Hot Water Baseboard Heater Covers

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Ordering And Fitting Revital/line/line Replacement Covers

Baseboard Heater Cover Installation

Revital/Line will cover any residential hydronic baseboard up to 8.5 in height and 3 deep. Available in lengths from 2 to 8 feet, including 3.5 feet. The telescoping accessories and filler sleeves in 4 sizes allows for any size wall to be fitted with new covers. , looking professional with no tools required.

When deciding what length to order, dont forget to measure carefully the back panel already on the wall from end-to-end and then from the floor to the top. Measure twice, purchase once! For a complete measuring guide check . Scroll down and check out the detailed measuring guide on the installation instruction tab.

Installing your new Covers is simple. Remove the old front panel by unhooking it from the bracket and remove the damper . Then, slip the new baseboard directly over the old back panel. Filler sleeves are available for a neat finish if more than one Cover is used, or to fill in spaces. End Plates, End Caps or Filler Sleeves will provide a perfect, smooth finish. Full instructions are provided on the Slant Fin website.

To order your Covers, just go to the Slant/Fin Revital/Line Buy Now page and click on to the Amazon page. or, choose a local distributor in your area.

Now that Slant Fin has the solution for brand-new looking baseboard heaters, what are you waiting for? Order yours today!

How To Replace Baseboard Heater Covers Step By Step

  • Slide wood shims behind the back plate of the baseboard heater.
  • Use reciprocating saw to cut nails or screws holding back plate to wall.
  • Pull the adjustable damper from the hangers, and discard.
  • Prop up heating element, then use slotted screwdriver to pry the back plate from the hangers.
  • Slip the back plate out from behind the finned heating element, and discard.
  • Vacuum the heating element clean off all dust and dirt.
  • Slide new hangers behind heating element.
  • Slip the new back plate behind the heating element.
  • Snap hangers into the back plate.
  • Screw the back plate to wall studs with 1 1/4-inch drywall screws.
  • Attach the damper to the new back plate.
  • Slide on the end caps, flip up the flaps.
  • Snap the front cover onto the hangers close end-cap flaps.
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    How We Installed The Larger Baseboard Covers In The Kitchen

    Our kitchen baseboards are significantly longer, running along two walls in an “L” shape. For this project, I ordered two 6-foot panels, a 5-foot panel, a coupler to cover the gap where two panels meet, an inside corner cover, and two end caps. Total cost: $440.

    This time around, my partner used a jigsaw to trim the panels. Having observed this, I recommend the shears method, which a beginner can safely and easily accomplish without the need for power tools. The kitchen took us 45 minutes from start to finish.

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    Getting Neatheat In Your Home

    Enter NeatHeat baseboard covers, which can make any ugly baseboard heater look new with a snap. With NeatHeat covers, you get a composite polymer with titanium dioxide that will not rust, chip, dent, fade, or show scratches easily due to its continuous white color.

    That means these covers will not look bad over time or show any problems, and they are also made of a polymer so they arent dangerous for smaller children to be around. The covers are also easily paintable, and since they are so easy to install and uninstall, that means painting them can be a ten minute job.

    NeatHeat parts are simple to install and almost instantly snap on, saving you time and money while giving you a permanent way to deal with your atrocious baseboard. With NeatHeat, you can get the best possible hot water baseboard covers replacement at a far better rate.

    Plus, NeatHeat covers act as an insulator, meaning they provide heat in the form of convection rather than absorbing heat and providing conduction, which is an effective way to provide heat throughout your home. To learn more about getting a good hot water baseboard covers replacement through NeatHeat, .

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    Hot Water Baseboard Heaters

    Custom Baseboard Heater Covers

    Hot water is used as an energy-transporting medium to heat homes in many cold climates around the world today. When heated water runs through finned tube element installed where the wall and floor intersect, it’s called hot water baseboard heating, or hydronic baseboard. Let’s take a look at hot water baseboard heaters and their particular renovation needs and unique features.

    The Basics

    First thing these aren’t electric baseboard heaters. Unlike the all-in-one electric baseboard heaters that just plug in, hydronic heating is a system of various components that, like the proverbial iceberg, reveal little in plain sight. The process starts with a boiler that brings water to a temperature of around 180F. A circulation pump then moves this water in a pressurized closed loop of copper or PEX piping to various emitter locations around the house. While most of this heating system runs through floor joists and wall studs, the only part a homeowner should even think about renovating DIY style is the exposed covers that protect the delicate aluminum fins. Everything else in a hydronic heating system should only be maintained and serviced by a qualified heating technician. The graphic above shows a typical hydronic baseboard heating system. The focus of this post will be on the emitting device, aka the baseboard heater.

    Form, Function and the Funk
    The On/Off Switch
    DIY Maintenance
    Heaters as Attractive Architectural Details

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    How To Fix Your Baseboard Permanently

    Fixing baseboard parts is not as easy as youd think, as they get rusty, dusty, and dented and scratched from people constantly bumping into them. After all, they are on the floors by the walls so they are very easy to miss and get bumped into and damaged.

    The deal killer is almost always the rust the baseboard heaters are metal and because they absorb so much heat, they oxidize incredibly fast. Homeowners preparing for the winter will end up spending a weekend renovating their baseboard, only to have them get rusty and disgusting throughout the winter season.

    Homeowners dont want to waste their time accomplishing renovations that arent going to last them a long time, which is why a hot water baseboard cover is such a better option. With a baseboard cover, you can save yourself time and money with a much better looking renovation that is easier to maintain over time.

    What Kind Of Heating System Do You Have

    Before we get started, youll need to figure out what kind of heating system you have. Baseboard radiators come in two types, electric and forced hot water, and the radiators used with both systems look very similar. If youre not sure what kind of heating system you have, go to the source. If your home has an oil or gas-fired boiler, usually located in the basement, you have a forced hot water heating system.

    If there are separate circuits for radiators or heaters in your homes breaker panel or fuse box, you have an electric heating system. If you have an electric system, make sure to turn off power to the radiators at the breaker panel or fuse box before doing anything else.

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    How We Installed The Baseboard Cover In The Bathroom

    I ordered a 5-foot long cover and two end caps for $135 with free shipping from The Home Depot. Since our existing bathroom baseboard is a little under 5 feet, my partner cut a small portion of the end using a hacksaw. You can also use shears.

    One person can easily install these themselves. The process was simple, and Baseboarders has an easy-to-follow instructional video. We removed the existing front cover and the end caps. Then we clicked the new cover over the existing back panel and secured the end caps. All in all, this took 20 minutes.

    Why Should You Get Hot Water Baseboard Covers Replacement

    Installing Baseboarders DIY Baseboard Heater Covers

    There has to be a better way to deal with your baseboard, which is why many home owners try to find the right hot water baseboard covers replacement to use in their building.

    A cover can detract from the bad look of the baseboard, keep it safe, and actually add to the look of any room while getting rid of the look of ugly baseboard heaters. However, you want the right baseboard covers not just any hot water baseboard covers replacement will do for a home.

    You want a cover thats easy to install no matter what so you can do it yourself and you can take off the covers whenever you want to clean or paint them. Your cover should also be designed in such a way that it lasts longer, doesnt detract from the heat flow in the house, and has a modern, fresh look to it.

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    How Much Money And Time We Saved

    You’ll definitely need more tools , skill, and time to remove and install traditional covers. Baseboarders provides a cost comparison, showing a savings of approximately $2.67 per linear square foot.

    If you’re DIYing a 2,000-square-foot home, Baseboarders covers likely amount to a few hundred dollars in savings and five fewer hours for install time, depending on your skill level. Hiring someone to install new covers will cost significantly more.

    Looking For The Cheapest Way To Replace Baseboard Heat Covers

    If you’ve set out to find the cheapest option for renovating your old rusty baseboard heaters you might want to consider the costs first.

    There has been a change in how old baseboard heaters are decoratively rejuvenated. Perfectly functional, yet ugly baseboard radiators are everywhere. Their reputation is undisputed. But it should be made clear that the design of hot water baseboard is so good that finned tube element from the Truman era continues to still put out reliable heat year after year. While the three decades following the end of WWII marked a boom era for so called perimeter heat folks nowadays are seeking out low cost ways to restore these covers and bring their style up to date.

    So where are the deep discounts on baseboard heater covers? Let’s consider the options.

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    Our Review Of Baseboarders Baseboard Heater Covers

    The panels are made from low-gloss powder-coated galvanized steel. I opted for the Basic Series, which I stumbled upon on The Home Depot website. The design consists of clean straight lines and small holes along the top half that allow heat to pass through. Covers are sold in 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-foot lengths.

    There are also the Premium, Elliptus, and Commercial series baseboard covers. The Home Depot and Lowe’s offer only the Basic and Premium covers in white, but if you purchase directly from Baseboarders, you can choose from white, black, bronze, or gray and free custom cuts.

    The Benefits Of Revital/line Replacement Covers


    The Covers are available in a variety of colors and are often stocked in Brite Wite, as well as eight other colors, to suit all interior décors. Made from recycled aluminum, the Covers are powder-coated for a durable, rust-proof, enamel-like finish which will transform your whole room.

    The best part is, not only do the Covers look great, they are cost-effective and efficient. In lab tests, the Covers allowed for up to 40 percent more heat than the leading replacement covers currently on the market. This means, you get great looking Covers that let your baseboard heaters do the job they are supposed to do: heat your room.

    Revital/Line Covers fit over 90 percent of all standard residential hydronic baseboard installed in homes today. They cannot be used on electric baseboards.

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    One Heater Cover Fits All

    veil baseboard heater covers fits both hydronic and electric baseboard heaters

    Measure from the floor to the top of the existing back plate. It should be between 7.5 and 9

    Measure from the bottom of heating element to the top of the existing back plate. It should be between 5 and 6 3/4

    Measure from the back plate to the front of the front of the heating element. It should be less than 3 1/8

    veil baseboard heater covers fit 95% of all baseboard heaters on the market. Whether your baseboard heater is electric or hydronic, all you have to do to make sure that Titan heater cover fits your baseboard heater, is to check the measurements explained above. The aluminum in veil baseboard heater covers ensures maximum heat efficiency . No matter what the inner workings of your baseboard heater are, we’ve got you covered.

    Titan Is A Great Choice

    Designed to create form over function.

    If there is anything we at veil claim to be experts on, it is baseboard heater covers. We spent over a year designing and creating TITAN and TITAN accessories. If you happen to face any issue or have any concerns about TITAN, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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    Getting Neatheats Hot Water Baseboard Cover

    A hot water baseboard cover from NeatHeat is the perfect renovation option because NeatHeats covers are made of a composite polymer, which means that, unlike baseboard heaters, they do not rust, chip, or dent. Plus, with their continuous white color, they do not easily show scratches of course, you can still repaint the covers if you want.

    All youve got to do is spray paint them a polymer based spray paint found at your average hardware store. The covers from NeatHeat have been designed slightly different from a polymer to make sure they do not melt or offset heat well below the operating temperatures of the home.

    In addition, they have been modified to not yellow or fade in color over time, making them essentially the longest lasting renovation you can get for baseboard. A hot water baseboard cover from NeatHeat is also incredibly easy to clean, you just pop them off and use household products to get the job done.

    NeatHeats covers are the best renovation you can possibly get for your home, and they save you quite a bit of time and money in the long run. To learn more about using NeatHeats hot water baseboard cover, .

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    How A Hot Water Baseboard Cover Can Improve Your House

    Upgrade Your Baseboard Heaters with Neatheat Baseboard Heater Covers

    Any room in the house can be improved with a hot water baseboard cover, but which heater covers should you get?

    When the winter begins to set in, homeowners everywhere aim to get all of their housework done before the cold weather arrives full force. With such limited time to accomplish renovations in the home, a homeowner needs to be efficient and not waste too much time getting work done.

    After all, if you can avoid hiring someone else to accomplish a renovation and can still pull it off efficiently, you should absolutely do it. However, there are some renovations that are a complete waste of your time and money, preventing you from being able to accomplish other necessary tasks to improve your home.

    Baseboard heaters are a prime example of this because whether you do the work yourself or pay someone else to do it, a lot of work is done on something that isnt going to last long. Homeowners always struggle with the baseboard because in order to fix it, youve got to take apart every piece on every strip of baseboard in the home, fix up all of the parts, and put it all back together again.

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    Cover Luxe & Haydon Baseboard Covers

    Update the look and feel of your home with these affordable products from Cover Luxe and Haydon. Find durable and long lasting baseboard replacement covers for your hot water baseboard heaters. Rust-proof and easy to install, these baseboard covers are exactly what you have been waiting for. Hot water baseboard heating systems offer many advantages over other home heating methods. You want to keep them looking their best and these covers are a great way to do just that. Additional information and product options listed below.

    About Cover Luxe Better Baseboard Covers

    Cover Luxe The Better Baseboard Cover by PLASTX is made of a highly durable patented composite that wont rust, chip, or dent.



    Never replace an old, rusty baseboard cover again. Our covers withstand moisture and never rust or fade, year after year. looking as good as the day you installed them.


    Our patented composite material is strong, durable, and withstands drops and impacts beautifully. No scratches or dings like old, metal baseboard covers.

    Energy Efficient

    With clean lines and optimized vents directed at just the right angle, Cover Luxe Better Baseboard Covers maximize heating efficiency while blending in with your home decor.

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    Getting The Right Hot Water Baseboard Covers Replacement

    How can a good hot water baseboard covers replacement improve the quality of any room?

    Whether youre making sure your home looks nice for company or cleaning up the office for customers, one of the more common issues to deal with is the baseboard. Any residence owner with baseboard will tell you how frustrating it is to deal with their baseboard, mainly because it almost always looks ugly.

    Baseboard is constantly grimy, rusty, dented, scratched, and many baseboards in homes are even missing pieces and leaving dangerous parts exposed. Theyre not kid-friendly and do not add to the appeal of your home, and fixing them up is incredibly frustrating.

    Even a gasfitter will tell you how much of a pain it is to clean, paint, or replace your baseboard system, which is why doing it yourself is so frustrating. Youve got to take the time to take apart all of the plates and unscrew pieces off the wall just to get to the parts you want to fix up, and thats just for one wall.

    Chances are theres baseboard all over the home, so youve got to do this for every wall in every room with baseboard. Plus, cleaning them and painting them is a hassle, and theres no easy way to get old baseboard looking good again.

    You can pay all of that money to replace the parts, but no matter what you do, the renovations wont last long. Within a year or two, your baseboard will start getting dented, scratched, and disgusting again.

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