Electric Boilers For Home Heating

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Electric Boiler Running Costs

How an Electric Boiler Works

As it stands, electricity costs substantially more than gas per kWh.

While electric boilers are more efficient than gas boilers so they use fewer units of energy to do the same job they’re not so efficient that they are able to offset the price difference. This means that electric boilers are still much more expensive to run than equivalent gas boilers.

If you have a low heating demand, for example you live in a smaller property and/or your home is insulated well , you’ll need your heating on for less time and the costs to run an electric boiler may be manageable.

You can lower the running costs for an electric boiler by heating hot water overnight on an off-peak tariff, but these tariffs have more expensive electricity during the day. And, in any case, this is only viable if you opt for a a heat-only or system boiler with a hot water tank that can be heated before you need the water.

Electric boilers will never be comparable to gas boilers in running costs unless the price per unit of electricity and gas narrows significantly. This is possible, but much electricity is still gas-generated, and currently the price of electricity is pegged to the price of gas.

What Size Electric Heating Boiler Do I Require

The first part of selecting the correct electric heating boiler is the heating load . You can do this in a couple of different ways

Heres a quick chart for properties built after 1990

Power Output of Boiler

We have a full dedicated webpage on how to size an electric boiler here What size electric boiler do i need ?

Electric Boilers Vs Gas Boilers

The clearest benefit of electric boilers over their gas counterparts is that they do not release any carbon emissions at the home, helping you reduce your personal carbon footprint.

They also dont need a flue so can be installed on internal walls, giving you more options on where to locate the boiler in the house. The lack of a flue also makes it easier to install and service electric boilers in high-rise buildings – so long as the building has the suitable electrical infrastructure.

However it is still much cheaper to heat your home with a gas boiler. This could change in the future, but is the case now.

Electric boilers may also struggle to heat larger homes with greater hot water demands due to the limited sizes available, so may not be a viable option for homes with multiple bathrooms or lots of bedrooms.

Additionally, if you are switching from a gas to an electric boiler, your home’s electrical system may need upgrading, which could dramatically increase the installation costs.

Overall for most UK homes connected to the gas grid, a gas boiler still remains the most affordable way to heat your home for now, at least. But that may change in the future, and in any case you may decide that the environmental benefits are worth the higher financial cost.

If you prefer to stick with gas for now, our guide on which gas boilers are energy efficient can help you minimise your home’s carbon footprint

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Different Types Of Electric Boilers

Electric boilers are classified as classic, ionic, or induction based on their power output, energy consumption, energy performance, and energy efficiency, model type , and whether they are wall-mounted or floor-standing.

Most electric boilers are combi versions, which means they heat your homes hot water supply as well as channel hot water via your homes radiators or underfloor heating.

You may save money on your home heating expenses by installing a low-temperature electric boiler, but you must make sure your house radiators are suitable for this sort of installation.

Electric Boilers Do Not Work In Power Outages

Thermolec B

If you lose your power, you lose your heat and/or your hot water when you rely on an electric boiler. That is not the case with many fuel boilers and you can continue enjoying heat even when the power is out with the proper setup.

Electric boilers are an affordable option up front and they have a lot of real benefits compared to gas boilers, but they also come with some downsides. You will likely spend more to heat your home over time, and you may not even be able to produce enough heat for your home with an electric boiler. That being said, for some people the benefits outweigh the downfalls and an electric boiler simply makes sense.

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Electric Boiler Maintenance Costs

Electric boilers have fewer moving parts than gas boilers. For example a gas boiler includes a fan to move air through the boiler for the combustion of gas, and a gas valve to regulate the flow of gas to the burner. An electric boiler doesn’t need these.

They are therefore less likely, on paper at least, to break down than their gas equivalents. While we can’t say this for certain, there’s certainly no evidence that electric boilers are any less reliable than gas boilers.

But this doesn’t mean an electric boiler will never need repairing, and if it’s one of the key components , parts can cost upwards of £400. In addition, to help ensure they remain fault-free, manufacturers still recommend that electric boilers are serviced annually, which will be a similar price to a gas boiler service.

Factoring all this in, over a boiler’s lifetime the total cost to maintain an electric boiler is likely to be similar to that of a gas boiler.

No Gas Supply Required

Over 2 million homes in the UK are without access to a mains gas supply and while many of these homes tend to have an oil boiler, it can be difficult to find space for the oil tank. With an electric boiler, you dont have that problem. Whether the home is a listed building or under gas boiler restrictions, such as sleeping areas within a bed-sit, there are many reasons why it is impractical, unsafe or too expensive to install a gas supply, which means that electric boilers are an important method of providing central heating and hot water.

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Could Blow Property’s Fuse

Most electric boilers will use 48 amps, which takes up most of a 60amp fuse, which a lot of homes have. So, while your boiler is busy heating your home and hot water, having another couple of appliances going at the same time could blow the fuse. Speak to an electrician to check if an electric boiler is a viable option with the fuse in your home.

Types Of Electric Boiler

Electric Boilers and Components to hook them up.

There are several various kinds of electric boiler, a few ofwhich can be more suited to your home and way of life when compared to others.


This is the most similar to a gas Combi boiler i.e., and it makes use of a heating component to heat water on demand. While it is the easiest and cheapest to install, it doesnt have whatever of storing hot water, which means you cant benefit from Economy 7 tariffs by heating water overnight for use during the day.


An electric storage boiler includes a warm water tank either within the unit or individually. This permits you to heat the water over-night, when energy costs are lower, and keep it for use the following day. They are more expensive than direct-acting boilers, and the tank will take up more space at your residence.

Electric CPSU

A Combined Primary Storage Unit, or CPSU, stores a lot of hot water within the boiler so that it can meet demand much quicker and at higher pressure. However, they tend to be quite large and therefore are more suited to industrial installations.

Dry Core Storage

Dry core boilers are similar to storage heaters as they make use of cheaper nighttime tariffs to heat bricks overnight. However, the heat is then introduced into water to be utilized in central heating and hot water, rather than being released straight into the home.

Solar compatible

For those who have a storage tank with an immersion heater, you can use free energy from solar panels to heat your water during the day.

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Pros Of Having An Electric Boiler

  • Lower emissions and no exhaust fumes
  • Installation is cheaper, easier, and much more flexible than with other boiler types
  • More compact than other boiler types
  • Quieter than a gas boiler
  • Requires less maintenance than other boilers
  • There is more flexibility with placement
  • Easier to operate
  • Can be paired with solar panels to help reduce running costs
  • There is zero risk of a carbon monoxide leak

Electric Floor Heating For Carpet Laminate & Floating Hardwood Floors

Heating beneath carpet provides added warmth under your feet. Wood floors maintain a cold surface to the touch – with electric floor heating systems, the surface and room can be heated to an ideal temperature.

Designed for an easy and quick installation in large spaces.

  • 10 Year Warranty under Laminate & Floating Hardwood
  • 5 Year Warranty under Carpet
  • C$10 – C$12 per sq. ft.
  • 12 Watts per sq. ft.
  • Available in 120/240 VAC

Our most popular cut and turn installation designed for maximum flexibility.

  • 10 Year Warranty under Laminate & Floating Hardwood
  • 5 Year Warranty under Carpet
  • C$10 – C$12 per sq. ft.
  • 12 Watts per sq. ft.
  • Available in 120/240 VAC

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Electric Boilers Save Space

Electric boilers can be positioned most anywhere that you like in your home because they do not have a flue that has to be put up through your home and they do not have to be set near an outside wall either. Instead they can be positioned in the center of your home, or anywhere else that you like really. The boiler also does not need a fuel tank like an oil boiler installation or propane unit would. That means you will save space that would be dedicated to fuel as well.

How Much Does It Cost To Run An Electric Floor Heating System

EK.BPC 12kW Electric Combi Boiler With inbuilt Cylinder (Compact ...

The answer to this question will depend on a whole host of variables related to electric floor heating, including, but not limited to, the run time , the electric radiant floor heating system you’re using, the total square footage, and your local electrical cost. Typically, the cost is just a few cents a day.

To figure out how much electric floor heating might cost to run for you, make sure to use our interactive Operating Cost Calculator.

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Electric radiant floor heating should not be installed under permanent fixtures that may trap heat. However, if the vanity or cabinets are “floating” or are on legs, then a floor heating system may be installed under it.

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A typical bathroom floor can be heated for about a quarter a day with electric radiant floor heating.

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What Type Of Flooring Can I Install Along With An Electric Floor Heating System

WarmlyYours TempZone product is most commonly installed under tile, stone, and marble flooring, but can also be installed under many other popular floor covering options such as hardwood, vinyl and linoleum. We also have our Environ system, which is an electric floor heating product as well and is specially designed for installation under carpet , laminate and floating wood. WarmlyYours can accommodate any flooring type with either of the electric radiant floor heating products that we offer. If your flooring type isn’t listed here, just give us a call at 875-5285 and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

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Electric Vs Gas: Which Is The Best Boiler For Me

We understand that choosing the best boiler for your home can be confusing. With so many out there, its often difficult to know where to start. One of the main considerations when buying a new boiler is to choose the fuel type. Two of the most common types of boiler heating systems are gas and electric.

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Why Choose An Electric Boiler

  • An electric boiler is an excellent alternative if you have solar PV panels installed in your home. You may utilize the electricity you create, lowering your energy costs.
  • Electric boilers have a much better efficiency. An electric boiler will provide you with 99-100 percent efficiency, whilst a gas boiler will provide you with 92-93 percent efficiency. An electric boiler might be the answer if you dont want to waste electricity.
  • An electric boiler, unlike a gas, oil, or LPG boiler, does not emit carbon dioxide when it is in use.

Do Gas Or Electric Boilers Heat Your Home Better

Introduction to Smart Electric Combi Boilers range – Electric Combi Boilers Company

Theres another clear winner here. If you want your home to heat up faster and more effectively, choose a gas boiler. ‘Gas boilers heat the home much faster than an electric heating system,’ says Nick Paulson. ‘That’s because the burner will produce maximum heat from the moment it is switched on.’

Electric boilers generally cant compete here . That’s because they have a much lower flow-rate the rate of water they send to your taps in one minute than gas boilers. ‘This means they typically arent going to provide a good level of heat and hot water to the average UK home, which typically have poor insulation and thermal efficiency,’ Ben Mars reveals. ‘This means that electric is only really viable for home heating over a longer period. Or in homes that are extremely well insulated.’

Its also worth noting that gas is rarely unavailable. Whereas electric power cuts would affect your heating and hot water supply, if you had an electric boiler.

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How Are Hydronic And Electric Floor Heating Systems Different

While both hydronic and electric floor heating systems perform a similar function by providing radiant heat from beneath your floor, they do differ in some pretty crucial ways. Typically, using hot water instead of electricity will result in lower operational costs but significantly higher investment and maintenance costs. This usually means that hydronic heating systems are reserved for new construction projects and electric floor heating is often used for remodeling projects in bathrooms, kitchens, etc. To learn more about the differences between these systems, check out this post.

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Types Of Electric Boilers

As you may already be aware, gas boilers are generally available in 3 different types: combi, system and regular/conventional. This is no different for electric boilers. This means that, whether your home is best suited to a regular, system or combination boiler, there will still be an electric boiler for you.

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Running Costs Electric Vs Gas Boilers

If running cost is your main concern, its arguably a more difficult toss-up between a gas and an electric boiler. Currently, electricity is more expensive than gas as a fuel. According to Checkatrade , based on the UK average of £16.6p/KWh, running a 12 KW electric boiler at 70 hours a month costs £139.44. the equivalent gas boiler would currently set you back £90 per month.

Nick Paulson, heating expert at PlumbNation, explains that if you choose an electric boiler, ‘you will be using more electricity, meaning your monthly tariff could end up being quite costly.’ However, its worth noting that given the current crisis in the UK pushing up gas prices, this could well change over the next few years.

How Does Electric Floor Heating Work

Concept Heating 12kW/15kW

Electric floor heating works by having an electric heating cable installed underneath the flooring , which is then wired to a special thermostat . When turned on, the heating cable emits heat upward through the flooring which is then radiated throughout the room, heating all solid surfaces.

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Very easy to DYI. The instructions and the videos on the website were extremely helpful. The product works great. Nice even heat distribution. I keep the floor temp same as room temp. Big difference in comfort level. Good stuff!

William B. in Clinton, CT

TempZone 3.7-Watt Floor Heating Cable

TempZone cable is an excellent, durable heating cable, possibly the stoutest I’ve worked with. The pricing structure is highly competitive, and in my case, beneath comparable products from at least two other companies.The product range is wide with many options displayed clearly and in an easy to reach modern website complete with shopping carts with log-ins, chat support, sales service. I was amazed at the level of detail applied in an architectural drawing, available as a free service, by the Tech Department. The supplied drawing had icon and color coded start / stop locations, the accurate measurements helped the install breeze by. The cable was well packaged, and shipped a day sooner than expected. I also received follow up service after the install by my representative.

Bc W. in Johnson City, NY

TempZone Flex Rolls

Joseph C. in Poughkeepsie, NY

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Electric Vs Gas Boilers

Gas boilers can be quite expensive to install, especially if you do not have a gas line running through your home already. Running a gas line is a big undertaking that you will pay dearly for. Fortunately electricity is run to most homes today. That means that an electrical line will not have to be run to your home in order for you to get an electric boiler installed. It will simply have to be wired up to existing lines and you can benefit from the solution almost immediately. This means that electric boiler are more affordable to have installed and you can expect to receive lower quotes for such an installation compared to the price to install a new gas boiler.

Another advantage to an electric boiler heater is you will not have to worry about a gas leak in your home. These units are very safe and can be put in more areas around your home for this reason. They are not as difficult to install and you will feel secure that your system is going to provide you with the heat you need without causing any problems for you.

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