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Geothermal Heat Pump System

$1500 Heat Pump Water Heater – Worth it?

In principle, a geothermal heat pump functions like a conventional heat pump, by using high-pressure refrigerant to capture and move heat between indoors and out. The difference is that conventional systems gather their heatand get rid of itthrough the outside air. Geothermal systems, in contrast, transfer heat through long loops of liquid-filled pipe buried in the ground.

Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work In Winter

Air source heat pumps harvest heat from the ambient air. So, if the ambient air temperature drops too much, for instance in winter, air source heat pumps may take longer to heat up the water to the desired hot water temperature.

Usually, the minimum ambient air temperature air source heat pumps can work is about -25°C. Beyond that, air source heat pumps may stop producing hot water entirely.

Heat Pump Water Heaters Vs Tankless

Many people that consider heat pump water heaters also look at tankless water heaters . Thats because both are more energy efficient than conventional gas and electric water heaters. Therefore both lead to savings over the long run.

So how do heat pump hybrid water heaters compare to tankless water heaters?

More immediate capacity

The best heat pump water heaters on the market offer much more immediately hot water capacity than tankless water heaters.

Lets say you and your family get home from a camping trip or a soccer game and everyone wants to shower at once.

If you have a heat pump water heater, no problem. The Rheem 50 gallon water heater for example can give you 4 back to back showers.

But if you bought a low GPM tankless water heater your family will likely run into problems when three of you go to shower at once.

There are tankless water heaters that offer as much as 10 GPMs, but they start to get pricey. So if you need a lot of hot water at once, the heat pump water heater is the way to go.

Lower carbon footprint

While tankless water heaters are more energy efficient than conventional gas and electric water heaters, they still cant beat hybrid water heaters.

The average heat pump water heater emits about half as much CO2 compared to on-demand water heaters . Why? Heat pump water heaters move heat whereas on-demand tankless water heaters generate heat.

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What Incentives Are Available For Residential Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Today, there are also many hot water incentives available to help fund the cost of a residential heat pump. This helps bring the initial investment down to make a heat pump more affordable. Unlike standard hot water tanks , heat pumps qualify for rebates that will pay them for themselves. Make sure you know how big a rebate your new system qualifies for before agreeing to installation. Your installer can give you an exact number here.

Fuel Type Price And Availability

A.O. Smith Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater Installed in Delray Beach ...

In order to make heat pumps work in all climates, some systems will come boosted, which means that they are hooked up to an additional fuel source. Throughout Australia, the two most common types of boosts are gas and electric.

Whereas you are most likely interested in installing a heat pump to lower your dependence on utility provided energy, you may need to blend the two resources together for the best solution. If you are deciding between an electric or gas boosted heat pump, be sure to collect all of the information you can about these two options. You should take into consideration many things including price of the fuel, the estimated amount of fuel for annual usage, and the fuels future expected cost and availability.

For the greenest and most sustainable solution, some Australians choose to fuel their heat pumps boost with sustainable electricity from a solar or wind power source. These energies are the best available fuels for heat pumps in remote, off-grid locations.

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Rheem 84 Gpm 180000 Btu 120 Volt Natural Gas Whole House Outdoor Tankless Water Heater


  • EcoNet is the Brains of Rheem Smart Air and Water Products, using the latest in sensor technology, the EcoNet® Smart Monitoring System offers a new level of protection, comfort and energy savings
  • Flow rate range from 0.26 GPM minimum to 8.4 GPM maximum flow rate
  • Temperature varies from 80°F minimum to 140°F maximum temperature, preset at 120°F from the factory
  • Electronic ignition requires 200 watts, and provides reliable ignition for many years
  • Constructed from copper and stainless steel for rugged durability
  • Energy Star qualified product
  • Covered under 12 year heat exchanger, 5 year parts, and 1 year labor manuafacturer warranties

Product Technologies:

  • Guardian OFW: Overheat film wrap prevents dangerous temperatures and provides industry best side-to-side clearance of 1/2 inch.
  • Hot Start Programming: Minimizes cold water bursts by staying in ready-fire state for back-to-back hot water needs.


Stiebel Eltron Accelera 300 Acc300 Best 80

Stiebel Eltron is one of the popular brands, manufacturing heat pump water heaters in Germany for over 30 years.

Stiebel ACC300 is an 80-gallon capacity electric water heater. It provides 50 gallons of uninterrupted hot water before you activate its built-in backup heating element. This is sufficient for maximum five users to take a shower of 10 minutes.

Accelera 300 is a versatile unit that you can use in both warmer and colder areas. Thanks to its compressor motor and fan.

It can draw warmth from the outside air and pumps cool air into your home in a warmer climate. Thus it helps cool down the room, much like an air conditioner.

On the other hand, in a cooler climate, you can install it in your basement. As a result, itll help you by performing the duties of a dehumidifier.

It is a great unit that runs on either 208 or 240 volts. For every 1-watt used, this water heater produces the same amount of 35-watt of hot water.

What is stunning about this unit is its ultra-efficiency for energy savings. Reportedly, it saves you as much as 80% on your utility bills. Amazingly, in the heat pump mode, it uses less energy even than a toaster.

Youll also appreciate its super-quiet operation. The unit is sound-deadening insulated at the top and bottom for noiseless operation. This feature makes it perfect for placing it nearly anywhere in your home.


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Can I Get Utility Rebates Or Tax Incentives For My Heat Pump Water Heater

Yes! The federal government offers a federal tax credit for Energy Star appliances that are energy efficient.

Electric powered heat pump water heaters, and air source heat pumps that are Energy Star-certified and meet tax credit criteria can receive up to a $300 tax credit.

The Energy Starrebate finder is a search base to help you find rebates applicable to your appliances.

Enter your ZIP code and choose the appliance youre looking for, and Energy Star will present you with available rebates and guide you to the forms needed to apply for a tax credit.

Also, be sure to find out if your local government or utility company offers incentives or discounts, too.

Cost Of A Hybrid Water Heater

Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters are the future

One problem with hybrids is their initial cost. You can buy a traditional 50-gallon electric water heater for around $500, whereas a 50-gallon hybrid water heater might cost $1,500 or more. The good news is that state-sponsored rebates and federal tax incentives may be available to help lower the cost. You can find which products have Energy-Star ratings and rebates/incentives here.

Youll also save money because the appliance will pay for itself in energy savings over a relatively short period of time. According to, the annual average cost to operate a 50-gallon conventional electric water heater is $436. The annual average cost to operate a 50-gallon hybrid water heater is $122, so in three years the typical household will have saved nearly $1,000 in electric bills.

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The Upfront Price And Expected Payback Period

As stated above, the starting price of a heat pump system may be enough to deter unsure homeowners. However, it is very important to put the price of your system into relative terms in comparison to what you are currently paying to have your hot water heated. Depending on your location, a typical home in Australia will heat its water with either electricity or natural gas.

In some parts of the country, these resources can be extremely expensive, with higher priced tiers costing heavy users hundred of dollars per year on their utility expenses. With a heat pump hot water heater, your dependence on the local utility diminishes, so that you become free and unaffected by future rate changes.

What is crucial to understand here is that you are already paying to have your hot water heated. By running a calculation of your homes future energy costs versus the expected lifetime of your hot water heater, you are likely to determine that installing a heat pump system may provide you with the best overall long-term economic advantage.

How Long Does An Air Source Heat Pump Takes To Heat Water

How long an air source heat pump takes to heat water to a desired hot water temperature depends on several factors as follow:

  • The higher the desired hot water temperature, the longer it takes.
  • The lower the house’s cold water temperature, the longer it takes.
  • The bigger the hot water tank , the longer it takes.
  • The greater the air source heat pump water heating capacity, the faster it takes.

For instance, if you have a large hot water tank, it’ll take an air source heat pump longer to heat all of the water inside the tank to 60°C. Also, if the air source heat pump heating capacity is lower, it’ll take longer to heat up the water too.

Nonetheless, as a rule of thumb, 1 kW of air source heat pump water heating capacity produces 26 litres of hot water in an hour given that the cold and hot water temperatures are 27°C and 60°C respectively.

Assuming that an air source heat pump has a water heating capacity of 10 kW, it can produce 260 litres of hot water in an hour. So, if you have a 100-litre hot water tank, the air source heat pump needs 23 minutes to heat all of the water inside the tank from 27°C to 60°C.

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Why Is A Heat Pump More Efficient Than Electric Or Gas Water Heating

Normal heating methods use energy such as electricity or gas to directly heat the water. This can never be greater than 100 percent efficient. A heat pump only uses electrical energy to run the compressor, not to heat the water. The heat energy actually comes from the atmosphere. This allows an efficiency of up to 350 percent or more.

Geothermal Heat Pump: How It Works

Bosch Compress 3000 Heat Pump 270Litre

Learn how a geothermal heat pump system works, how cost-efficient it can be, as well as other advantages.

Given all the attention being paid to solar power these days, you might be surprised to learn that one of the most promising solutions to high energy costs isn’t up in the sky but buried deep under your lawn.

Read on to understand how geothermal heat pumps work, how much they cost and if theyre a smart investment.

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Do Air Source Heat Pumps Heat And Provide Hot Water

Air source heat pumps are known to be efficient. However, some people are not familiar with air source heat pumps and thus, they wonder do air source heat pumps heat water? So, I decided to provide answers.

Air source heat pumps do heat water and thus, they provide hot water. Air source heat pumps harvest heat from the ambient air and heat the water repeatedly through multiple cycles until it reaches the desired hot water temperature.

Using an air source heat pump to heat water is quite different from a traditional water heater and boiler. So, it is important to understand how it actually works.

Is A Hybrid Water Heater Worth It

When determining the answer to this question, you must understand the goals that you wish to obtain. Short term, you will be spending more money on a hybrid system than a typical water heater. But the money you save in operational costs will greatly outweigh the upfront costs in just a few years. If you plan to stay in your home for a long time, I strongly believe it is worth it!

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Why Do People Love Heat Pump Systems

Heat pumps are simply one of the most efficient and economical water heaters available, and the cheapest hot water systems to install. What does this mean for you?

Save Money. Youll save up to hundreds of dollars a year on energy, compared with a standard electric system.

Not Dependent on The Sun. As opposed to solar hot water heaters, heat pumps are efficient and can work 24 hours a day, extracting heat from the ambient air, so youll always have lots of hot water. No, it doesnt run ALL the time- only when it needs to heat water. -).

Easy Installation. Your heat pump is a breeze to connect. Theres nothing to go on the roof. If youre replacing an existing electric hot water system, the connections are the same. Some models, such as the Stiebel Eltron, only require a standard powerpoint connection.

Reduce Greenhouse Emissions. Compared with a standard electric hot water system,heat pump hot water systems will save the verge family 4 tonnes or more of greenhouse gas emissions from your home.

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters Vs Gas Water Heaters

How to Add a Heat Pump to a Water Heater | Ask This Old House

Charlie Hardcastle

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. This means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for made purchases.

Water heaters are vital to your household. Theres no way for you to do chores, maintain your hygiene, or live comfortably without one in your house.

But when you get a new water heater, you may be wondering just what the best type of water heater would work for you and your familys needs.

Each type of water heater has its pros and cons. In this article, we will be looking at gas water heaters and hybrid water heaters .

To help you decide, we will also be explaining what these water heaters are and how they work. While one may be more efficient than the other, and one may be cheaper, there is more to consider than these two options.

To begin this article, well be explaining what a hybrid water heater is and how does it work?

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Suitable Conditions For Heat Pumps

These systems can be used throughout Victoria, but they will operate more efficiently and heat the water more quickly when the outside air temperature is higher.

There are no energy rating labels for heat-pump hot water systems. There are two schemes that require them to be tested for efficiency: the Small-scale Technology Certificate scheme and the Victorian Energy Upgrades scheme.

Geothermal Heating And Cooling

As our cave-dwelling ancestors discovered long ago, if you go far enough underground, the earth’s temperature stays at a constant 50 degrees or so, no matter how hot or cold it gets outside. So while a conventional “air-source” heat pump struggles to scavenge heat from freezing winter air or to dump it into the summer swelter, its “ground-source” counterpart has the comparatively easy job of extracting and disbursing heat through the 50-degree liquid circulating in its ground loop.

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How To Extend Your Heaters Life Span

When youre spending large sums of money on a water heater, its in your best interest to take the steps necessary to extend that heaters life cycle for as long as possible to avoid purchasing a new one.

  • Invest in a quality heater. The best way to ensure you get your moneys worth out of your water heater is to invest in a quality one. If you seek out the cheapest water heater on the market, the chances are that you will get what you pay for and end up needing to purchase a new one before you would normally.
  • Get your heater serviced regularly. As with any home appliance, you should aim to get your heater serviced regularly. These heaters should be serviced by a plumbing professional at least once a year. This is to ensure the longevity of your heater and the quality of your hot water. Goodbee Plumbing offers many different services for all of your plumbing needs.

What Is A Gas Water Heater

China X9 WiFi Control Heat Pump Hot Water, Hybrid Water Heater

A gas water heater works through convection. The cold water at the bottom of the tank is heated by a gas burner which is located just below the sealed tank.

As the waters temperature gets warmer, it rises in the tank, and the discharge pipe then draws it to where you need hot water in your house. Gas water heaters only use gas and require no electricity to operate.

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Coordinating Public Policy And Private Industry

However, none of this guarantees that a multiyear investment in designing, manufacturing and marketing a brand-new product line will pay off for manufacturers.

This technology, like any emerging technology, was experiencing this chicken-and-egg problem, Khanolkar said. Without a real product, the utilities would not provide incentives to cover the extra upfront cost for heat pump water heaters compared to gas-fueled versions. And without the demand generated by incentives, manufacturers would not fully invest in the product.

Thats why the Building Decarbonization Coalition chose to engage early in 2018 with Rheem and other water heater makers on getting prepared for Californias electrification policy push, Bartholomy said. They saw that there were the right people at the table who were going to ensure that the policy changes would be made and that the program would be deployed in a way that would ensure the demand would be there for them.

Californias ongoing policy actions helped keep up the confidenceto stick with the project, he added. Those policies included heat pump incentive programs aimed at contractors as well as homeowners, along with a statewide building code that set heat pump water heaters as the standard for efficiency.

Manufacturers typically operate on five-year cycles, he said. How can you build trust and act on the market and policy changes that are necessary to give them confidence to move forward?

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