Freon For Home Ac Unit

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What Does The Ban Of R22 Freon Mean For Your Old Ac

How To Add Refrigerant To Air Conditioner

We use our air conditioner to cool our homes on a daily basis. It provides comfort and better quality of life. An air conditioner depends on refrigerant or Freon to be able to perform all these functions. R22 is a chlorofluorocarbon once widely used as a refrigerant. If your home or office AC is over 10 years, then its probably using R22 as its freon. However, R22 Freon is banned in the U.S. today. If your AC system uses R22 refrigerant, you might be worried about how that would affects you, read on.If you need professional consultation to replace your R-22 air conditioner, SuperTech is here to help.

How Long Does Freon Last In A Central Air Conditioner

Recently, we had a customer who filled out our Ask an Expert form and asked, Once the system is filled with Freon, how long might the Freon last? Forever so long as there are no more leaks? Are leaks inevitable?

For context, this customers parents had a slow refrigerant leak in their AC system.

These are great questions. So we wanted to share the answers with everyone.

A Brief History Of Freon

The earliest air conditioning units and refrigerators sprouted up in the late 1800s and relied on a combination of methyl chloride, sulfur dioxide, and ammonia. Each of these gases alone is toxic, but combined, leaks were commonly lethal. They werent the sort of appliances families might have welcomed into their homes, even if they had electricity. Freon became one of the most commonly used gas in both air conditioners and refrigerators.

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Can You Buy Freon For Your Home Ac Unit

Abiding by the Montreal Protocol, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has banned the production and import of Freon, also known as R-22 or HCFC-22. The phase-out of the common refrigerant began on January 1, 2010. All remaining production and import operations have stopped with effect from January 1, 2020.

You can buy Freon for your home AC, but only if it is recycled or stockpiled. You can no longer buy the common refrigerant if it is still manufactured in the United States, imported from any other country, or routed to you through any other prohibited medium.

Home air conditioners and HVAC units manufactured post-2015 are unlikely to use Freon. The stringent government regulations have compelled most companies to switch to other permitted refrigerants, such as R-410A. If you have an old AC using Freon, you should consider a few pragmatic options to keep it desirably operational.


Once More Consider Seriously Whether Youre Confident Doing This

What to do if your AC has a Freon Leak

While regulations in the United States dont dictate that Freon refilling be done by a licensed professional, its a good idea to rely on someone with some experience. Freon can be deadly when handled improperly. While some common sense and following these steps will help keep you safe, accidents happen and you should only proceed if youre 100% confident.

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Diy Vs Hire An Hvac Pro

You must hire a professional to recharge your tanks. Not only does the EPA require the handling of refrigerant only by licensed technicians, they often also need to carefully capture and dispose of any old freon.

  • As of January 1, 2018, the EPA section 608 of the Clean Air Act requires anyone purchasing or handling home air conditioning refrigerants to have a license.

  • Recharging with the wrong type or incorrectly filling the coolant will ruin your system.

  • If you need a recharge, you probably have a leak. A pro can find and repair or replace the leaking part.

To get the job done right and without costly complications, hire an HVAC professional near you today.

Cost To Refill Refrigerant

Now that we know a little about a refrigerant and how important it is for your cooling unit to have optimum levels of it, to function efficiently, let us now go into the costs involved with refrigerant refills.

The average cost to recharge the Freon levels in an air conditioner unit ranges between $200 and $600. This number can vary, depending on the city you live in, the HVAC provider you choose, and the refrigerant levels in your air conditioner. Most homeowners pay no more than $400 to recharge a 2.5-ton air conditioner with R410A refrigerant if the system springs a leak.

The cost to recharge an air conditioner will also depend on the type of gas used and the number of pounds required. Recharge costs fall in the range of approximately $125 for a 2.5-ton unit recharge of the R410A. In order to perform a 2.5-ton recharge in case of a major leak, you may have to spend about $1000 $1500.

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Average Cost Of Freon Per Pound

Youll pay about $500 for a 25-pound canister of Freon, if youre a registered technician or reseller. That comes to about $20 per pound. Most systems only need 6 to 12 pounds.

Older r22 systems cant use r410a due to pressure differences. So, if you have an old r22 system, your next recharge will cost significantly more since youre looking to either upgrade or replace your HVAC system.

When Do You Need To Recharge Your Home Ac Unit

Charging R-410A Refrigerant into an Air Conditioner! Pressures, Temps, Tips!

The only time your system runs low on refrigerant is when it has a leak, so have it inspected and serviced at the same time. Some signs that your system has hit its service life and started to develop leaks include:

  • Electric bills higher than normal

  • A hissing sound from your AC unit

  • The indoor coil building frost

  • Heavy condensation forms

  • The air simply blowing out hot rather than cold

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Ac Refrigerant Replacement Cost

It is not uncommon for AC units to have leaks, making refrigerant replacement necessary. The amount of Freon that needs replacing depends on how big of a leak you have, what type of coolant your system uses, and who is completing the service. A full Freon replacement cost will be much higher than a regular recharge due to a small leak. The full cost to replace refrigerant in an AC unit is $100 to $1,800 based on the type of coolant, unit, and length of refrigerant lines. The home AC refrigerant recharge that still runs on R22 is even more expensive, given the lower supply of R22 coolant that is available. Replacing R22 coolant costs $90 to $150 per pound.

AC Size
$500 – $1,800

Rs44b Price Per Pound

RS44B is a drop-in replacement coolant for R22 after its 2020 ban in the United States. The cost to fill freon in home with RS44B refrigerant is between $11 and $13. RS44Bs discharge pressure, flow rate, and cooling capacity are very similar to R22. Like the MO99 Freon, RS44B does not require an oil change, and its GWP is the lowest of all R22 drop-in replacements.

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Different Types Of Ac Refrigerant

There are a few different types of refrigerants, but most of them are variations on the same compound. The earliest refrigerants featured chlorine, which was an effective coolant, but bad for the planet. Later refrigerants were made with hydrogen, which was better for the environment, but still had issues. The search for a genuinely clean refrigerant continues, but heres a breakdown of the main types of refrigerants used today:

How To Replace Your Ac Freon

How much does it cost to add Freon to home AC?

If your air is on but its still too warm in your home, you might be asking yourself why is my AC no longer blowing cool air? The first place you may need to look is your AC freon.

Important note: if you are replacing your refrigerant frequently, then you could have a leak. Your AC refrigerant should last about 12-15 years, but that number will vary by use and how efficiently your AC is running. In some cases, the refrigerant your AC unit came with could last a lifetime. In high-heat areas where your unit is being run constantly, that number could be much lower.

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Will Low Freon Damage A Compressor

Compressor damage can occur when Freon levels are low, even though it attempts to keep the quantity at its usual high. When your compressor is exposed to low Freon levels, youre asking it to run a marathon while dehydrated: your muscles will feel exhausted and may even shut down before you finish the race.

Different types of AC Compressors:

The Reciprocating Compressor. These move up and down in an alternating motion. To compress the refrigerant into high-pressure gas pumped through the system, releasing heat.

Scroll compressors. Instead of moving cylinders, these pistons move orbiting scrolls to compress refrigerants. As a result, they are quieter than reciprocating compressors and more expensive and less efficient.

Rotary compressors. Operate steadily and create a constant refrigerant flow throughout the system. They are generally used for smaller systems like those in individual rooms or small apartments.

What’s The Difference In R22 And R

R22 is a greenhouse gas. It affects the ozone layer when it goes into the atmosphere, probably due to leakages. R-410A has been selected as the replacement refrigerant of R22 in residential cooling system. It has the following benefits over the older R22:

  • R-410A is more competent because it can absorb and release heat efficiently.
  • It doesnt damage the environment.
  • Its good for all new air conditioners.
  • It doesnt destroy the ozone layer.
  • Its cheaper.

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Where To Get Freon For Your Home Ac

You have to buy Freon only when there is substantial depletion or loss of the coolant in your AC unit. The refrigerant is always in a sealed system along with the compressor. You can access it through the outdoor unit.

Freon is inert and stable. It doesnt deplete naturally. However, coolant loss is common and mainly occurs when there is a leak.

Is It Bad To Run Ac With Low Freon

How I Add Refrigerant to an Air Conditioner

If your AC is low on Freon, it is not dangerousit just wont work as well.

Your AC system may leak Freon over time, but this is generally not something you should worry about unless the leak is severe. If you think your system has lost enough Freon to impact its function, you can get it recharged.

The unfortunate thing that could happen if you run your AC with low Freon is that you would be less comfortable than usual and possibly that some of the parts in your system could wear out sooner than they otherwise would.

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Retrofit Your Old Home Ac

You may retrofit your old home AC to replace the Freon or R-22 coolant with an R-410A system. Retrofitting is not inexpensive. Also, it is not a perfect solution for everyone.

You must consult an expert AC technician to learn about all the pros and cons, especially the specific issues you may encounter given the unit you have and its current condition.

There is another Freon retrofit option for your old AC. However, you should still speak with your HVAC technician to know if the solution is suitable, practical, sustainable, and safe for the unit you own. A standard retrofit may not be ideal for every type, style, capacity, and brand of home AC.

How Much Is Freon For Ac Unit

If your home AC has a Freon leak the first thing to cross your mind is how to refill the Freon and repair the leak. But most people dont usually think about the cost of Freon itself. So the question then becomes, how much is Freon for AC unit? If you notice that your air conditioner system is taking longer to cool the air in your home, it may need more Freon.

Air conditioners rely on Freon to cool the air as it passes over the coils. When the Freon levels are low, the AC system becomes less efficient and takes longer to condition the air.

Refilling the Freon can allow your air conditioner to continue cooling the air effectively. However, the cost of these refills can vary based on a variety of factors.

What Is Freon and When Do You Need to Replace it?

Freon is the brand name of a popular refrigerant used in air conditioning systems. Over the years, the name has become synonymous with refrigerant, as has happened with Kleenex and tissue.

The refrigerant is an essential part of any air conditioner. As air passes from inside your room into the air conditioner, it passes over coils containing refrigerant. The refrigerant is responsible for cooling and dehumidifying the air.

The evaporator and condenser coils containing the refrigerant provide a sealed system, allowing Freon to last forever. The refrigerant does not get used up. It remains within the coils unless there is a leak.

The Cost of Refrigerant Depends on Your AC System

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Signs That Ac Needs Freon Recharge

Low levels or leaking freon wont be able to cool your home efficiently. This is why yearly maintenance is recommended for home AC units.

However, there are easy ways to tell that your AC is leaking or has low freon levels.

  • .The AC unit is not cooling your home. One of the first things homeowners notice is that the air conditioner simply isnt performing as it once used to.Your AC absorbs heat indoors and then dumps it outside. When freon levels are low or leaking, it cant absorb the heat, so it runs all day without cooling your home.
  • .Increased energy bills ACs that run all day but dont cool your home are not only inefficient, they also cost a lot of money. Spikes in energy bills could be a sign that there is a problem.
  • .Warm air coming from AC vents Without a refrigerant or freon, your AC wont be able to absorb the hot air in your home, which can lead to it circulating the hot air back inside. Warm air coming out of your AC vent is a sign that there isnt enough refrigerant.
  • .Reduced airflow AC units without enough freon can freeze and produce ice. The ice inside the AC blocks airflow, which can cause less air to come from your unit.
  • .Ice build-up and hissing noise A noticeable build-up of ice or a hissing sound coming from your air-con unit can be a giveaway sign. Most AC leaks are small, so they can often go unnoticed. But a large leak can cause a hissing noise when you turn it on.
  • Will I Need To Replace My Air Conditioner

    Freon and the Exploding Cost of Your Air Conditioning Units

    Will you need to replace your air conditioner solely if it runs on R-22 Freon? The short answer is no. If your air conditioner is in good condition, it won’t need replacement refrigerant for a long while, which means you can continue using it as normal. However, if your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant and you’re unable to find recycled R-22 Freon or drop-in refrigerant, then it’s likely that you needed a replacement anyway. Rapid refrigerant leaks are a sign that you need to install a new AC.

    If you have any questions or concerns about your current AC unit or the new Freon regulations in 2020, dont sweat it! Give One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Delmarva a call or contact us online today!

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    How Do I Know Whether My Ac Uses R22 Freon

    Is your Air Conditioning unit more than 10 years old? If yes, then it may be using R22. Even if its newer, theres no need to make an assumption. Here are three simple things you can do to check the type of refrigerant your existing equipment is running on:

    Check the owners manual: Find the operation manual of your older system and check it. If you see HCFC-22 written on it, then your older air conditioner uses R22.

    Look for the equipment nameplate: Check the indoor coil or outdoor condenser of your HVAC system to know if you can see a nameplate on the case that shows all the specs of your system as well as the installed refrigerant.

    Indoor Coil Name Plate

    AC Condenser Name Plate

    When in doubt about the type of refrigerant run by your AC and how the R22 ban affects you, call SuperTech for help. We have experienced EPA-certified technicians to give you the needed help and support.

    How Long Does Freon Last

    Technically, Freon will last forever. Since your AC unit is a closed, or sealed, system, the refrigerant will never escape. However, if your unit has a leak, the refrigerant will leak out. This means you will need to change your units refrigerant, and also fix the cause of the leak.

    Air conditioner compressors work under a lot of pressure, which wears down the inside of their tubing over time. Leaks happen at one time or the other, but there are steps you can take to prevent leaks.

    You would be able to prevent a leak from happening in the first place. However, if you catch it early, you can reduce the amount of refrigerant that is lost.

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    Homeowners And Consumers: Frequently Asked Questions

    The following frequently asked questions will help homeowners make informed decisions when purchasing, servicing, or disposing of home air conditioners or other equipment that could contain ozone-depleting substances include chlorofluorocarbons, hydrochlorofluorocarbons, halons, methyl bromide, carbon tetrachloride, hydrobromofluorocarbons, chlorobromomethane, and methyl chloroform. ODS are generally very stable in the troposphere and only degrade under intense ultraviolet light in the stratosphere. When they break down, they release chlorine or bromine atoms, which then deplete ozone.).

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