Goodman 3 Ton Ac Unit With Coil

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Goodman 3 Ton 16 Seer Air Conditioner Condenser Gsx16s361 R410a

HVAC: Goodman Evap Coil Replacement

California, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada will receive GSX16A-0xxx when shipped.

Standard Features Fully charged for 15 of tubing length Copper tube/aluminum fin coil Service valves with sweat connections and easy-to-access gauge ports Contactor with lug connection

Heavy-gauge galvanized-steel cabinet with a louvered sound control top Attractive Architectural Gray powder-paint finish with 500-hour salt-spray approval Wire fan discharge grille Single-panel access to controls with space provided for field-installed accessories When properly anchored, meets the 2010 Florida Building Code unit integrity requirements for hurricane-type winds

Why We Like It Goodman 3 Ton Ac Unit

The Goodman 3 Ton AC Unit, specifically the GSX16, is a mid-range air conditioner available to those on a budget, who are looking for their first air conditioner, or who are looking to spend less money upfront. The 16 SEER Rating also falls between the 14-16 guideline recommended for homeowners which is always nice.

  • No Factory-Designated Installers

What Is The Best Temperature For Your Belongings

While our first thought when cooling our house is our family members, our belongings can become damaged if they get too hot. If you have significant family photographs, documents and prints, the National Archives recommends storing them in cool places below 75 degrees. This helps protect them from chemical decay and fading.

For your electronics, try to prevent them from overheating. Components can suffer if exposed to more extreme temperatures, so keep them in moderate conditions. Laptops are built to function between 50 and 95 degrees, but room temperature around 68-74 degrees is best for keeping them in working order.

Most belongings can handle the same indoor temperatures you can, so don’t worry too much about your belongings during the summer. If you think it’s getting too hot in your house for your belongings, move them to a cool, dark space for protection.

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What Happens When Your Ac Has Too Much Refrigerant

But what’s wrong with too much refrigerant? Why is that an issue for your air conditioner?

Too much refrigerant can lead to several problems with your AC system. These issues might start as minor annoyances but can quickly lead to damages, poor AC efficiency and even significant repairs or replacements. The longer an overcharged AC goes unnoticed, the more extensive the damage will become, and the more expensive repairs will be.

The primary problem with an overcharged air conditioner is interference with the refrigerant cycle itself. Excess refrigerant in the system means the refrigerant can’t properly convert between its liquid and gaseous forms. More refrigerant will remain a liquid, affecting the home’s cooling and the system’s efficiency. Additionally, increased refrigerant remaining in its liquid state means excess pressure inside the AC system, causing the AC system to work harder.

The harder the air conditioner has to work, the less efficient it will be and the more energy it will use to maintain the climate in your home. The more the AC works, the most expensive your energy bills will be. This strain on the system can lead to the compressor burning out if left unresolved.

Overcharging can cause serious problems for your AC system. You might even have to replace your air conditioner if you don’t catch problems early enough, leaving you with expensive repair costs.

What Is The Best Temperature For Babies

Goodman 3 Ton 14.5 Seer Air Conditioning System with Upflow/Downflow ...

Neonatal intensive care unit standards keep newborn rooms between 72 and 78 degrees to regulate infant temperatures. Since babies aren’t as good at regulating their body temperatures, you’ll want to keep their rooms at a comfortably warm level.

For babies and toddlers, 65 to 70 degrees is a good level to keep their rooms at. If you are unsure of exactly what temperature to set, aim for something slightly warmer and ensure it’s a level you would be comfortable wearing a T-shirt in.

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Let Us Help You At Iwae

Do you have any ongoing AC issues and you’re just ready to experience the comfort of a new system? Let us help you find an air conditioning system that’s perfect for you today!

Many people think 72 degrees is a suitable temperature for summer air conditioning, but it’s actually too low to help you save money. For your home, 78 degrees is the best temperature in the summer since it’s cool enough that you aren’t overheating but close enough to hotter outdoor temperatures that your AC doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain it. The closer the indoor temperature is to outdoor conditions, the lower your energy bill.

What Is The Best Temperature For Sleeping

For nighttime, you want the temperature to be lower. The National Sleep Foundation recommends setting your AC between 60 and 67 degrees to get the best sleep. Your body cools down as you fall asleep, so sleeping in a cool room helps you get to sleep better. Since the temperature cools down at night, you can lower your AC without increasing your energy bill too much the system won’t have to use as much energy to achieve the cooler temperature, and you’ll sleep better when you aren’t hot.

If you can sleep with the AC set higher at night, leave the temperature above 70. Use fans, open windows, thin pajamas and light sheets to help you stay cool while you’re sleeping. Summer nights are much cooler than days, so take advantage and let night air flow through your house with open windows for a natural alternative to using the AC.

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Ac Handler In A Crawl Space

Air handlers to fit a crawl space cost $500 to $2,200, depending on the type. Homeowners may have a limited selection tied to the actual dimensions of the unit. Some manufacturers sell air handlers specifically designed for placement in this location.

Check out your crawl space for possible problems before you schedule service. If the installer notices a rodent infestation, they may ask you to pay the price to hire an exterminator, which runs about $320.

Change The Ceiling Fan Direction

Goodman Evaporator Coil Changeout

Along with the smaller box, desk or oscillating fans, ceiling fans are perfect for getting a gentle breeze. They work great and send out lots of air so you don’t feel the summer heat. In summer, always make sure fans are spinning counterclockwise. This direction pushes the cool air down, blowing it onto you instead of pulling it up. Ceiling fans will help you feel cooler without using the AC unit.

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Get A Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are a convenient way to help reduce energy costs. Installing a programmable thermostat allows you to set a schedule, setting different temperatures at different times. With a programmable unit, you don’t have to remember to change the thermostat when you leave or come back home. The system will do it automatically based on the schedule you’ve set for each day.

Setting a schedule and letting the house stay warmer will help cut energy costs at the push of a button. You can set different schedules for specific days, allowing you to keep the house cool all weekend when you’re home and letting the house warm up during the day while you’re at work. Look at installing energy-efficient thermostats or AC systems and potentially receiving energy rebates, saving even more.

Hydronic Air Handler Prices

Hydronic or chilled water air handler prices range from $600 to $3,500. The price relates heavily to size, and these often run 4 to 5 tons or more. Hydronic handlers connect to a boiler or water-source heat pump. The heated or cooled water passes through the coil to warm or chill the air from the blower.

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Amana High Efficiency Washer

2.5 Ton Goodman CAPFA Indoor EvaporatorCoil – CAPFA3022B6. $568.00. FREE SHIPPING. Add to Cart. 1. 2. Show.. Goodman CAPF3642C6 – Goodman 3 – 3.5 Ton, Cased EvaporatorCoil – Note: When choosing a new coil please contact our Product Support to verify which coil replacement will work for your system.. Goodman CSCF4860N6 – 4 – 5 Ton, Horizontal Slab Evaporator Coil – The Goodman CHPF Cased Horizontal Flow Indoor Coils are made for split system air conditioners and heat pumps. The cabinet is painted Architectural Gray. This evaporatorcoil operates with an air conditioner or heat pump of two different tonnages, the evaporatorcoil comes factory equipped with an orifice ….

Goodman CAUF4860D6 – 4-5 Ton, Uncased Evaporator Coil – The Goodman brand CAUF Indoor Coil is made for use with split-system air conditioning and heat pump systems.This coil can operate with a heat pump or.

Goodman 3 Ton 145 Seer Air Conditioner

3 Ton Goodman 14 SEER R410A Heat Pump Condenser with 17.5"  Wide ...

A factory-installed filter drier makes for a quality Goodman air conditioner. This particular air conditioning unit comes with a copper tube/aluminum fin coil for added durability. Also, it comes with a ground lug connection to ensure that the product is long-lasting and provides quality air conditioning service. The Goodman air conditioner unit is outfitted with an Architectural Gray powder-paint finish with 500-hour-salt-spray approval for an attractive finish. A steel louver coil guard only increases the durability of this unit.

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Close Shades And Weatherstrip Doors

Closing shades or using good curtains to cover the windows during the day keeps the heat out and the cool in. Sunlight and warmth come through uncovered windows during the day, heating your home and causing your AC to kick on more frequently. Blocking the sunlight with closed shades or thick curtains will prevent most of the heat from sneaking indoors during the day.

Weatherstripping doors and windows is a great way to insulate your house against heat and cold. Small gaps and cracks between door and window frames allow air to travel in and out of your house. Larger holes and leaks will let the cool air inside escape, making your AC work harder and heating up your home. Put quality weatherstripping on your doors and windows to create an insulated barrier, trapping the cool air indoors and keeping your house cool.

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2.5 Ton Goodman CAPFA Indoor EvaporatorCoil – CAPFA3022B6. $568.00. FREE SHIPPING. Add to Cart. 1. 2. Show.. Goodman CAPF3642C6 – Goodman 3 – 3.5 Ton, Cased EvaporatorCoil – Note: When choosing a new coil please contact our Product Support to verify which coil replacement will work for your system..

Goodman/Amana: $575. Lennox: $1,100. Payne: $625. Rheem/ Ruud: $800. TempStar: $650. Trane/American Standard: $750. York: $725. Any Other Repairs. The complement to the inside evaporator coil is the condenser coil. The condenser coil cools the gas the evaporator creates and turns it back into a liquid. CHPF2430B6. Size. 24K – 30K BTU , 17.5″ UNSPSC Code. 32000000. UPC. 663051541108. Warranty Description. All goodman brand equipment are covered by 10-year parts limited warranty, 10-year unit replacement warranty, lifetime compressor warranty and lifetime heat exchanger warranty.. Evaporator Coil Replacement Cost: $250-$550: 2-4: $675-$1300. Learn how you can improve the performance of your building (See Longline Guide for more information The reason. 2.5 Ton Goodman CAPFA Indoor EvaporatorCoil – CAPFA3022B6. $568.00. FREE SHIPPING. Add to Cart. 1. 2. Show..

what causes the spirit of delay

P1400U36HP Goodman Evaporator Coil Assembly OEM P1400U36HP. Brand New. C $911.86. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. +C $63.89 shipping. from United States..

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Leading Heat Exchanger Design

The GMES96 furnace employs a super reliable heavy-duty tubular heat exchanger design. Aluminized steel is used in construction for incredibly efficient heat transfer and wrinkle-bend technology for extraordinary durability. Goodman backs this incredibly solid heat exchanger with a limited lifetime warranty.

Goodman 80000 Btu Gas Furnace

HVAC Install: 3 Ton Goodman System

The gas furnace has a heavy-duty, aluminized-steel tubular heat exchanger for more durable performance. The long-lasting performance of the high-efficiency furnace is guaranteed with the inclusion of a stainless-steel secondary heat exchanger. With the addition of the two-speed induced draft blower, the operation of the home furnace is quiet. In addition to the other advanced features, the Goodman furnace also comes with color-coded low-voltage terminals with provisions for electronic air cleaners and humidifiers. For slow air circulation, the Goodman gas furnace maintains a low continuous fan speed.

HVAC professionals selected these components to maximize their performance and efficiency. This system is certified under AHRI # 201496604 to give you 14.5 SEER.

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Capf Indoor Evaporator Coil Product Features

  • All-Aluminum evaporator coil
  • Optimized for use with R-410A refrigerant
  • Some models suitable for use with R-410A or R-22 refrigerant
  • CAPT models feature factory-installed thermal expansion valves for cooling and heat pump applications
  • Check flowrator for cooling and heat pump applications
  • Vertical and horizontal models available
  • 21″ depth for easier attic access
  • Split seam front for easy access
  • Foil-faced insulation covers the internal casing to reduce cabinet condensation
  • Galvanized, leather grain-embossed finish
  • Rust resistant, thermoplastic drain pans featuring a low water-retention design
  • UV-resistant drain pan

Hiring An Hvac Contractor

Proper installation provides a better guarantee that your air handler will work well for a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Hiring a HVAC contractor to identify the best choices for your home will help you get the best investment. Manufacturers usually require a professional installation in case of any warranty claims. Ask a few pros for a quote, but keep in mind that the cheapest isnt always the best. Locate air conditioning installers near you.

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Air Handler In Attic Cost

Air handlers for the attic average $700 to $1,500. Your HVAC professional can install many models in this location. Assuming the space is easily accessible, the installation range of $1,200 to $1,800 should cover most jobs.

Be sure to clear the area of debris and look for signs of pests before hiring a pro. Attics often have insect or rodent infestations that requires an exterminator. Hiring an insect control service costs$175 on average.

Main Components Of A 3 Ton Goodman Air Conditioner

Goodman 3 Ton 14 SEER Air Conditioner GSX140361, Coil CHPF3642C6 ...

    The outside condenser will need to be replaced, and the best replacement unit will be needed.

    If an HVAC company is hired, they will provide all the parts. Be sure to check what components they are replacing.

    If you are doing the installation yourself, the condenser can be bought online.

  • Evaporator Coil
  • A Line-set is two copper lines that go between the outside condenser and inside evaporator coil.

    The two lines carry refrigerant between the two units transferring heat outside.

    Often, Line-sets can be reused as long as it is in good shape and not corroded.

    Since a newer refrigerant type is often used, the line-set can be flushed out for any leftover contaminants.

    If the line set is corroded and unusable, a new one can be installed.

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Increase The Temperature While You’re Away

Set your thermostat higher when you’re not home for higher energy savings. Setting the thermostat 7-10 degrees higher than its usual setting for eight hours a day can save you up to 10% on your yearly cooling bill. By not having your house constantly cooling when you aren’t there, your AC system will use less energy, work less hard and last longer.

If you can’t set your thermostat that high for eight hours every day, any time spent with the system set higher will still help save you money. A few hours every day at a higher setting will reduce the work your AC system is doing and lower the amount you’ll have to spend on cooling costs. Try turning the AC off at night when it’s cooler if possible and use fans or open windows to keep you from overheating.

Goodman 3 To 35 Ton 21 Width Evaporator Coil

The Goodman® CAUF3743C6 Uncased Indoor Air Conditioner Evaporator Coil is made for use with split-system air conditioning and Evaporator systems. The Goodman Air Conditioning and Heating Company has become one of the largest manufacturers of residential and light commercial air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality products and systems by focusing on just one thing, building the most reliable and refreshingly affordable indoor comfort products in the market.

  • Coils will not work as a replacement to Electric Furnace / Air Handler
  • Suitable for use with R-410A and R-22 refrigerants
  • Rust-resistant, thermoplastic drain pans feature a low water-retention design
  • Check flowrater expansion device for heat pump or cooling-only applications
  • Rifled aluminum tubing and louvered aluminum fin coils on the CAPF, CAUF, and CHPF coils
  • AHRI Certified ETL Listed
  • Factory-installed filter drier
3 ton

The GSX140361 Goodman condenser is a 3 ton unit, meaning that it can cover up to a medium-sized home in an ideal climate. In some unit bundles, the required AC coil may be larger than this condenser in tonnage. This is intentional, as it maintains the units efficiency.



The GSX140361 condenser comes with Goodmans standard 10 year parts warranty with online registration through the manufacturer. An installation that follows your state and local codes is required for the warranty to be upheld.

Durability and ReliabilityInstallation and MaintenanceComfort in Mind

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What Is The Best Temperature For Older Adults

Older adults should set their homes to at least 70 degrees to keep their bodies regulated in summer. As we get older, we become more sensitive to cold and heat. Older adults need to stay at a comfortable temperature to prevent overheating or hypothermia. To save energy costs, close doors and vents in rooms you don’t use so your AC focuses on rooms you’ll be in. Stay hydrated and cover windows to keep the house cool.

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