How Often To Change Ac Filter In House

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How often do I change my AC’s air filter?

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Can Air Filters Catch On Fire

A clogged air filter is a fire hazard. When an HVAC furnace filter is dirty and clogged, oxygen cannot travel through it. This could lead to a flame rollout. What this means is that flames will roll out from the furnace cabinet and consume more oxygen. When you run your HVAC in this condition, you increase the chances of it catching on fire.

To see if your filters are clogged, visually inspect them every two weeks. If you have more than one pet, then you can expect pet air to be a problem.

How Often To Change Air Filter And Other Hvac Care Tips

How often to change air filter is something you should know. As a homeowner, its your responsibility to ensure your air filters work properly. Youll need to replace your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system . Chances are your old filter needs to be changed.

Your air conditioning system is responsible for the air quality in your home. If you know how to change the air filters on your HVAC system, youll save money, and thats why were here. Well show you how to change air filters so you can protect your homes air quality.

Air filters need to changed every 90 days on average. An HVAC filter will only last one to three months on average. Meaning you have to keep track of the date when you installed them. If you wait too long to change the filter, your indoor air quality will be impacted.

A collapsed air filter can get lodged in your fan or make a big gap, causing air to float around the filter without it getting filtered. If your filter isnt working, it can have adverse effects on your health and cause breathing problems, especially for those with pre-existing conditions.

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How Often Should The Ac Filter Be Replaced

How often should we replace our furnace filter? This question many homeowners ask and the answer varies depending on various factors. A good rule of thumb based on HVAC experts is to change the air filter every 30-90 days. Factors include the type of filters used, the quality of your indoor air, the number and types of pets at home, and the number of occupants of the house.

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How Often Should I Change My Air Filter At Home?  Max Comfort AC

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How Often To Change Air Filter In House

by CoolPro Atlanta | Apr 7, 2021 | HVAC Tips |

Many people disregard the importance of AC filters at home and wait until their system malfunctions before doing anything about it. Essentially, your filters are responsible for cleaning the air that comes out of your AC. They trap and prevent particulates and contaminants that would otherwise affect the health of those living in the house.

Even though it is technically possible to run your system without filters, HVAC experts advise against it. The reason is that if you dont have a filter in the air conditioner this leaves it susceptible to all sorts of debris and dirt that would ruin your HVAC system.

General Recommendations On How Often To Change An Air Filter

There’s no definite answer when it comes to how often to change air filter. This is because the frequency of replacing an air filter depends on various factors.

However, experts recommend changing once every 30 days if your air filter is made of fiberglass filters, which are relatively poor quality. On the other hand, big-ticket pleated filters can do well with a replacement once every three months or six months.

Failure to replace an air filter will mean that the home appliance will attract more particles from the surrounding air, resulting in inefficiency.

Here are some of the factors that determine the frequency in which you should change an air filter:

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How Often To Replace Ac Air Filter

How often you should change your air filter depends on your combination of the above factors.

A three person household in an average new construction home with no pets should replace the air conditioning filter every 90 days. A single person could even change their air filter less frequently.

A single occupant with no pets could change their air filter every six months.

For every pet you have in the household, you should replace the air filter 30 days sooner.

A household with one dog or cat should change their air conditioning filter every 60 days. The more pets you have, the more frequently youll need to replace the air filter.

Do you have a vacation home that you dont occupy full-time? Depending on how often you use the system, you could change the air conditioning filter every 6-12 months.

How Often To Change Air Filter In Your House

How Often You Should Change Your Air Filter | The Home Depot

Knowing when to change out your air filters can rely on several different factors:

  • Type of filter your A/C system requires
  • The air quality surrounding your residence
  • The number of people sharing the same air
  • External factors like roadwork or construction

The general rule of thumb is to change your air filter once a month. Here are the guidelines recommended by service experts:

  • Vacation homes or single occupant homes with no pets: Change 6-12 months
  • Average sized home with no pets: Change every 90 days
  • Average home with one pet: Change every 60 days
  • Multiple pets or allergies: Change every 30-45 days

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Factors That Determine How Long You Should Replace Your Ac Filter

How frequently should you change your filter? The answer is that it depends on various factors. Experts recommend that you change it every 30 days if yours is made from the low-cost fiberglass. If you are using the high-end pleated filters, you can change them every 6 months. However, these are only general recommendations. Let us look into the specifics:

How Often Should You Change The Air Filter In Your House

Determining the best time to change the air filter in ones home is one of the more common questions people ask their electricity company and favorite home improvement experts. Its also one of the most important factors in the size of your electricity bill and the health of your homes Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system.

In this article, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Our recommendation for the best time to change the air filter in your home
  • The most common exceptions to our recommendation
  • The top benefits youll enjoy by following our recommendation

Our goal is to help you keep your HVAC system in excellent working condition for as long as possible and to save you some money by becoming more energy-efficient.

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Outside And Indoor Air Quality

The service life and replacement cycle of your furnace filter and air conditioner are affected by outdoor and indoor air quality. If the quality is poor, you’ll need to replace and change your air filter much more frequently. And when this poor air quality circulates around your air filters, it’s more likely to cause malfunctions.

The Filters Efficiency Rating

How Often do I Need to Change Air Conditioning Filter? » Residence Style

Your AC filters MERV rating will tell you how frequently you need to change it.

The higher your filters efficiency rating, the more frequently you need to change it. An air filters ability to capture unwanted particles is measured by its MERV rating, which ranges from 1 to 20. High-efficiency air filters typically have a MERV rating of 17+, and they need frequent replacement because they collect dust, debris, and dirt particles more quickly.

How do you know what your air filters MERV rating is?

Manufacturers include the filters MERV rating on the side of the filter. The MERV rating may be abbreviated as M17 instead of MERV 17.

Follow these basic guidelines to decide when to replace your air filter based on its MERV rating:

  • 1-10 MERV Rating Filters: Change every 3 months
  • 11-16 MERV Rating Filters: Change every 1-2 months
  • 17+ MERV Rating Filters: Check every month and change if dirty

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How Often Do You Use Your System

Another point to consider is how often you run your HVAC system. In Florida, many homeowners run their system almost on a daily basis to keep the indoor temperature comfortable and to keep high humidity levels at bay. However, if you are one of the few homeowners who run the system less frequently, you may reasonably extend the time between filter changes.

For a full-time residence with more than a single occupant, its not recommended you go longer than 90 days without replacing your air conditioning filter.

If the residence is a vacation home where you dont use the system as much, you could even change the filter every few months.

If you live in Florida and run your air conditioner all day every day, you would need to change it as frequently as every 30 days. Youll want to check it at least every month to be sure its not dirty.

Why Changing Your Filter Is Important

Air filters trap pet hair, dust, and other irritating particles so that your air conditioning system delivers fresh, clean air back into your home. Eventually, the filter traps so much dust and debris that air cant properly filter or travel to the HVAC unit, leading to:

  • High energy billsWhen an HVAC filter is clogged, your system has to work harder to pull air through to cool or heat the room. This causes it to run for longer periods of time, increasing the energy your home uses.
  • Health concernsIf a filter isnt working properly, dust and allergens can circulate throughout your home and cause allergies and respiratory illnesses.
  • System failureAn HVAC system has to work hard to pull air through a clogged filter. This continuous strain on the unit can cause it to break, causing you to pay for expensive repairs or replacements.

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The Location Of Your Home

Do you live in the city or the suburbs? Perhaps somewhere in-between? Aside from keeping the temperature in your home comfortable, your HVAC system is also meant to keep your air inside clean and healthy.

Heres the deal in terms of location, you need to consider the quality of the air outside of your home. Cities have much more pollution and the suburbs have much more pollen. The somewhere in-between could mean humidity, moisture, and mold.

Regardless of the location, poor air quality will result in a shorter life span for your AC filter.

Also, if you have a vacation home that does not get used often, you wont have to change the AC filters as frequently. But, you should plan to replace them before each visit.

Who Lives In Your Household

How Often Should You Replace Your HVAC Filters? | How to replace AC filters

You should change your AC air filter every month if you have kids and pets.

Depending on who lives in your household, the recommendation for when to change your air filter varies.

For example, if you live by yourself and dont have any pets, you should be able to change your air filter every six months.

However, if you have pets and children, you should change your air filters at least once every three months.

Anyone who has a pet is familiar with the amount of fur, hair, and pet dander they can shed. And the buildup gets worse as the seasons change. Not only can shedding worsen allergy symptoms, but air filters will also clog more quickly. We recommend using a high-efficiency air filter and changing it every 2-3 months if you have a pet, and every month when the season changes. If you have more than one pet, you should change the filter every month.

Changing dirty air filters more frequently is recommended if you have a young child because theyre more sensitive to poor air quality and their immune systems are still developing.

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How To Tell When Your Hvac Air Filter Needs Changing

Any use will lead to some amount of dirt being trapped in your air filter – that’s its job, after all.So how do you know when your filter has trapped too much dirt and needs to be replaced?

There’s no strict guideline, but if your filter shows only a subtle layer of dirt under which the filter’s material is still visible, your filter is in fine working order. Once it gets much beyond that point, it’s ready to be changed out. If there’s a visible coating of dirt covering most of your filter’s surface that is adequately thick to obscure the filter material itself, that’s a sign that your filter has been in your HVAC system far too long.

Every few weeks, take out your filter and give it a look! Is there a musty odor? Is the filter covered in dust? If in doubt, it’s always best to err on the side of replacing your filter. They’re relatively inexpensive, and that small cost to keep your heating and cooling vents clear will be well worthwhile when your energy bill comes due. If it’s been a while since you’ve changed your filters, we can help you find the right size, brand, and type of HVAC air filter for your furnace and/or air conditioner.

Ready to replace your filter? and get your system back to clean efficiency!

How Often Should I Change My Hvac Air Filter

Do you know how often to change your HVAC systems air filter? There is no one set answer for all Grand Rapids area homes, as many different variables come into play affecting the service life of a furnace filter.

How often you change your homes HVAC air filter depends on how long your filter is expected to last and the different qualities of your home that impact the filter. When in doubt, call A-1 Mechanical for expert advice and indoor air quality services for your Michigan home.

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Do You Have Allergies

In Florida, you may need to change your air filters more frequently because of the presence of moisture, mold, dust, and other allergens. If you have allergies and are sensitive to contaminants in the air, then its a good idea to change your air filters every 30-45 days. This helps you and your guests and fellow house dwellers breathe and rest easy in the days to come. Cleaner air means better health for everyone at the end of the day.

Why Do Air Filters Need To Be Changed

Clear the Air

Your AC filters, furnace air filters, and HVAC filters dont just control the temperature in your home. They are responsible for clean airflow throughout every room in your house and the overall health of the air that you breathe.

What does an air filter do? The better way to phrase that question is, What doesnt an air filter do? These handy pieces of equipment trap particulates and contaminants from the air that you dont want to breathe in.

Bacteria, microorganisms, hair, animal fur, dander, metal, plastic, plaster, fibers, dust, mold, dirt, and pollen are all common airborne debris found in a typical household. But that doesnt mean you want to breathe any of that into your lungs. And thats where air filters come to the rescue. A good, functioning air filter will effectively filtrate and clean the air so clean, conditioned air can be circulated throughout your home.

One of the most important things you can do for your home is to replace your home air filters regularly. This will keep your air clean, your system intact, and your energy bill low.

So how often should you change your air filter?

There are a few factors that go into answering how often to change your HVAC filter.

In case you lose track of time and forget the last time you did an air filter change, there are a few telltale signs of dirty, ineffective filters. Heres how to tell if your air filter is bad and needs replacing:

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Factors That Impact How Often To Replace The Air Filter

The lifespan of an air filter is also impacted by the occupants of the home and the characteristics of the home itself. Because an air filter is one of the homes first lines of defense against pollutants and allergens, its important to have a feel for how your home and your actions can affect the timeline for replacing the filter.

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