Mr Cool Heat Pump Reviews

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Why Not Just Get A Window Unit Or Portable Ac

Winter Performance Review after Mr Cool Universal Heat Pump install: heating cost & tips

All these advantages of a mini-split add up to increased comfort, especially when compared to the options for treating single rooms: window air conditioners and portable ACs. For one, mini-splits are much quieter. With the system split between an indoor and outdoor unit, the only noise in the room is the fan needed to move air. There is none of the loud compressor hum that is typical of a window unit. In addition, most quality mini-split systems, much like the best whole-house systems, use variable-speed motors in their compressors. De Stasio explained, On a mild day, a mini-split will actually run on a slower speed than on a hot day and save you energy, where a window unit will just come on and off on and off. He added that this constant cycling of the window unit consume a massive amount of energy. He explained: Think of it like trying to push a car from a dead stop to 5 mph versus pushing it as it’s already rolling forward. Which one requires more energy? The variable speed motors in a mini-split are never at a dead stop.

Another downside to window units, De Stasio said, is that every time that air conditioner shuts off and stays off for 20 minutes, youre not doing any kind of dehumidification. Since the mini-splits variable speed can dial down to near zero once the target temperature is reached, its actually at its most efficient when you leave it at the setting you find comfortablewin-win.

Choosing The Best Heat Pump

So far, weve discussed what a heat pump is, the types of heat pumps, how heat pumps work, and the leading heat pump brands or manufacturers.

Im going to let you in on a secret, every single one of the heat pump brands I featured above is a good reputable heat pump brands. There are no worst heat pump brands to avoid in my dictionary.

You may be wondering, why do I see so many negative heat pump reviews online, and when I talk to my friends, Ive heard horror story after horror story? Its simple the installation isnt done correctly.

The best heat pump is the one that fits your budget , is sized correctly, installed by a certified HVAC contractor, is efficient, is suited to the environment, and contains at least a 5-year warranty.

Should You Hire A Technician To Install An Hvac System

While installing an HVAC system by yourself may sound enticing and easy to do, it’s not. Mr. Cool promotes their products as easy to install and something that you can do yourself however, we wouldn’t recommend this. There are multiple reasons why an HVAC company trains technicians to install a customer’s unit for them, and here are some of them.

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Real Cooling & Real Heating

Today, everything in our lives serves more than one purpose. Our cars are not only for transportation, but they sometimes our offices, dining room and even our couch or bedroom. Our cell phone is no different. It should come as no surprise that our HVAC systems are also trying to do it all. Which brings us to the MrCool Universal Series Heat Pump.

A heat pump like the MrCool Universal is basically an air conditioner that can heat too. It can reverse its operating cycle in order to pull ambient outdoor heat inside. This allows you real flexibility. You don’t have to turn on an expensive electric or gas furnace. Instead, just switch your Universal over to heat mode, and you’re ready for cold weather.

However, traditionally with heat pumps, there has been a problem with low temperature heating.

Expertise In Dealing With Installation Problems

MPH241M414A Mr Cool 24,000 BTU 2 Ton R410A 14 SEER Single Phase ...

Running into trouble during installation is something that these professional technicians are used to. As for someone who is inexperienced with these problems, you’d probably be scrambling and looking for the manual to try to resolve these.

Not all issues that you will encounter during installation are in the manual. So if you are doing it on your own, be very careful about the whole process of installation.

Not to mention that if you were to damage a part during installation, then you’d most likely have to pay to replace the damaged part and, of course, wait for that part to arrive before carrying on with the installation. Professional technicians will be able to solve these problems with ease and get your home comfortable in a timely manner.

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American Standard Platinum Series

The Platinum line is the top-of-the-line heat pump they offer. They boast a maximum Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio up to 22 and a Heating Season Performance Factor of 10. As you ramp up the SEER rating, youre also going to ramp up the prices.

This series feature With AccuComfort technology, the benefits are:

  • Superior temperature control throughout the day
  • Improved humidity control

The Mrcool Advantage Condenser And Wall

  • New SmartHVAC WiFi app for apple and android smart devices
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant
  • Low Ambient Cooling: Cooling down to 5°F
  • Variable-speed DC inverter compressor technology cuts operating costs
  • Sleep mode, louver position memory, gold fin anti-corrosion and auto restart functions
  • Equipment should be sized/installed by a qualified professional
  • Follow me feature

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What Is A Ductless Mini

A traditional window, or portable, air conditioner has the compressor, fans, and controls combined in one unit. Split systems break the components into two parts: an indoor air handler and an outdoor compressor. This keeps you from having to set aside too much space inside your home for the equipment. A lineset connects the two components and carries refrigerant and communication cable. Typical central air systems are split systems. Youll need a mini-split either when your home lacks existing ductwork to carry the cooledor heatedair or when a specific, smaller area cannot be reached with the existing HVAC system, as may be the case with a detached garage or workshop.

Opinions On Mr Cool Universal Heat Pump

Mr Cool Universal Heat Pump Full Year Review : Heat Pump Installation, Performance and Savings

I have seen Mr cool all over the net, But is the brand OK? Is this made by midea or Gree and rebadged? What is the quality on these does anyone currently have one installed?

This unit has an option for a type of DIY quick connect precharged lineset that according to them does not need to be vacuumed. I would favor making my own flares anyway and pulling a vacuum, which is also an option as well as brazing the joints.


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The Best Heat Pump Brands

You should have a better understanding of how heat pumps work and the different types of heat pumps. Now the fun begins, trying to sort through which the best heat pump brand to choose, which model to select, how to correctly size a heat pump. And the most important, how to select a qualified contractor.

Without making dozens of calls to qualified technicians, its nearly impossible to get a handle on the price, quality, and warranties for each unit. This doesnt even account for the fact that different technicians will have different incentives to install one unit over another.

Qualifying For An Hvac Tax Credit

The Non-Business Energy Property Tax Credit is a program designed to give you the incentive to purchase a highly efficient system. Qualification is easy but does have a few restrictions. If you do qualify, though, you will receive a $300 flat-rate credit on your income tax filings.

To qualify for the program, you must buy your system after January 1, 2017, and install it before December 31, 2021. It must also be installed at an existing, primary residence. Rental properties and new construction are not allowed.

The system itself must be Energy Star certified and a packaged or split system. Currently, mini splits and geothermal systems do not qualify.

For a packaged system, you must have both a minimum of 14 SEER and 8 HSPF ratings as well. For split systems, the minimums are 15 SEER and 8.5 HSPF.

Once the system is professionally installed, you will fill out tax credit form 5695 and file with your income tax to receive the credit.

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Reduced Risk Of Future Problems

As mentioned in the statement above, incorrectly installed HVAC systems will cause trouble and can lead to damage in the long run. Most instances of incorrectly installed systems will lead to the system overworking itself. The resulting damage can range from minor to significant issues that require costly repairs.

Real Cold Weather Heat From A Mrcool Universal Heat Pump

Mr Cool DIY 18K BTU Mini

Unlike traditional heat pumps, the MrCool Universal can heat effectively below freezing. It can even heat effectively below zero, and keep heating effectively down into negative double digits. It can keep a 1500 sf house at 70 degrees in -20 and below. Most homeowners in the United States are not going to have to worry about temperatures that cold. Which means that the MrCool Universal can be an effective heating and cooling system for the vast majority of US households.

No gas. No propane. And no problem with the MrCool Universal.

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Own Your Spacecontrol Your Comfort

The MRCOOL 4th Gen DIY® has 2, 3, 4, and 5 zone options, the best warranties in the business, even better efficiency ratings and a new armored cable…

Smartphone App

Control Heating & Cooling from Anywhere

The Best Warranty

Limited Lifetime* | 7 Year Compressor* & 5 Year Parts

4th Gen DIY®s have an optional LIMITED LIFETIME compressor warranty*, a 7-year compressor replacement* warranty, and a standard 5-year parts warranty for the original registered owner. See rules and restrictions here.

Voice Controls

Mrcool Heat Pump Packaged Units

For packaged units, you have a single choice. The MPH14 is the only packaged heat pump MRCOOL produces. The 14 SEER unit has advanced corrosion resistance and comes in a heavy-duty galvanized steel case.

It is fit for rooftop or slab installation and even allows for downflow and horizontal options. Note that if you need the downflow installation, the downflow kit is required .

The biggest draw to the unit is that you can add supplemental heat on an as-needed basis. If you live in a climate that experiences sub-zero temperatures, you can opt for a 5, 7.5, 10, 15, or 20kW auxiliary heat kit that will keep your unit running and heating your home even on the coldest nights.

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What Makes Ductless Mini

Ductless mini-split systems are increasing in popularity because they are incredibly energy-efficient. One of the main reasons for this is that ductless mini-splits do not have to use as much energy to power fans or compressors to move conditioned air throughout the ductwork of a home as a traditional central air conditioning system does.

Ductless mini-splits also allow you to heat and cool a single zone of your home, which means greater temperature control over all areas of your home. This can result in a significant reduction in energy costs.

Which Mr Cool Mini Split To Choose

Mr Cool Heat Pump First Winter Review and Detailed Electrical Connections

As you can see, Mr COOL makes mini-split with different cooling/heating capacity .

Its important not to pick a mini-split thats too big or too small for your needs.

Appropriately sizing a mini-split will lead you to either lower energy-efficiency or limit the lifespan of the device. Therefore you need to take into account the recommended areas for each Mr COOL DIY mini-split.

What size MR COOL do you need?

Heres how big a MR COOL you need :

  • For 500 sq. ft., choose the 12,000 BTU Mr COOL.
  • For 750 sq. ft., choose the 18,000 BTU Mr COOL.
  • For 1,000 sq. ft., choose the 24,000 BTU Mr COOL.
  • For 1,500 sq. ft., choose the 36,000 BTU Mr COOL.

If youre somewhere between these recommended areas, you can give us your situation in the comments below or use our BTU calculator here.

Now, lets look at the most important aspect of every mini-split system:

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System Highlights & Benefits

  • Our Easy DIY installation: pre-charged quick connect line doesnt require special tools, equipment, or training
  • SmartHVAC app: WIFI control control your DIY anywhere with your Apple or Android smart device and an Internet connection
  • Variable-speed DC inverter compressor technology cuts operating costs
  • Low ambient cooling: cooling down to 5ºF exterior temperatures. The ideal system for computer server rooms, greenhouses, and any other applications that require cooling all year
  • 7-Year compressor warranty and 5-year parts warranty
  • Auto-restart: power outage? No worries, the MRCOOL DIY E star Series auto-restart has the unit running again immediately
  • Gold fin condenser: corrosion-resistant. Coastal living dont worry, the condenser is built to resist long term corrosion
  • Louver position memory remembers so you dont need to horizontal louver automatically moves to the same position you set the last time the unit was turned on
  • Automatic leakage detection technology to alert you should a problem arise

Mrcool Heat Pump Split Systems

Aside from the DIY mini split systems, MRCOOLs most extensive lineup is the traditional split system setup. This is a condenser unit that you will pair with an air handler to heat and cool the home. There are three main lines in the split system category, including Prodirect, Signature Split, and Universal Series.

The Prodirect line is a Gold Fin ® condenser that can withstand any weather. Water rolls right off the unit and doesnt pool, puddle, or stay, so there is less chance of corrosion. It also features 4-way installation, so airflow direction and refrigerant flow are never an issue.

The single-stage scroll compressor is efficient, quiet and contains fewer moving parts that require less energy to start up. The galvanized internal cabinet is sleek and smooth and comes with a removable filter for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Signature Series comes in 1.5 to 5 ton sizes to be a modern fit for every home. This is the most popular system from MRCOOL, and for a good reason. Not only is it relatively simple to install, but it performs well. And, with 15 SEER output, you can save a lot of cash each month just by using this system.

Finally, the Universal Series is a split system designed to fit any home, any install for any reason. It features a whopping 20 SEER in 2 to 5 ton sizes. The condenser unit is smaller and more compact to allow for installation on multiple locations, including installing multiple units in the same general area.

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Mr Cool Vs Goodman Which To Choose

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Choosing a new air conditioning unit might be offputting with the vast array of options, especially different brands. Let’s say that you’ve narrowed your choices however, now face a dilemma of choosing between two brandsMr. Cool and Goodman. Today, we’ll be helping you distinguish the pros and cons of each brand, helping you decide which one suits your needs better.

If you already have experience installing an HVAC system unit, then a Mr. Cool system unit is the one for you as they heavily promote DIY installation. However, many DIYers claim a bad experience with this brand. In contrast, Goodman is part of the top ten most reliable brands for HVAC systems hence, we highly recommend going for Goodman instead.

Now that you know which brand to go for, keep reading as we further elaborate on the reasons why we recommend Goodman. Additionally, further questions in this post might answer some that you have on your mind when buying an HVAC system.

What About Smart Controllers


We tested three smart thermostat devices: the Ambi Climate 2, the Flair Puck, and the Sensibo Sky. At their most basic, they allow you to easily control your mini-split from your phone. Unlike manufacturer options such as Mitsubishis Kumo Cloud, which do the same thing, these 3rd party options do not require expensive professional installation. Though none of the three have so far lived up to our expectations, the Ambi and the Flair are much better than the Sensibo. Were continuing to watch new releases and version upgrades and will test any that we think look good.

The Ambi Climate 2 is the most in-depth of the three. It attempts to monitor your home, AC use, and external temperatures then adjust your AC throughout the day. We like the set-it-and-forget-it use of it and how it adapted to our routine, but the apps depth, amount of upfront information, and optional user settings makes it more complicated to use than others we tried. The controller units are not wall mounted but unobtrusive within most modern decor. Our experience with customer support was good but not great.

Both the Ambi and Flair had issues with connectivity, especially with dual band WiFi. The signal strength of the units to the AC is hit or miss. When it works we were able to set them up over 25-feet away without an issue, but the best range seems to be closer to 12-feet. Good enough for a small room, but tougher in larger ones.

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Who Should Get This

If you want to cool or heat specific rooms with better efficiency and less clutter than window ACs and space heatersand less complexity than central HVACconsider a mini-split system. Central HVAC usually forces air through several roomsor the entire houseoften heating or cooling rooms that arent even being used. If you turn the water faucet on in the kitchen and every other water faucet turned on throughout the house…how efficient is that? Thats what central systems do, says Mike Smith, senior marketing manager of Mitsubishi Electric, one of the prominent mini-split brands sold in North America.

Some, but not all, mini-splits are also heat pumps this refers to a different method of moving heat in and out of a room. Conversely, some but not all heat pumps are also available as mini-splits. For this guide, were focusing on mini-splits more broadly, regardless of whether theyre heat pumps or cooling-only units or something. If youre specifically interested in heat pumps, we have a guide for that, too.

Further reading

  • Heres the single biggest change you can make to reduce your homes energy use.

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