How To Flush Ac System

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Why Flush An Ac System With Mineral Spirits

How To PROPERLY Flush and Recharge A Contaminated AC System.

Many things can go wrong with your cars AC system. One of the most common automotive AC problems is compressor failure. When this happens, small pieces of debris get all over your air conditioning system and cause more havoc.

Performing an AC flush with mineral spirits will eliminate debris from the entire system. This is the best way to fix your AC issues and keep cool during the hottest days. Failure to do this when needed can lead you to have perform expensive repairs.

Is Flushing My Ac System With Alcohol Safe

Flushing with solvents can present some safety hazards. This explains why some original equipment manufacturers do not advise users to flush AC systems with solvents.

However, you can observe some safety precautions to avoid safety issues. It would help if you used protective wear while flushing out your AC system. Goggles and gloves are basic protective gear to use for the task. Also, ensure that you thoroughly read through the safety instructions for whichever solvent you choose to use. Lastly, ensure youre carrying out this project in a well-ventilated area.

How To Perform An A/c System Flush

When replacement of a damaged A/C compressor takes place, the air conditioner has to be flushed to remove harmful remains like metallic chips, dirty oil and dye. Nevertheless a lot of workshops neglect this mandatory work because of additional efforts.

VEMO has analysed this problem and developed a method to flush the A/C circuit easily. With the new flushing supply set this is done cost-effectively, with less work and, above all, without any residues of flushing agents in the system.

Here we look at the process involved:

Step 1Before starting work at the air conditioner, check the flow direction. Principally it should be in the following order: compressor, condenser, drier, expansion valve, evaporator or compressor, condenser, orifice tube, evaporator, accumulator .

Step 2Recover the refrigerant from the air conditioner and remove the compressor and drier .

Step 3Prepare the VEMO air conditioner flushing supply set V99-18-0067 by installing valve, hose and flush gun on the can. Inject the flushing agent with the pressure in the can. Flush against the flow direction.

Step 4Follow the flush with compressed nitrogen or pressurised air to increase mass flow for maximum cleaning to finally exit the system with the dirt.

Step 6VEMO recommends installing an in-line filter to avoid problems with residues which are left in the system as a hazard. Pull a vacuum after assembly to remove any residual solvent. The line set is clean and ready for service.

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Take Out And Disconnect The Pipes And Wires

You need to move on to remove all pipes from the part or components that you are going to flush, proceed by disconnecting the orifice tube first. The orifice tube is situated in the evaporator or liquid line.

Carefully remove the hose that might be getting in your way such as the condenser, the evaporator, and so on.

Does My Ac Unit Need To Be Flushed

How To Flush Ac System After Compressor Failure

After finding out I owned an air conditioning company, a woman asked me: Does my AC unit need to be flushed? She had received a call that morning from a solicitor telling her they had an AC Flush Special for $89.At first, I thought maybe they were referring to flushing out the condensate drain line which would be acceptable. However, what they told her was they would flush out her Freon and refresh it for summer. Luckily, she ran into me as she thought that sounded like a pretty good deal, and scheduled an appointment! Ill get back to the question of flushing your AC unit, but first a word of caution.

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Keep Your Cars Air Conditioner Running At Its Best With An Ac Flush

If its been a while since you had an auto AC flush, now is a great time to come and see our team! With our ARC-authorised and licensed air conditioning technicians, you can be confident that your A/C system is in the best of hands while you get up to date with your regular maintenance schedule.

Our team uses the RobinAir AC650 Pro one of Europes most popular air-conditioning service units to provide pinpoint accuracy in auto AC flushes and recharging. This unit is able to provide refrigerant and oil specifications tailored to individual vehicles, and guarantees rapid and full dehydration of your cars AC system for maximum efficiency. So book an appointment or call the workshop today on 03 9071 0560. Were here to help you keep your car AC system and the air you breathe healthy.

How To Flush Your Cars Air Conditioning System

There are plenty of reasons to clean out your cars air conditioner.

One potential reason is that you notice a foul odor coming from your air conditioning vents. An even greater reason is to improve fuel efficiency.

This might surprise you, but cleaning dust and debris out of your air conditioner helps it to function more smoothly.

This, in turn, helps your vehicle use gas more efficiently.

But how do you clean out the vehicles AC system?

If youve never done it before, it may seem daunting and for some, its a task best left to professional mechanics.

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Why Use An Ac Expert

Automotive technicians, especially at Sun Devil Auto, have the appropriate education and certifications to perform complicated AC services. On any given day, a Technician may perform 4 or 5 AC flushes versus the DIYer who may have little to no experience.

Additionally, while DIY recharge kits purchased through auto parts stores may provide a temporary resolution, they are risky. If done improperly, you risk major damage to the system leading to costly repairs to reverse any damages.

When your AC system is not blowing as cold as it should, its time for an inspection. Bring your vehicle to Sun Devil Auto where a certified Technician will visually inspect your A/C system and check for any leaks. In some cases, an evacuation and recharge will need to be performed to help locate any leaks that are not identified visually.

Once complete, the system will be checked to ensure it is cooling at the proper temperature. You deserve to be cool and comfortable as you drive whether the temperature is 90 or 120 degrees. Visit a Sun Devil Auto today to service your A/C system!

Safe And Fast Flushing With The A/c Service Unit And The Flush Container Connected To It

Why Flushing AC Systems Doesn’t Work
  • Spares you the time and effort required to preheat the refrigerant bottle
  • No need to illegally remove the refill blocking device as would be required with other methods
  • No additional equipment required!
  • Automatic processes controlled via the A/C service unit avoid operating errors
  • Approved by renowned vehicle manufacturers

Some manufacturers offer flushing kits which work without an A/C service unit. Please consider the following facts:

  • Time factor: Refrigerant bottle has to be heated up to 70 °C, takes about 1.5 2 hours.
  • Extra work: Collector tank must be placed in a cold water container when ambient temperatures are high.
  • Safety factor: The refill device and the residual pressure safety device on the refrigerant bottle must be removed for this method the bottle system has no ground point.
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    How To Flush Ac System After Compressor Failure

    AC compressor is likely a prime candidate for failure since it contains the most moving parts and is put under the greatest stresses.

    In this guide, we will review what causes compressor failure, is a flush required after replacing the compressor, how do you flush the compressor and how much does it cost.

    Growing An Air Conditioning Company

    I want to circle back to marketing and advertising to grow an air conditioning company. Customers move, young people buy their first home, and companies need to always be growing. Theres nothing wrong with marketing and advertising to acquire new customers. Heck, its my responsibility to my team to make sure they work every day to earn a living. Even this blog is a form of marketing.

    However, like I said, Phoenix is huge and people need air conditioning in the desert. A good air conditioning contractor doesnt need to use phone solicitors to grow his or her business. Best Buy doesnt have phone solicitors calling to maintenance your computer or TV. But, how many Best Buy commercials, and advertisements have you seen this month a lot right? Thats because they want you to find them when you do need a computer or television!

    My experience has taught me that the AC companies in Phoenix that use these tactics are not the good guys. They offer a low price special and have someone in your area so they can come sell you stuff. In many cases, such as the one this article is about, theyre selling you snake oil.

    Sometimes, the scammers are caught. Unfortunately, most are not. You dont have to dig too deep to see some whove been caught preying on homeowners in recent years. Heres two recent examples:

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    How To Flush The Ac System After Compressor Failure

    You have to flush the condenser of the AC system before replacing the compressor.


    Most automakers including Toyota recommends the replacement of the condenser and

    Hoses instead of flushing in case of contamination.

    Two auto manufacturers that recommend condenser flushing are GM and Ford. GM suggests the use of only R-134a for the process. They also want you to do it in a recharging machine to reduce refrigerant loss. On the other hand, Ford approves of using, VSL338 terpene-based solvent for the flushing.

    Here are several methods of how to flush the AC system

    After the compressor failure.

    Remember that you have to flush nothing else

    But the condenser, hoses, and evaporator.


    What Is An Ac Flush

    Car Air Conditioner System Flush Kit AC Flush Kit

    An AC flush, in simple terms, is the act of using compressed air to send a solution through the AC system, which cleanses and grabs any contaminants and particles, and flushes them out of the system. An AC flush is only performed when the system is opened, or when a major component like the AC compressor is changed out.

    While doing this may seem simple, the practice is often overlooked or skipped by DIYers, which can cause a myriad of problems if contaminants are in the system. When done properly, the evaporator, condenser, and AC lines are all properly flushed clean, while the compressor and accumulator / receiver drier are changed.

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    How Does A Cars Ventilation System Work

    The automotive ventilation system consists of the air conditioning and heating units all in one. Air gets pulled into the large duct located at the front of the vehicle while the car is moving. When the air enters, it gets heated or cooled, depending on the fan setting you have chosen.

    Heating vs. cooling isnt much different. When the heat setting is chosen, the air moves through the water-heated radiator while the fans push the air into the car. However, for cooling to occur, the refrigerant must be present in the AC system. This refrigerant gas gets compressed and converted to a liquid that moves through the condenser to remove heat. This process creates the cold air that gets pumped into the cabin.

    Running An Air Conditioning Company In Mesa Az

    I founded my air conditioning company, Magic Touch Mechanical, in Mesa, AZ over 20-years ago 1997 to be exact. In that time, Magic Touch has grown exponentially. What started out a one man show operating out of my house, has grown into a much larger business.

    We employ dozens of people, have a large fleet of trucks, a large commercial building with a warehouse, forklifts, etc. To achieve that growth, naturally, weve had to utilize marketing & advertising. But, weve never once in two-decades needed to cold-call strangers to acquire new customers! So, Ill share with you what I told her:

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    Why And When To Flush

    It is always necessary to lubricate the AC compressor. The AC compressor is the only moving part in the entire system and the only reason for oil in the system. The oil is being circulated throughout the system, that means that all the components have some coating of oil internally. If any dirt, debris or contamination enters in the system, all components are affected. Cleaning the oil will avoid all of the contamination from the AC system. Remove the old oil remove the contamination!

    Always flush the AC system whenever you replace or remove the AC compressor, or whenever there is any contamination in the system. Every time remove and inspect the orifice tube. From the orifice tube, you can see the AC systems condition. If you see any debris on the orifice tube should cause you to look for other indications of contamination.

    Time To Flush The Condenser

    Flushing the Air Conditioning System – MAHLE Installation Video

    Begin by finding the high-side inlet which is located somewhere on the condenser. After you have found it, start pouring alcohol carefully into the component through this particular hole. After this, you need to apply compressed air into the hole.

    You need to keep pressurizing the condenser until there are no traces or pieces of contaminants and debris in the solvent.

    No one wants to leave a mess behind so try to catch the alcohol that spills or misses the high-side inlet hole or as it finds its way through the condensers outlet hole. Keep a clean rag near you at all times.

    You can also catch and throw the dirty flushed-out alcohol with the help of a hose that would be connected to the exit hole of the component and falls into a container or bucket.

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    We Can Help You Flush Ac Drain Line

    Occasionally, you might run into problems when you try to flush AC drain line. This often results from clogged lines that make simple flushing an impossibility. If youre facing a frustrating AC drain line, theres no need to lose your cool. Simply reach out to the experts at Solution Based Plumbing, Heating, and A/C today.

    Exceptions Not To Flush

    Don’t flush accumulator/receiver-dryer, it will be replaced as required to maintain warranty of the new compressor.

    The high pressure hose that runs from compressor to condenser with built on muffler should also be replaced, since it’s extremely difficult to clean the muffler portion.

    There’s no need to flush compressor as it will be replaced. There’s no practical way to flush a compressor, due to the construction and design.

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    Can You Use Mineral Spirits To Flush The Ac System

    Mineral spirits do not evaporate easily because the content has a high boiling point, and this might cause residue to remain on your AC components. Also, mineral spirits may leave residue in essential AC components that can cause severe damage to your AC system. They are highly flammable, so you must use them with care. Therefore original equipment manufacturers do not recommend using mineral spirits for flushing AC systems. You may void your warranty if you go ahead to use it.

    However, many car owners and technicians have mastered the use of mineral spirits for flushing AC systems without problems.

    If An Air Conditioning Company Youve Never Done Business With Solicits You Over The Phone Hang Up

    How To Flush Ac System

    Let me explain: Phoenix alone is the 6thmost populous city in the country. Cities like Mesa & Glendale are in the top 50 largest cities in the US. Frankly, this is the desert practically every home in the Greater Phoenix area has central air conditioning. Theres no shortage of customers or work for a well-run air conditioning company in Phoenix.

    If an air conditioning contractor near Phoenix needs to run a call center to solicit business from strangers, beware! Any honest, reliable HVAC company in Arizona should have more than enough business to not need an outbound phone center. If they do need to cold-call to get calls, theres probably a very good reason, and its probably not good.

    Dont get me wrong. If youve done business with an AC company previously & they call you to remind you its maintenance time, thats great. I would go far as saying thats good service its easy to forget your AC unit until theres a problem. However, we all get enough spam and robocalls from scammers already, & theres a reason they earned the name scammers! Traditional marketing and advertising should be more than enough for any good business to acquire new customers.

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