Nascar Heat 6 Release Date

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Wishlist Of Features For Nascar Heat 6 And Beyond


Hey, everyone! I just pre-ordered the Gold Edition of HEAT 5 and am super excited to play! As most of us understand, HEAT 5 is more-or-less just a better version of HEAT 4 and is a stopgap of sorts in between video game generations.

Because of this, I’ve seen some people making wishlists and figured I would throw my own ideas out there to see which ones gain traction. I understand that HEAT 6 may be a little rocky as the team will be not only developing on a new engine, but for new consoles as well. So these features may not start to come around until HEAT 7 or so.

But at the rate 704 is improving the games I have the utmost faith in them. Anyway, here’s the list organized by how difficult I believe the new features would be to implement:

“Easiest” Changes to Implement :

-More radio dialogue from the crew chief/spotter on our pit strategy . Maybe even a system similar to the F1 games where we could choose from a set of strategies before the race as our plan. This could simply be information on our lap times, when they believe we should pit due to tire wear, etc

-A pause screen under caution similar to the one in NASCAR ’15 that showed us which cars pitted, which took fuel only, which took 2 or 4 tires, etc

-Caution Replays

Medium Difficulty Changes :

-Black flag rules during restarts and at plate tracks . Obviously these could be turned off if the player wanted to.

Hardest Changes to Implement

-Paint Booth

I look forward to the future!

What Is The Nascar Heat 5 Top Up Pack

  • Won a few cups already but need a refresh to stay at the top of your game in NASCAR Heat 5? Then you need the NASCAR Heat 5 Top Up Pack! Owners of NASCAR Heat 5 Gold Edition can purchase this to grab all of the DLC content released since the close of their Season Pass, all at a discount! The NASCAR Heat 5 Top Up Pack includes:
  • The and the Playoff Pack which together include 60+ paint schemes.

Motorsport Games Announces Launch Date For A Rebranded Nascar Video Game

Motorsport Games will debut the all-new Nascar 21: Ignition in late October.

Motorsport Games

Motorsport Games is completely revamping Nascar video games with the launch of Nascar 21: Ignition, set to be released on Oct. 28, with pre-orders available as soon as Aug. 12.

The brand-new Nascar game will be completely different from the previous Nascar video game series, which was a recreation of the early 2000s Nascar Heat. The all-new simulation will be powered by Unreal Engine and Studio 397s rFactor physics engine, giving users a more authentic driving experience, immersive gameplay, dynamic AI and stunning visuals.

This is our new foundation, Dmitry Kozko, CEO of Motorsport Games, said in an exclusive phone interview. This required an enormous investment from the beginning. Before, our previous foundation could build a two-story house. This one, were planning to build a skyscraper on.

This is Motorsport Games first Nascar game published on its own after acquiring 704 Games in August 2018. Kozko didnt say how much money the firm invested in making this game, but he said they spent a lot more than in the past with the intention of using the components as the future base of their portfolio.

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Motorsport Games Releases 2022 Season Expansion Update For Nascar : Ignition Available Today

The current NASCAR teams, drivers and cars are set to be playable across Ignition, NASCAR Heat 5 and NASCAR Heat Mobile


MIAMI, Oct. 06, 2022 — Motorsport Games Inc. , a leading racing game developer, publisher and esports ecosystem provider of official motorsport racing series throughout the world, announced today the official launch of the NASCAR 21: Ignition 2022 Season Expansion Update to reflect the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season. Updates to the title, available for free, will be seen across Race Now, Online Multiplayer and the Paint Booth and is available for download for Sony PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Series S and X and PC through the Steam store.

For current owners of Ignition, both Standard and Champion Editions will be able to download the update for free, while those who do not currently own the game can purchase Ignition at a reduced price point and then receive the free install. Additionally, NASCAR 21: Ignition Victory Edition is available, which will include the Season Pass 1 , 2022 Season Expansion and Season Pass 2 . A first look at the new features within the game can be seen in a trailer here.

For more information about the NASCAR 21: Ignition 2022 Season Update, please visit To keep up with the latest Motorsport Games news, visit and follow on , and .

Website and Social Media Disclosure:


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NASCAR Heat 3 Release Date (Xbox One, PS4)

Since the Nascar season concludes just days after the game is published with the season finale at Phoenix Raceway on Nov. 7 Motorsport Games will offer gamers a free upgrade to the Next Gen car in 2022. It will have a free upgrade path for All consoles, across both current and next gen platforms.

When we took over 704 Games, we realized that the product needed a complete overhaul, Kozko said. We started that work already in 2018, and this is the product that is the fruit of that labor. Were releasing a game that we can proudly say is from scratch. Were not using the old components, and its a very important title for us.

Next years game will still come out with Next Gen cars and what it takes to represent that season.

Nascar Hall of Famer Bill Elliott will star in Nascar: 21 Ignition alongside his son and 2020 … Nascar Cup Series champion Chase Elliott.

Motorsport Games

For users who want an enhanced experience, Nascar 21: Ignition will also offer a special Champions Edition, available two days before the standard package is on the market. This special edition will feature Nascar Hall of Famer Bill Elliott, who will race alongside his son, 2020 Nascar Cup Series champion Chase Elliott. It will also come with a season pass that will release additional paint schemes and three other legendary Nascar drivers.

The new Nascar game will also feature a redesigned paint booth, enhancing a users ability to create their own paint scheme.

Motorsport Games

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Nascar Switch Game To Feature Quality Of Life Updates

Last year saw a repurposing of NASCAR Heat 5 on the Nintendo Switch, with optimised controls and the addition of the 2021 Cup season. This was entitled NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition+ and a sequel was recently announced as part of the companys 2022 roadmap.

Whether the next Switch release is the same game with the 2022 season added in remains to be seen, but it sounds as if there could be some quality of life changes too.

The new and improved NASCAR Switch title will include updated visuals and new features, explained Kozko.

look forward to continuing to expand our fan demographics in the widely popular Nintendo Switch platform for the years to come.

A new NASCAR mobile racing game was on the developers roadmap from a Q4 2021 earnings call, however, an updated schedule now shows this pushed back to 2024.

Our mobile game pipeline continues to be an opportunity zone for us, but our current focus is on applying our resources to our main console products, said the CEO.

The news comes as Motorsport Games 2022 Q1 January to March results showed a loss of $16 million, compared to Q1 2021 net loss of $14.1 million, but an increase in revenue to $3.3 million compared to $2.5 million for Q1 2021.

Full disclosure Traxion.GG is part of Motorsport Games and the Motorsport Games family of brands. All Traxion.GG content is editorially removed from Motorsport Games video game development and .

Update 2 : 40 Pm Et 21st September 2022

Traxion.GG was able to clarify further with Pennell more information regarding the NASCAR Heat 5-specific Expansion DLC details.

I can confirm that 2022 Next Gen cars are available in Career Mode on NASCAR Heat 5, Pennell said to Traxion.GG. The mode has the 2022 drivers and teams, but old event names. Players are also not able to create their own team, like in previous years, instead they will join an existing team.

Regarding the other console game getting the 2022 content, Pennell confirmed again that NASCAR 21: Ignitions 2022 Expansion will not feature 2022 content in Career Mode.

Adding in more details about NASCAR Heat 5, Pennell told Traxion.GG the following: For added transparency, NASCAR Heat 5s 2022 update currently features a modified 2020 schedule featuring 33 events in Career Mode. The new 2022 NASCAR Cup Series tracks that are playable in Race Now and Online Multiplayer include Auto Club, WWT Raceway, and Bristol Dirt.

Full disclosure Traxion.GG is part of Motorsport Games and the Motorsport Games family of brands. All Traxion.GG content is editorially removed from Motorsport Games video game development and .

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Will There Be A New Nascar Video Game In 2022

NASCAR 2022 for the Nintendo Switch is set to be released in fall 2022. Although it is a new game, it expands upon the platform of the existing NASCAR Heat game for the Switch. In June 2022, NASCAR 21: Ignition received an update for Playstation and Xbox. An unspecified new title for consoles is slated to be released in 2023.

Nascar 22 Cancelled For Pc And Consoles

Nascar Heat 6 Concept with Talledega Gameplay

As shown in a Motorsport Games March 2022 investor presentation, a NASCAR 22 game was originally planned for PC and consoles. These plans have now changed. Instead, the next NASCAR game sequel will be NASCAR 23.

Conversely, a NASCAR 22 game will still release on Nintendo Switch this autumn with improved visuals and new features over last years NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition+.

NASCAR 21: Ignition wasn’t released on Switch, so the 2022 Switch game could be an updated version of last year’s game.

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Nascar : Ignition 2022 Expansion Not Full Game Price

The upcoming 2022-season DLC pack for Ignition will also, mercifully, not be full price.

Because we do not plan to charge full game price for the 2022 season expansion, we expect NASCAR console revenues to suffer in 2022 as a result, said Kozko.

However, we strongly believe that our investment in further developing gaming experiences is critical for the long run.

What Is The Nascar Heat 5 Ultimate Dlc Pack

Already a seasoned pro at NASCAR Heat 5 but have fallen behind on the latest paint schemes and content? Then look no further than the NASCAR Heat 5 Ultimate DLC Pack! This is a convenient way for owners of the NASCAR Heat 5 Standard Edition to catchup to their competitors with all of the DLC content ever released! The NASCAR Heat 5 Ultimate DLC Pack includes:

  • All of the DLC packs ever released including the , the Playoff Pack, the Jimmie Johnson Pack, and the Tony Stewart Pack that includes Tony as an option for the in-game spotter, an exclusive Career contract offer from Stewart-Haas Racing, and classic Tony Stewart paint schemes!

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Main Nascar Game Development Team Currently Working On 2023 Title

The decision to release a 2022 season DLC pack coming for the current season and NASCAR 21: Ignition has allowed the Motorsport Games development team to focus on a new game for 2023.

In light of the NASCAR 21: Ignition launch fiasco and several structural and personnel changes within Motorsport Games, a recent Q1 2022 earning call has revealed that the main development team is already working on next years game launch.

This is perhaps not much of a surprise, following the recent news that there will be no new standalone NASCAR game this year. Instead, a 2022 NASCAR Cup Series pack will be available for the existing NASCAR 21: Ignition title in September, before a new game is expected in the middle of 2023.

This new release will not inherit the tech debt of NASCAR 21: Ignition as its base according to the Miami-based developer, and will instead lean heavier on the Unreal Engine with input from KartKraft and rFactor 2 two platforms under the Motorsport Games umbrella.

If were going to reset the expectation of what the NASCAR title should be, we need more time. There will not be enough time in 2022, and we already have the main team working on the 2023 title, highlighted company CEO, Dmitry Kozko on the earnings call.

We value our continued relationships with NASCAR, INDYCAR BTCC and Le Mans, and appreciate their support.

Nascar: Dirt To Daytona

NASCAR Heat 4 Release Date (Xbox One, PS4)

NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona has been a cult favorite for many ever since its release in late 2002. This stock car racing game was the premier game at the time, incorporating all of the features and incredible graphics available at the turn of the millennium, as well as a wide selection of stock cars to choose from and a thorough career mode. This simulation was created by Monster Games and published by Infogrames. Despite almost two decades passing, NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona is still widely played today on older platforms such as the PlayStation and the GameCube.

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Nascar Racing 1999 Edition

NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition brings great nostalgia for stock car racing gamers, and the design was impeccable at its time. The game consisted of three different series: the NASCAR Cup Series, NASCAR Grand National Series, and NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. This game had an option of 115 drivers and 35 tracks, with features including a multiplayer option. NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition was developed by Papyrus Design Group and published by Sierra On-Line. This game was only available on Microsoft Windows.

What Is Nascar Heat 5 Ultimate Edition

New to NASCAR Heat 5? Then NASCAR Heat 5 Ultimate Edition is your quick and easy way to get caught up on the latest NASCAR gaming action and all of the content available, all at a reduced price! NASCAR Heat 5 Ultimate Edition includes:

  • NASCAR Heat 5 Standard Edition game and
  • All of the DLC packs ever released including the , the Playoff Pack, the Jimmie Johnson Pack, and the Tony Stewart Pack that includes Tony Stewart as an option for the in-game spotter, an exclusive Career contract offer from Stewart-Haas Racing, and classic Tony Stewart paint schemes!

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Nascar : Ignition 2022 Season Update Arrives On October 6

Motorsport Games has announced their NASCAR 21: Ignition 2022 Season Update for the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series will arrive on October 6. The update will be available free for owners of either the Standard or Champions Editions on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

There are a number of new features in the Ignition 2022 Season Update. Users will be greeted with a refreshed user interface that will make navigating menus and settings easier. A new HUD has been developed with real-time tire wear and fuel indicators to give drivers a clear picture of the cars condition during racing. Additionally, Motor Racing Networks On-Air Announcer, Alex Hayden, will be providing new broadcast introductions. Both the regular season and playoffs of the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series will be accessible to gamers.

In order to provide players with the most up-to-date version of the sport, 2022s drivers, teams, and paint schemes have been directly taken from the 2022 season. All three Next Gen car models from Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota are also included in the Ignition update.

Motorsport Games is also releasing 2022 content additions for NASCAR Heat 5 and NASCAR Heat Mobile. The 2022 NASCAR Heat 5 update will cost $12.34.

Nascar Heat 5s 2022 Update Delayed Price Reduced

Nascar Heat 6 trailer*

The current Cup Series cars, teams and paint schemes have been delayed for NASCAR Heat 5, with the upcoming DLC no longer having a release date.

Following the release date announcement for the upcoming NASCAR Heat 5 2022 Cup Series downloadable content last week, now developer Motorsport Games has pushed back the launch.

In a fraught build-up, several parameters have changed. In September, when the DLC was first publicly confirmed, it wasnt clear if the new cars, teams and paint schemes could be used in the career mode, however, this was swiftly clarified.

Then, on 7th October, a release date of 21st October 2022 was set for the content pack, alongside the $12.34 price.


However, today , the NASCAR Heat social media accounts have updated players with a delay for the add-on, with no firm date now in sight.

We want to bring you the best possible experience this year and have decided to delay the release, read the post.

It goes on to clarify that audio for the all-new Next Gen vehicles is the main sticking point.

With this delay, we will be able to bring a much more enhanced audio system to the 2022 cars, continued the post.

We plan to share an updated release date in the coming days.

However, the update has brought with it a price reduction, from $12.34 to $9.99. No images or videos have been released to date. This follows a 2022 Cup Series update for NASCAR 21: Ignition and the release of NASCAR Rivals on Nintendo Switch today.

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