How To Make An Ac Colder

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Another Way Of Looking At The Refrigeration Cycle

How To Make Your A/C Colder!

Gravity, even though its the weakest of the fundamental forces of nature, is something we all understand intuitively. Weve lived within its constraints our wholes lives, unless were among the few to travel on the vomet comet or into outer space, so lets look at a gravitational analog for the refrigeration cycle.

The diagram below is basically the whole cycle translated. A cup collects water at the bottom and dumps it at a higher point. Water, in this analog, takes the place of heat, height stands for temperature, and the cup is the refrigerant.

Just as heat flows from warmer to cooler , water here wants to flow from higher to lower. To pick up water from the house, the cup has to be lower than the house. To dump that water to the outside reservoir, which is higher , the cup has to be raised to a height above the outside.

Check Your Air Seals:

During the winter, cold air can seep around windows and doors. This will increase your heating bill since youll have to compensate by turning up the heat. To stop leaks, caulk cracks between windowpanes, weatherstrip around the exterior doorjamb, check caulking dry rot or cracking, air toward the center, and ensure all air vents that lead into your house are sealed.

Supercharge Your A/c System

Need some seriously chill vibes in your car? Reggae will only get you so far.

Here’s how to make car A/C colderand fast: reboot your refrigerant. We won’t get into exactly how car air conditioning works, but suffice it to say that low Freon or refrigerant levels will almost always lead to car A/C that doesn’t feel cold enough.

You can check your refrigerant level at home if you have access to an A/C gauge and thermometer, two tools that are available at most auto parts stores. Or, you can bring your car to Firestone Complete Auto Care for an A/C check. If your levels are low, we can give you a quick refrigerant recharge during your visit!

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How To Make Ac Colder In The House In Five Steps

The purpose of an AC is to make your home as comfortable as possible when the temperatures rise outside. As the cool air blows from the air conditioner into your home, you can sit and relax. But what happens when the AC fails to give you relief?

The solution is figuring out how to make an air conditioner run colder. At times it might be a technical issue requiring an HVAC technician to take a look. However, you can take these few steps if you want to learn how to make your AC colder.

  • Change the AC Air Filter
  • Among the first steps to take when you want to make an AC colder is to check the air filter. If you experience less cool air blowing from the air conditioner, the AC likely has lots of dust and debris. Clogging causes less cool air to reach your home, so you wont feel as comfortable.

    When you want to change the AC air filter, its important to follow these steps to get it right. This should take place every 30 days when using the AC frequently.

    • Locate the Air Filter

    One of the easiest things you can do if you want to learn how to make your AC colder is to change the filter regularly.

    Its quite easy to replace an AC air filter, but you must first locate it. AC systems differ when it comes to air filter location. Some have air filters set up in the return air duct so ensure to check all of them if there are multiple.

    • Order a Replacement Air Filter
    • Insert the New Air Filter
  • Have Regular AC Maintenance
  • Install Blinds or Heavy Curtains
  • The Refrigeration Cycle Simplified

    How To Make Your Own Air Conditioner

    What makes an air conditioner work is a thermodynamic cycle called the refrigeration cycle. Its a series of changes in temperature, pressure, and state that the refrigerant undergoes as it removes heat from the house. The refrigerant is a special fluid that changes between liquid and vapor at convenient temperatures for pulling heat out of air thats at about 75° F and dumping it into air thats above 90° F. Its what travels through those copper pipes, one insulated and one uninsulated, that connect the indoor part of your air conditioner to the outdoor part.

    Im going to focus this discussion on the most common type of central air conditioning system the air-source, split system. Its called air source because it dumps the heat from inside the house into the outside air, as opposed to a ground-source or water-source system that dump the heat into, well, the ground or some water. Its called a split system because theres a unit that sits outside making all that noise all summer long and another component thats inside the house somewhere, maybe in the attic or crawl space. Other types of air conditioners still follow the same refrigeration cycle, but the locations of some of the pieces differ.

    The refrigeration cycle has four stages, so lets go through each of them. Well start with the refrigerant collecting the heat from inside the house, labeled number 1 in the diagram below.

    Step 1: Catch the heat from inside the house.

    Heat flows from warmer to cooler!

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    The Fundamentals Of Air Conditioning

    An air conditioner is a device that moves heat from one place to another. It picks up heat from inside your home and moves it to the outside. In other words, it pumps heat from one place to another. Although we could call it a heat pump, we usually reserve that term for air conditioners that can pump heat in either direction inside to outside or outside to inside.

    When you put your face in front of that AC vent, it may seem that an air conditioner creates cold, but in reality, its removing thermal energy from inside your house and sending it outside. This transfer of heat from your homes air does indeed make the air cooler, and the air blowing out of the supply vents does feel cold. Its best to think of the process, though, as a heat flow from inside to outside.

    Change The Cabin Air Filter

    If you havenât changed the cabin air filter in your Pontiac since Pontiac was selling new cars, itâs time. A cabin air filter collects debris in the incoming air but has a limit. If you keep using it when itâs clogged with dust and leaves, the air filter acts as an obstruction, limiting the flow of air. Fortunately, cabin air filters are cheap and easy to replace.

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    Placement In The Home

    While adding an air conditioner to any room in your home will definitely address your cooling desires, the room itself plays a part in how effective the unit is. Many homeowners moved into their home with the unit in place, or simply place air conditioners in the living room by default. But there is an art to maximizing your air conditioners efficiency, and it depends largely on its host rooms layout.

    Rooms which receive a lot of direct sunlight are the most obvious areas of concern. On the surface, it may make sense to place your air conditioner in the hottest room in the house, but its actually counterproductive. If your AC unit is in your homes hottest spot, its going to end up working far too hard and not equally distributing cool air around the room for long periods of time.

    Additionally, you dont want to place your air conditioner behind any furniture, plants, or other indoor obstructions. Putting your unit behind something else is only going to rack up your energy bills, as the systems ventilation will not get proper circulation, resulting in a less efficient system.

    For the most efficient use of your system, your AC units should be placed in rooms that receive moderate amounts of sunlight, are decorated to accommodate the unit, and have ceiling fans. Using ceiling fans in tandem with your air conditioner is going to make the unit more efficient and cost-effective, as the cool air circulation process will be amplified through the fans assistance.

    Service The Car Ac Regularly

    How To Make Your Cars AC Colder For Free “3 Easy Ways”

    Just as you perform routine services on a cars engine, service the AC as well. However, you dont have to service the AC as frequently as the engine. It is best to service it at the end of winter.

    When entering summer, you can avail yourself of discounts on maintenance. However, there will be much demand in summer, and the technicians will hike the maintenance fee.

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    Close The Curtains And Turn Off The Lights Upstairs

    To feel the full effects of your air conditioner, you want to minimize the heat sources in your home, especially on the second floor. When sunlight enters through your windows, it brings some heat inside the home. On hot sunny days, you should keep the shades and curtains closed to reduce the indoor temperature.

    Another potential source of heat may be the lights in your home. When you have all the lights turned on, the lightbulbs could be emitting heat into the room. Try to keep the lights off to cool down the temperature upstairs. If you need some functional light inside a room, considering using energy-saving LED lights instead.

    Replace The Ac System

    An air conditioner is supposed to cool down your entire home, including all the rooms upstairs. If it doesnt seem to be cooling the second floor effectively, then you need to assess whether your current HVAC system is still adequate.

    Over time, air conditioners tend to malfunction, break apart, and perform less efficiently. A professional air conditioner inspection will reveal if the unit simply requires maintenance, or if the existing damages are beyond repair. In some situations, your old air conditioner may have deteriorated so much that a replacement is necessary.

    When replacing the air conditioner, make sure you consult with the HVAC professionals to ensure youre upgrading from your current model. Ideally, youll want a new air conditioner that is sized properly and has enough cooling power for the entire home.

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    Diy Peltier Thermoelectric Cooler Fan

    Now for something completely different, a DIY AC setup with no ice OR cooler box! If you want to put computer parts to good use, this amazing project is for you.

    Instead of ice, this small and portable AC system uses the Peltier-12706 thermoelectric cooler: a tiny, thin, electronic part normally used to cool down computer CPUs. Made from semiconductor material sandwiched between ceramic, you will need an aluminum heat sink to prevent it from burning.

    Add in a CPU fan, a second cooling fan, and a PVC pipe to house the parts then add a 12V power, 5A power supply connected via a DC jack. Finally, it’s glued together with a hot glue gun and some vent holes are drilled.

    Using the same system used to cool a computer, you can cool your room too!

    Correct Placement In Your Home

    How a Central Air Conditioner Works

    One of the most important things you can do when it comes to making your air conditioner colder is proper placement in your home. Make sure that there are no obstructions around, such as furniture or other appliances blocking airflow channels. You should also leave enough room for circulation between all sides of the unit and any nearby walls or surfaces.

    For smaller AC units, make sure theyre not right up against a wall either because this will cause them to work harder than necessary. If you have central heat and cooling in your home, be careful where you place both systems so that they dont cross current paths with each other, which could decrease efficiency significantly.

    When placed correctly, your AC unit will be able to run more efficiently, which means it will be able to cool your home faster and more effectively.

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    Clean The Front Grille

    This is another simple thing to try for how to make window AC colder fast.

    The grille on the front of your window air conditioner can get dirty, which will impede the airflow.

    The less air that can get into the unit, the less air that can be cooled and blown into your home.

    You can use the same bucket of soapy water that you used to clean your air filter to clean the front grille.

    If you can remove the grille from the unit, then you can dip it the same way you dipped the filter.

    If the grille cant be removed, then youll want to use a toothbrush to scrub away the dirt and debris from the surface.

    Again, make sure that the air conditioner is unplugged and wait for it to dry completely before plugging it in and turning it back on.

    Avoid Switching To Max A/c Right Away

    The AC takes a while to get cold in a car when it is first turned on. If you get in and turn it to MAX COOL immediately, you arent going to get the results you are looking for. Instead, wait until the system pulls in more air for maximum effectiveness. Additionally, remember how hot the cabin can be when you first get in, causing the air conditioning to work harder.

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    Use The Coldest Setting

    Get in and crank the cold. Why? When you select anything but the coldest AC setting, the system has to mix in some warm air to get it to your selected temperature setting. Cooling the air because youâre hot and then having to warm it up a bit is counterproductive. This extra work is inefficient and doesnât make you cooler. Selecting the coldest setting only cools the air and sends it on to you. Reduce the fan speed if you start feeling chilly.

    Spray Down Your Airconditioning Unit

    How to Make MAX AC Even Colder | Ford F150

    A simple way to make your air conditioner colder without spending any money is to take a water hose and spray down the outside of your AC unit. Spraying down your unit will clean off any gunk and debris, clear your units airways, and allow your AC to run cooler.

    This means youll be able to turn up the temperature on your thermostat or simply leave it off for longer periods of time.

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    How Can You Cool Down Your Car Quickly

    Even if your car AC is working fine, you can take some steps to increase the cooling efficiency. Getting in a car thats been parked under sun can feel awful. Do this to cool down faster:

    1) Park under a shade: Dont let the cabin get hot by parking under a shaded area. You might say that this is quite obvious, but we often forget to do it. Buying aftermarket window shade or curtains is also a good idea.

    2) Adjust the air vents: There are multiple AC air vents in a car but do we need them all when we are driving alone? Off course, you are better off just using the driver side and centre ac vents. Switching off the passenger and rear ac vents will considerably increase the air flow in the drivers area. Also if you have dual zone climate controls then that can also be adjusted to optimize the cooling.

    3) Clear out the hot air from the cabin: When you get in a hot car, you need to try and remove the hot air from the cabin. The best way to do this is to crack the windows and run the AC with outside ventilation. Switch back to the recirculation vent mode after the hot air is released after 2-3 minutes. This is the best method to use car air conditioner settings.

    Even if you think that your AC is working fine, you should definitely try some of the tricks mentioned above. I highly recommend replacing the cabin filter at least. Let me know in the comments if this article helped you in fixing your car ac. Let us know in the comments if you think we missed something.

    Is It Bad To Run Ac With Low Freon

    Although an air conditioner can still function at lessened cooling power after it loses refrigerant, it will start to sustain serious damage that will eventually lead to larger repair needs and possibly a full system breakdown. … Loss of refrigerant will also threaten to damage the compressor, leading to it overheating.

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    Seal The Windows And Open The Doors Upstairs

    Improving the airflow in your home will help to make the AC colder upstairs. Start by checking each of your windows around the house. One or more windows can potentially be leaking, which means the cold air is escaping through the tiny cracks and gaps around the enclosure. Make sure you seal your windows properly, or you can replace them with energy-efficient windows to keep the house cooler.

    In addition, you should leave the upstairs doors open as much as possible. By opening the doors, you create a passageway for the air to flow freely, which will help to make the AC colder upstairs.

    Clean The Evaporator Coil

    Colder Air! for Less Money! Air Conditioner Supercharging!! : 14 Steps ...

    The evaporator coil sits right behind the air filter in your air conditioner. Its common for dust and other debris to build up on the surface.

    If that occurs, then your unit wont cool down like it used to.

    To clean the evaporator coil, youll want to remove the air filter to gain access.

    You can try vacuuming the coil to see if that gets rid of the dust.

    If that doesnt work, then you can use a toothbrush to gently scrub the evaporator coil.

    The most efficient way to clean the evaporator coil is to hose down the inside of your window AC unit.

    Taking the entire unit out of the window and moving it outside is the best way to hose it down.

    Once again, wait for the unit to be dry before reinstalling or turning it on.

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