what they are paying for.

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Quality Of The Best 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater Power Vent

The cost of the best 50 gallon gas water heater power vent under 200 is an essential factor to consider. Depending on how much the customer wants to spend, they can find a product that fits their budget.

The quality of the best 50 gallon gas water heater power vent is also an essential factor to consider because it determines whether or not the product is worth its price tag.

Customers should always check reviews before buying any products because it gives them an idea of what to expect with the quality of the products they are considering.

The quantity of a specific item can also affect its price. If customers are only looking for one or two things, they will likely have better pricing luck than buying in bulk.

The quality of the best 50 gallon gas water heater power vent under $1000 measures items success measures items how well it meets the consumers expectations. When we talk about the best product, we think about products that have high quality. To find out what is considered high-quality, one should research what those expectations are.

What Is A Power Vent Water Heater


There are two different types of vent water heaters available power and direct. Basically, your heater will produce harmful combustion gasses which need to be pushed out of the home. The kind of venting system used is what sets these two types of heaters apart.

A power vent water heater differs from the older direct vent water heaters in terms of where the venting is found. Direct vent models can only be attached to your homes chimney, where the gasses are vertically expelled from the heater.

With a power vent model, the vents exhaust horizontally out of a pipe. This does not have to be connected to the chimney and can be directed anywhere out of the building. The power part refers to an additional fan or blower that pushes these exhaust gasses.

With these types of water heaters, the blower will always require a separate source of power. Sometimes you will have a gas water heater, but then still need an electrical supply for the venting.

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Gal Rheem Power Vent Gas Water Heater

Home Trade Standards offers Rheem Water Heater Installation Services for All Home Depot Water Heater Products, one of the largest home improvement retailers in Canada. Do not pay overrated Rental Fees for your water heater.

Simply buy your water heater from Nearest Home Depot Store and We Help You With The Following:

  • We Pick Up The New Water Heater
  • We Remove The Old Water Heater From Your House
  • Our Licensed Gas Technicians Install the new Water Heater At Your House
  • We Dispose The Old Water Heater or Return it Back To Rental Company
  • Your New Water Heater Comes Fully Installed With 6 Year Manufacturer Warranty Through Home Depot & 1 Year Installation Warranty
  • Advantages & Disadvantages Of Power Vent Water Heaters

    Like all water heater systems, there are pros and cons that exist for power vent water heaters that can help you determine if such a system is right for your home. Consider the following before making the switch to a power vent water heater:

    • Backdraft: As mentioned above, power vent water heaters are virtually impossible to backdraft, protecting your home from potential carbon monoxide poisoning from your water heater.
    • Efficiency: Power vent water heaters are notoriously energy-efficient, using less fuel than other available venting systems.
    • Flexibility: Rather than using a vent that runs through the middle of your home, power vent manufacturers allow for longer runs on the vent, allowing you to place the unit virtually anywhere in your home thats most convenient.
    • Performance: Power vent water heaters can provide hot water faster than alternative options.
    • Noise: These systems are noisy right out of the box and do not get better as time goes on, presenting potential problems for homeowners.
    • Electricity: Power vent water heaters are required to be plugged into an outlet, which can cause the need for electrical outlet installation, driving up the cost of initial installation.
    • Cost: Power vent systems run about 75% more expensive than other venting systems, on average.
    • Warranty: These units feature a much shorter warranty period, with most featuring a warranty of just six years compared to other units.

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    Power Vent Water Heater: Why You Should Buy One

    As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Learn More.

    Homeowners today have plenty of options to consider when purchasing a new water heater. From tankless models with energy-efficient designs to tank-style models with integrated smart technology, there’s truly a water heater for every need.

    As you search for the right water heater, one factor you may not be considering yet is whether a direct vent or power vent unit is right for you. If you’re not thinking about this distinction, you absolutely should be. Keep reading to learn why.

    Best Buy: Honeywell Energy Star 50

    AO Smith GPVL

    A: Answer The “Features” tab on the HW website has the answer: 70 Pint Energy Star Qualified Dehumidifier for 4,000 sq. ft. – a lot of manufacturers still use the old 2012 DOE standard, which is 70-pint. The new 2019 standard only ….


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    All Comfort Services For Power Vent Water Heater Repair Or Installation

    At All Comfort Services, our team is happy to assist you with all your water heater service needs. Our team will provide an expert recommendation for your ideal venting system solution, delivering the highest quality water heater service for your home.

    Contact us to schedule water heater installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance today!

    How Much Does It Cost To Replace A 50 Gas Gallon Water Heater

    Replacing a 50-gallon gas-powered water heater can cost between $815 and $10,000 or possibly more, depending on several factors.

    A 50-gallon gas-powered water heater can cost anywhere between $400 and $3,000. These water heaters also require the correct venting. A direct vent system can add $500 to $1,000 in labor costs, while a power vent is $300 to $600 costlier.

    Labor costs depend on the geographical location, averaging $45 to $150 per hour. Professional plumbers can complete the setup in two to three hours, putting the installation cost at about $90 to $450. If one adds the vent installation cost, the labor expenditure can run between $600 to $1,500 for a direct vent and $900 to $2,100 for power vents.

    Homeowners must also consider other potential expenses, such as permits, expansion tank, tank removal, unit relocation, fuel conversion, and materials. Permits can cost families an extra $50 to $1,500,while adding an expansion tank can increase the overall expenditure by $40 to $350.

    Removing the old tank can also set a family back by $100 to $500. Relocating the tank involves a few modifications to the existing layout. Wall framing, water line rerouting, drywall installation, electrical extension, and gas line addition can add another $2,100 to $6,900 to the cost.

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    Performance Plus 50 Gal Tall 9 Year 40000 Btu Natural Gas Tank Water

    The Rheem Performance Platinum 50 Gal. Tall The Rheem Performance Platinum 50 Gal. Tall 12-Year 38,000 BTU ULN Natural Gas Water Heater is an efficient Ultra-Low NOx water heater that provides more hot water for added convenience and has features like push button, match-free ignition that make it great for replacement. Provides ample amount of ….


    The Best 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater Power Vent Receive Many Positive Customer Reviews


    The best 50 gallon gas water heater power vent in 2022 are often those that receive the most positive customer reviews. A companys success largely depends on its ability to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

    That is why many companies go to great lengths to ensure that their products are as good as possible and have increased positive consumer reviews. Reviews are excellent indicators of how well a product is received.

    While it is difficult to trust reviews written by people who have not purchased the product themselves, there are some ways to ensure they are genuine. For instance, if they refer to specifics of the product or show an understanding of it, this means they have at least researched the product before writing their review.

    Product reviews and ratings provide consumers with the most helpful information possible.

    The purpose of reviews is to provide consumers with feedback about the best 50 gallon gas water heater power vent under $400. They allow buyers to see if a product is worth purchasing and give sellers an idea of what they can do better in the future. Reviews are one of the most critical factors in online shopping because they help consumers make informed decisions about purchases.

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    Stiebel Eltron Tankless Water Heater Tempra 24 Plus

    The difference is that conventional tank water heaters continually store hot water, and as a result, lose 15%-20% of the total energy consumed to the environment around them. This is called standby heat loss. Tank water heaters that use gas or oil are even less efficient, because they also lose heat through their vents to the outdoors..


    Power Vent Water Heater Not Power Ranger

    As many of us begin to spend more time in our homes, we will inevitably look to increase the livable space available. If you’re lucky enough to have a basement, this presents an excellent opportunity to quickly expand the usable footprint of the home. A potential challenge to this strategy can be the location of your home comfort equipment, appliances like your furnace or boiler and your water heater. Depending on the age of the equipment, older models require close proximity to a chimney in order to exhaust waste combustion gas . This limits your layout options when looking to finish the basement, which can be a problem. Luckily, there are some options, like upgrading to more modern equipment that doesn’t require chimney access, equipment like a power vent water heater.

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