How Much Does Ac Maintenance Cost

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How much does it cost to charge an air conditioner? #airconditionerrepair

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Air Conditioning Tune Up Frequency

Most ACs require cleaning and maintenance every 2-3 years. You can decrease the need for a tune up by hosing off the outdoor coil a few times during the season and when you shut off the unit for the year.

Cleaning the indoor coil and checking the drainage can also be DIY tasks. This video shows how to clear the drain trap and line.

If your unit is more than 10 years old, an annual inspection and tune up will improve its performance and longevity. Minor issues might also be uncovered, such as a slow refrigerant leak, that will prevent major failures if repaired.

Hiring A Company For Your Ac Repair

We just recommended getting a second opinion on major repairs from a company with a good reputation.

It makes even more sense to do your research before you hire the AC company.

Read their reviews. Check the BBB rating.

Another option is to use our Free Local Quotes partner. The HVAC companies in the service are local and pre-screened for experience. They are licensed and insured.

There is no cost or obligation for using the service.

Looking for tune up of furnace? Read our Furnace Tune Up Guide here.

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Why Pay For Ac Maintenance

For being a fairly inexpensive service, AC maintenance can provide you with quite a few important benefits, like:

  • Reducing monthly cooling bills- When all parts of your AC system are running smoothly, your AC will run more efficiently, which reduces the amount you spend on monthly energy bills.
  • Helping you avoid expensive repairs/replacements- While we cant promise that a tech wont find a major issue when theyre conducting a tune-up, when you have a pro maintain your AC on an annual basis, they usually catch small issues before they become large, expensive repairs/replacements. In the long run, this can save you quite a bit of money.
  • Keeping your parts warranty valid- Your parts warranty probably has a stipulation that says you must have your AC system maintained annually by a licensed professional to remain valid. Hiring a tech for a tune-up each year will satisfy this requirement.
  • Providing you with peace of mind- Having a professional take a look at your AC system is like going to the doctor every year. It gives you peace of mind knowing you dont have to worry about dealing with an AC breakdown during the middle of the summer.
  • Now that weve explored why you should invest in annual AC maintenance, lets look at the factors that will affect the cost of this service.

    Annual Ac Maintenance Costs

    How Much Energy Do AC Units Use #infographic #acenergyuse # ...

    On average, AC maintenance costs $120 to $360 per year. Cost does vary depending on the home size, the system type and the services included in the maintenance. Most annual maintenance plans cover:

    • Air filter cleaning and replacement
    • AC tune-up services twice per year
    • Same-day or priority repair services
    • Lower rates for emergency service calls
    • Discounts on repairs or parts

    For the most part, if your AC unit is no longer under warranty, having an annual maintenance plan is worth it. Regular maintenance can help prevent costly repairs down the line.

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    Regular Maintenance On The A/c

    A cars A/C needs maintenance. The most important part of the A/C is its compressor. It needs to be cleaned and lubricated regularly to ensure it functions properly. The blower motor on the unit might need cleaning too, or you can replace it if it has problems.

    Ensure that you are replacing your part with a genuine OEM unit from a reliable manufacturer such as Mitsubishi, as these parts are designed specifically for these units and will be designed for a better lifespan and performance than generic replacements.

    What Does Annual Ac Maintenance Include

    Spending a few hundred dollars on AC maintenance every year may seem pricey if you dont know what youre paying for. However, servicing your AC annually is important because it helps you avoid costly surprise repairs, reduces your energy costs, and extends the lifespan of your system.

    Heres what a typical AC tune-up includes:

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    Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance Costs

    The best way to measure maintenance costs is to look at annual maintenance expenses. Keep in mind that you should have your unit inspected once or twice per year, depending on the frequency of use and the age of the system. Lack of proper maintenance and upkeep can take as much as a decade off of the lifespan of your unit. It will also result in an increase in your energy bills, with many homeowners losing as much as five percent of the efficiency in their home.

    At the very least, you need maintenance done in the spring. This will ensure that no damage was caused over the winter and that the unit is free of debris and defects before you turn it on for the first time. It is ideal also to have maintenance done in the fall, which will include some winter prep to protect it from the elements.

    Its hard to find good help. When you do, you arent going to want to work with anyone else. Hiring a different HVAC company every season isnt going to do anyone any favors. They arent familiar with your system and they dont know what has or hasnt been done until you tell them.

    Many companies will offer discounted repair and replacement costs for maintenance memberships and some include warranties with their maintenance service to reduce repair costs between visits.


    The Refrigerant Leaks Out

    How Much Does An Air Conditioner Cost? – AC Installation

    If you want to know about the cost of fixing your cars A/C, then you have to consider how much money it will take and where the problem occurred. Apart from a broken compressor or leaky hose, the next most common cause of a breakdown in the air conditioning system in your car is when the refrigerant inside of that system leaks out.

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    Ac Condenser Fan Motor Replacement

    Replacing an AC condenser fan motor costs$200 to $700 on average if not under warranty or $100 to $300 when under warranty. Condenser fan motors typically require replacement instead of repair. Replace a faulty condenser fan motor immediately as the compressor may fail, resulting in more costly repairs.

    Reason #: To Prevent Breakdowns And Expensive Repairs

    An AC tune-up is like getting an annual physical exam from a doctor. Just like your doctor can catch health problems before they become serious, a tech can fix problems before they turn into expensive repairs.

    No one wants to be stuck with a busted AC in the middle of summer, so its better to invest in maintenance now to avoid an untimely breakdown.

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    Air Conditioning Repair Cost Estimates

    At, our writers create solutions that put you in control of your HVAC system. Our product reviews and recommendations are researched and backed by real buyers and industry experts, not dictated by our partners.

    Warm weather is here and now is the time of year where HVAC contractors are busy tending to air conditioning repairs! While we certainly hope you dont face system malfunctions this summer, they do sometimes happen.

    The sudden loss of cooling leaves many homeowners in a state of panic. Not only are you sweating it out due to the temperature, but the anticipated cost of repairs may be leaving you a bit hot under the collar.

    Dont sweat is here to share what prices to expect when it comes to air conditioning repair cost estimates. Also, learn what you can do to resolve system issues yourself and save on air conditioning repair costs.

    Cost Factor #: If You Need To Repair Or Replace Parts

    Average Cost To Service Air Conditioner : How Much Does It Cost To ...

    An annual tune-up may uncover larger problems within your AC system. These repairs can cost anywhere from $200 to $800 or more, depending on the issue.

    According to, some of the most common air conditioner problems include:

    • Refrigerant leaks: A certified technician will need to fix the leak and then charge the system with the correct amount of refrigerant. This can cost $200 to $1,500.
    • Dirty coils: Dirty coils are often caused by a lack of maintenance. The excess dirt and grime keep the AC from working properly and may also damage the compressor or fans inside the system. Replacing a condenser coil can cost $1,900 to $2,900.
    • Electric control failure: Sometimes, the compressor and fan controls can wear out if the AC turns on and off frequently. Repairing the outdoor fan motor can cost $200 to $650 and replacing a compressor can cost around $1,900.
    • Sensor problems: The thermostat sensor can sometimes get knocked out of position, which can make an AC kick on and off constantly or behave strangely. Replacing any breakers, relays or fuses can cost $75 to $290.
    • Drainage problems: If the condensate drain gets clogged, it wont drain properly. Flushing the drain line can cost $75 to $250, replacing the condensate drain tube can cost $20 and replacing the drain pump can cost $240 to $450.

    Certain factors can also increase or decrease the cost of AC repairs and replacement parts, such as:

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    Is An Ac Tune Up Service Agreement A Good Idea

    These are also called HVAC service contracts and service agreements.

    These contracts cost $135 to $325 per year and include a tune up for your entire HVAC system.

    Service agreements often include perks too such as:

    • Priority repair service: Youll go to the front of the line if your AC or furnace breaks down. This might include not paying a higher rate for service calls at night or on the weekend.
    • Discounts: Expect 5% to 15% off on repairs and parts with a contract.

    Our recommendation: An AC tune up / service contract is not a good value when the AC or HVAC system is under warranty.

    Once the warranty expires, usually in 10 years or 12 years, then a service contract can be a good value.

    Compare agreements from several HVAC companies. Evaluate their costs and what services they provide. This comparison will show which contract is the best value to you.

    Factors That Affect Air Conditioner Maintenance Costs

    Maintaining your air conditioner can involve several ongoing costs, especially if your system is old or prone to breaking. In some cases, you can aim to reduce maintenance costs by adhering to regular service requirements, enabling you to catch and resolve problems before they become expensive.

    Average AC maintenance costs depend on the following factors:

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    Cost Factor #: Whats Actually Included In The Service

    The more comprehensive the AC maintenance, the more it typically costs.

    Now, what a tech actually does when called out to maintain your air conditioner often varies from one HVAC company to another. So asking whats included in a maintenance visit is one of the most important question you should ask before you pull out the wallet.

    According to, heres what should be included in an AC check-up:

    • Check thermostat settings
    • Check air filter and replace if needed
    • Tighten electrical connections on all motors
    • Measure the voltage and current on all motors
    • Add lubrication to all moving parts
    • Inspect the condensate drain for clogs
    • Check system controls
    • Check and clean all blower components

    One of our techs cleaning out a filthy AC blower wheel during a maintenance visit.

    So, if youre not sure which company to choose for your AC check-up, ask each one what will be performed during the visit. Then, choose the one who can best match the checklist provided above.

    Useful Air Conditioning Checklist

    Air Conditioner Tune-Up & Maintenance: Top Questions Answered
    • Research the types of air conditioner unit to decide which might be best for you and your home.
    • Measure your room size to calculate the BTU output required to cool the room.
    • Speak to local air conditioner experts for professional advice and accurate costs.
    • Always shop around for fair and competitive prices for air conditioner installation.
    • When hiring a professional, always choose a tradesperson with appropriate experience and qualifications.

    Find air con installers your neighbours recommend

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    What Average Ac Maintenance Costs Can You Expect

    The cost of maintaining or repairing your air conditioner will differ depending on what issues you need to address and how bad the problems have become.

    To fix an air conditioner leak, you could be facing a price tag anywhere between $200 and $1500. A refrigerant leak repair and recharge can cost as little as $250 or as much as $750. Thermostat replacements retail from $200 to $500.

    Other AC elements that could potentially repair or replacement include:

    • Control circuit boards
    • Fuses, circuit breakers, and relays
    • Metal or plastic drain paints
    • Condensate drain line flushes
    • Condensing unit coils
    • Condenser fan motors

    To fix or replace these items, you could be looking at a low price of just $160, or you may need to splash out, paying up to $2500.

    What Does Hvac Maintenance Include

    Many HVAC companies offer regular HVAC maintenance plans with annual, bi-annual, or quarterly service visits. If you sign up for a maintenance contract, youll usually receive priority scheduling, reduced fees, and repair discounts. The company may even contact you about scheduling so you dont have to worry about it slipping your mind. Annual maintenance agreement plans have an average cost of $75$150, and bi-annual plans tend to cost $150$300.

    Heres what an HVAC technician will typically do during an annual service visit:

    • Check your blower motor, filters, belts, fins, refrigerant levels, and safety controls
    • Test thermostat and carbon monoxide levels
    • Adjust fins and belts
    • Tighten electrical connections

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    Air Conditioning Maintenance Costs

    In order to avoid expensive air conditioning repairs, its important to schedule professional air conditioning maintenance every year, preferably in early spring.

    This professional HVAC tune-up will make sure that your air conditioner is performing at its optimal state for lower energy bills and reduced repairs.

    Preventative maintenance is essential for keeping your manufacturer warranty intact and improving the performance, efficiency, and lifespan of your cooling system.

    All HVAC systems should be tune-up annually by a certified HVAC contractor.

    On average, you can expect to pay around $70-$120 for a professional AC tune-up. For added savings, follow your local HVAC contractor on social media for seasonal discounts. You can also call the office to see if they have any current coupons or special offers.

    Do NOT make the decision based on price alone! Find out what is included in the AC tune-up and research the company first before scheduling service. Learn whats included in a professional AC tune-up from Service Champions.

    If you really want to save money on HVAC maintenance, repair, and replacements, make sure you sign up for a HVAC Maintenance Plan, also known as a home or preventative maintenance agreements . Normally, these HVAC maintenance plans include both a furnace and air conditioning tune-up, as well as priority service and discounts on repairs and replacements.

    Check out our HVAC Maintenance Value Plan . We challenge you to find a plan with more value.

    Ac Evaporator And Coil Cleaning Cost

    How much does a Window Air Conditioning Unit Cost per Month?

    The price of AC condenser or evaporator coil cleaning is $100 to $400. The evaporator coil is located in the unit inside the home. Its job is to cool the heat from the indoor air. The second coil is the condenser coil, which is inside the outdoor unit. The condenser coil moves energy in and out of the home. Both these coils are vital to the operation and efficiency of your system. When they become clogged with dirt or debris, it lowers the output of the system or even causes it to break down. Some HVAC companies include this service during their maintenance visit without additional charge. You should inquire with your HVAC company to determine their policy.

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    Ac Thermostat Replacement Cost

    Replacing a runs between $100 and $600. There are many AC thermostats, from basic manual models to more advanced programmable electronic models and smart thermostats ranging from $200 to $500 with various smart features like voice control and Wi-Fi connectivity. Thermostat replacement can be a common occurrence both during maintenance of an AC unit or the repair process. Thermostats can break, which can fail to signal the system properly, causing it not to respond when needed.

    Air Conditioning Replacement Costs

    The cost of replacing your HVAC system is a whole other blog.

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    Contact Service Champion for friendly Diamond Certified HVAC technicians in the East Bay and South Bay areas.

    When it comes time to pay for an air conditioning maintenance or repair, homeowners are often confused and overwhelmed.

    Were here to help you clear up the process and help you make more informed HVAC purchase decisions.

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