Portable Ac Units For Rooms

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Best For Small Rooms: Midea 6000 Btu Doe Portable Air Conditioner

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  • Requires frequent draining

If you only have a small space to cool, this moderately priced Midea Portable Air Conditioner offers 6,000 BTU DOE, which is suitable for spaces up to 150 square feet. If you’re looking to cool a larger space, it also comes in several additional sizes, ranging up to 14,000 BTU. The unit has a 3-in-1 design that operates as an air conditioner, dehumidifier, or fan, and it offers a variety of settings, including a quiet Sleep Mode thats ideal for use in your bedroom.

The window bracket that comes with this air conditioner fits openings between 19.4 and 62.2 inches, and the unit has a 5-foot vent hose that lets you arrange it further away from the window, if needed. It has an LED display, as well as a remote control, and you can have it operate automatically with its 24-hour timer. However, this portable air conditioner does require regular draining, especially in humid climates, and this requires emptying the collected water into a bucket , your sink, or shower.

Type: Single hose | Cooling Area: 150 square feet | BTU: 6,000 DOE | Filter Type: Washable | Noise Level: Not listed | Energy Star Certified: No

How Do Portable Ac Units Work

We go into more detail in our portable air conditioner buying guide, but they pull in air from your house, cool it and recirculate it back into the room or space of your choosing. Portable AC units plug into a wall outlet and feature one or two hoses. One-hose units vent exhaust out of the house. Two-hose units use one hose to vent the exhaust and the other to bring air in from outside.

Best Portable Ac For A Large Room

Whynter Elite ARC-122DS

TheWYNTER ELITE ARC-122DSis a great choice for a large room air conditioner. Cool up to 400 square feet with three operating modes: cooling, fan-only, and dehumidifier-only.

This AC uses dual hoses for higher efficiency and an eco-friendly refrigerant for lower environmental impact. Its 24-hour programmable timer works around your schedule, and an automatic drain clears out any accumulated moisture to make cleanup much easier.

One of our favorite features with this unit is the washable pre-filter and activated carbon filter, which not only filters air pollutants but also helps rid your space of odors.

The unit is equipped with a remote control and install kit. Plus, in the event of a power outage, youll be back up and cooling in no time with the auto restart after outage feature.

Lastly, if youre short on space, this unit is ideal. Its smaller than nearly all competitors at 29.5 inches tall and 17 inches wide. The 12,000 BTU will keep you cool and your energy bill low.

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Where Is The Best Place In My Home For A Portable Air Conditioner

The best part about choosing a portable air conditioner is that they can be used nearly anywhere in your home. All you need is a power outlet and a nearby window to expel warm air in cooling mode outside the house. Just follow the instructions to install the window kit and you will be ready in no time. Keep in mind that the adjustable temperature range for the cooling mode is between 61°F and 89°F .

Benefits Of A Portable Air Conditioner


With a portable air conditioner, you dont have to worry about building or city ordinances that forbid units that protrude outside your home. Because the air conditioner doesnt take up the entire window, you probably wont lose the whole view or natural light.

A portable air conditioner can also help cut energy costs by supplementing a central air conditioning system. If you only need to keep one or two rooms cool, you can raise the central ACs temperature and turn the portable unit on in the space you want cooler.

A portable air conditioner, though heavy, can be moved from one room to another so you can easily adjust your cooling setup based on your needs.

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Why A Portable Air Conditioner Is A Good Investment

If your primary goal at college is to get the most out of your classes and have strong grades to show future employers, living in a traditional dorm is your best option.

Off-campus students tend to have worse grades than those living on campus. If your college offers larger apartment-style dorms, it might be tempting to try to switch from your traditional dorm to one of these more spacious and often air-conditioned dorms. But students who live in traditional dorm rooms get better grades.

But research shows that you wont learn in a hot dorm room as you will in a cooler one. And its not just your imagination telling you that your dorm gets unreasonably hot: one study found that room temperatures in dorms at the University of Maryland averaged nearly 13 degrees higher than the average heat index outside. The typical architecture of dorms can trap heat, making the temperature inside extremely uncomfortable during warmer weather.

Many students try to make do with fans, but they arent an effective solution. First of all, they dont make the room cooler. If you point a fan directly at yourself, it can make you feel cooler, but it wont be cooling the air in your room.

Fans work by evaporating sweat from your skin, slightly lowering your body temperature as they do so. In other words, you need to be already hot and sweaty before a fan can work.

Our Pick: Midea Duo Map12s1tbl

The Midea Duo MAP12S1TBL is one of the quietest and most powerful portable air conditioners weve ever testedbut those arent the only reasons it stands apart from other models. The Duo is one of the rare portables with a variable inverter compressor, which allows for more fine-tuned and energy-efficient temperature control. Its typically more affordable than the other inverter models weve seen, as well. The Duo is also the first new dual-hose model weve called in for testing since 2018, thanks in large part to its unique hose-in-hose design, which places the intake and exhaust hoses side by side within a single larger hose. This detail, combined with the wide variety of window-installation panels that Midea includes in the box, makes the Duo especially easy to wrangle and install . Its one of the more attractive portable ACs weve seen, too, although thats kind of like saying that R2-D2 is better looking than R5-D4one is a little more sleek-looking, but at the end of the day, they all resemble trash cans on wheels.1 Overall, the Midea Duo does a fantastic job of achieving and maintaining a desired temperature and humidity level regardless of the weather or room conditions, with a high energy-efficiency ratio and all of the convenient smart-home features you might expect. If you have to live with a portable AC in the room, this is the coolest roommate you could ask for.

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Best Portable Ac For A Small Room

Black+Decker BPACT14WT

If youve got a smaller space to cool, like a bedroom or office, theBLACK+DECKER BPACT14WTis our top pick for a small room air conditioner. The unit has a stellar cooling performance and can quickly chill up to 350 square feet.

There are three different modes to choose from: an AC unit, fan, or dehumidifier. It even self-evaporates the condensation that typically collects around your AC for less mess and easier maintenance. The reusable slide-out filter makes monthly cleaning easier than most models.

Run cool air for 24 hours at a time, or set an automatic sleep timer for when youre away. Of course, we love the full function remote control that allows you to control the air from your couch or bed.

We found that the dehumidifying feature on this model was more powerful than most competitors. If humidity control is important, this is your unit.

How To Choose The Right Air Conditioner

5 Best Portable Air Conditioners You Can Buy In 2022

What is the BTU range of air conditioners?

Most room air conditioners range between 8,000 BTU and 12,000 BTU. At SamsClub.com, you can find additional options as low as 5,000 BTU and as high as 25,000 BTU.

How to choose the right BTU for your room size

Compare your room size to the BTU rating to make sure you have enough cooling power. As a rule of thumb, an air conditioner needs at least 20 BTU for each square foot. The following breakdown shows a basic translation of BTU to room size from products available at SamsClub.com. Check specific product listings to see how many square feet you can cool with any air conditioner model.

  • A 5,000 BTU air conditioner can cool a 150-square-foot room.
  • An 8,000 BTU air conditioner can cool a 300-square-foot room.
  • A 10,000 BTU air conditioner can cool a 400-square-foot room.
  • A 12,000 BTU air conditioner can cool a 500-square-foot room.
  • A 14,000 BTU air conditioner can cool a 700-square-foot room.

What to consider when cooling your room

What is the most energy-efficient air conditioner?

The energy efficiency ratio ratio is used to measure energy efficiency. Models from GE, LG, Haier, and Frigidaire provide some of the lowest energy costs on the market. Check for Energy Star certification as you shop at Sam’s Club or SamsClub.com to find the best option for your budget.

At what temperature should I set my air conditioner in the summer?

What are the common dimensions of air conditioners?

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Types Of The Portable Ac Unit For Apartment

There are many types of portable air conditioners on the market, each with its own set of features. Here are some of the most popular types of portable air conditioners for apartments:

1. Window-mounted air conditioners:

These units are designed to be installed in a window, and they come with all the necessary hardware for installation. Window-mounted air conditioners are a good option for apartments because they don’t take up any floor space and they’re relatively easy to install.

2. Freestanding air conditioners:

Freestanding air conditioners are self-contained units that can be placed on the floor or on a table. They’re a good option for apartments because they’re easy to move around and they don’t require any installation.

3. Portable air conditioners:

Portable air conditioners are self-contained units that can be rolled from room to room. They’re a good option for apartments because they’re easy to move around and they don’t require any installation.

4. Dual-hose portable air conditioners:

Dual-hose portable air conditioners have two hoses, one for exhaust and one for intake. These units are more energy-efficient than single-hose units, but they’re also more expensive.

5. Evaporative coolers:

Evaporative coolers use the evaporation of water to cool the air. They’re a good option for apartments because they’re more energy-efficient than air conditioners and they don’t require any installation.

6. Air purifiers:

7. Dehumidifiers:

More recommendations:

Cool Off With This Portable Air Conditioner

$339 at Amazon

Though summer is almost complete, the heat tends to linger for several weeks into the new season. If you’re still suffering from heat in your home, chill out with this convenient air conditioner. Its capable of cooling up to 150 square feet of space, while also providing the same functions as a fan and a dehumidifier.

With digital controls, this portable unit is incredibly easy to use and read. Plus, it includes a remote so you can set the time, mode and temperature without having to leave the couch.

The unit is compact and portable, so you can bring it just about anywhere. Simply roll it to a convenient spot in your home for maximum cooling. Check out what one shopper had to say in their five-star review:

I’m very pleased with this portable air conditioner. It’s been running for about 15mins and my large room has already dropped from 91° to 74° it’s amazing and I highly recommend this unit As far as the noise, WHAT NOISE? This is the quietest I’ve ever heard and will sleep peacefully without question. BUY IT, YOU WON’T REGRET IT.

The AC units air filter is also removable and washable, so you can rest assured that your air will always be as clean and cool. Grab yours for 15% off and never suffer through a heated day or stuffy night again.

Looking for more great Amazon deals? Check these out:


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Ventless Ac Units/air Coolers Compared

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Water Tank & Runtime

Like the ice trays, most ventless air conditioners will have a tank. Some will use water only, while others can use gel packs. The gel packs, kind of like those first aid packs you put on your ankle when you twist it running to the refrigerator, will last longer than water, but take longer to freeze and set up.

The water tank capacity is important, though, as you dont want to run these swamp coolers dry if you can help it. If you plan to use the portable air conditioner overnight in the bedroom, make sure the tank and reservoir are large enough to accommodate.

Helping with power consumption, some ventless air conditioners will have automatic shut-offs or limited runtimes as well.

This is an important thing to consider, both on the good side that you will most likely leave your house with the unit still running and on the bad side.

The bad side is that it can shut off in the middle of the night when you need it the most.

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Extra Features

Not every air conditioner will offer additional features. Some remove add-ons to save costs and keep prices lower. Others will add features at the expense of raising the price, hoping they offer something you cant live without.

Ease of Use & Cleaning

Once you remove the filter and clean it or replace it, empty and wash the ice and water trays, it is only general maintenance that is left.

Best Portable Air Conditioner With Heat

Portable AC Unit Room 8000 BTU 8K Indoor
  • Extras: Heating, dehumidifying, fan, remote control, foam seals

Pros: Excellent cooling, fast setup, five-year compressor warranty, heating mode

Cons: Loud operation, doesn’t come with window security brackets

For its price, the Black+Decker BPACT14HWT Portable Air Conditioner does a lot. In addition to being one of the top performers in our cooling tests, this workhorse also has heating capabilities for the colder months.

I purchased this three years ago, and it’s still going strong. I like that I don’t have to put it in storage during the winter. Instead, I use it to heat the living room, which tends to run colder than the rest of the house.

Installation was a breeze, taking about five minutes. I didn’t need any special tools to get the job done. I like that the window slider extends to 60 inches, which is more than enough for my needs. However, I wish it came with window security brackets to make it harder for someone to push the window open and gain access to my house. Fortunately, this hasn’t been an issue.

It’s one of the louder units we tested and when I neglect to regularly clean the filter, the Black+Decker produces jarring sounds as it changes fan speeds.

In our tests, it was in the middle of the pack in electricity use. Over the course of two hours, it consumed 1.83 kWh*.

We should also note that our air quality monitor registered a 50% increase in VOCs during the testing period. However, the levels weren’t high enough to cause concern.

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How We Test Portable Air Conditioners

I have tested and reviewed air quality, cooling, and heating devices for the past five years and tested 12 portable air conditioners for this guide. I also consulted with Enesta Jones, a US Environmental Protection Agency spokesperson, and Joanna Mauer, the technical advocacy manager for the Appliance Standards Awareness Project.

Based on my research and interviews, the main features to look for when shopping for portable air conditioners are how well they will fit your window, energy consumption, and cooling abilities. Our testing methodology encompasses the following evaluation criteria.

Setup: I timed how long it takes to remove the packaging and install each unit, noting if tools are needed to do the job.

Cooling: I set my home’s heating system to 75 degrees. Once at the setpoint, I cranked the portable air conditioner to its highest fan speed and lowest temperature. Using a digital thermometer placed on the other side of the 550-square-foot testing room, I compared the before temp to the temperature 2 hours later to see how well the unit cooled.

Noise: A loud air conditioner can make it hard to watch TV, work, or sleep. I measured each unit’s noise output by holding a sound meter 6 feet away from the AC as it ran on its highest setting. It lost points if the compressor made jarring sounds as it turned on and off.

Best For Smaller Dorm Rooms: Black + Decker Bpact08wt Portable Air Conditioner

The Black + Decker BPACT08WT Portable Air Conditioner is perfect for the smaller dorm room. With the ability to cool up to 150 square feet , this reliable unit will lower the air temperature to 65° F at its coldest setting.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

One of its best attributes is its size. At 16.5 x 11.5 x 26 and just 52.9 lbs , its one of the most compact units available. Since it comes with casters and an integrated handle, it can be easily moved from place to place.

This Black + Decker may be on the smaller side, but it comes with plenty of desirable features. It has three fan speeds, a dehumidifier, and an environmentally safe refrigerant.

But dont worry that the dehumidifier means fussing with a water collection tank or a drain hose. As moisture collects, this air conditioning unit vents it through an exhaust hose, so theres no constant emptying of a water reservoir to worry about, and no pesky drain hose. It includes a window installation adapter for the exhaust hose, as well.

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