Cost To Install New Water Heater

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Gas Water Heater Cost

How Much Does a New Water Heater Actually Cost (Complete Breakdown)

The cost of a gas water heater ranges from $400 to $3,000. Gas heaters function when the power goes out. They run off of natural gas, regular gas, heating oil, and , so you can choose between different fuel sources, depending on accessibility and prices in your area. The running costs of gas heaters are typically lower, but they are less eco-friendly. Costs depend on the heater type and size.

Electric Vs Gas Water Heater

You have an alternative to an electric water heater if your home is piped for natural gas. Electric units can be used in any home, but it is common for households with natural gas to use this for heaters and other appliances.

Of the two, electric heaters tend to be less expensive to purchase and install. However, they are more costly to run. Natural gas is generally a less-expensive form of energy, but gas units require more maintenance and cleaning. They also need to be vented, increasing installation costs.

Natural gas is also not available in all areas, making electric models more versatile. Below are the average costs of installing a 50-gallon heater in both types.

Energy Source
$1,000 – $2,500

Your Water Looks Weird Or Smells Funny

Sometimes, water heaters can yield water that has an unusual aroma to it. Likewise, your water may come out looking discolored. Both are causes for worry, but what are the underlying issues? And how can they be fixed?

The issue may be with the water source. Pay attention to the smell and/or discoloration. Do they happen only with cold water? If so, then its a water source issue. You can fix this problem by installing a whole-house water filter. Youll likely need a professional plumber to help with this.

But what if the problem is exclusively with hot water? If thats the case, then the issue is with your tank. Something inside has started to corrode. There may be a reaction between the anode rod and sulfur in the water.

Here are some simple steps for addressing this problem:

  • Turn off your water for a few minutes. Turn off the water supply for 15 minutes. Turn it back on. See if the smell or discoloration go away.
  • Drain the tank. You may also wish to drain your water heater tank. Again, see if this gets rid of the smell and discoloration.
  • Replace the anode rod. If all else fails, hire a plumber to replace the anode rod. This should solve the problem.

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How Much Should It Cost To Replace A Hot Water Heater

In 2020, the cost to replace a hot water heater system can vary greatly depending on your requirements. On average, it can cost anywhere between $400 and $1,000 to replace a heater with a 50-gallon tank unit. If youre intending on going tankless, the cost could rise from anywhere between $1,500 and $2,500.

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At Red Cap Plumbing, we guarantee our plumbers will be available, thoughtful, and on time for every job because family-owned businesses should treat you like family. Start your water heater install by calling us at 963-3056 for an estimate. We install tank water heaters or tankless water heaters fueled by gas or electricity as well as solar water heaters.

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Tank Vs Tankless Systems

Tankless water heater systems are considered to be the top-dogs in energy efficiency, however, there are some pros and cons to owning one and I personally do. For one, the cost of tankless water heater installation is about 3x that of traditional hot water tank. Secondly, youll find it hard to run multiple appliances at once consuming hot water tankless just cant keep up with a large family. I own a Rinnai tankless gas heater system with a family of four perfectly fine with the occasional loss of hot water not enough to be upset about. I save on average a $100 per year over a traditional water tank setup.

Tank water heaters these are your traditional heater systems that hold a large reserve of water thats being constantly heated to maintain hot water. They are cheaper to purchase and install, but this system will cost you more energy in the long-run. Generally, a 40-gallon tank will provide enough hot water for 2-3 people and a 50-gallon will work for 3-4 people. 80-gallon systems are usually for a family of 5 or more.

How Do You Know If Your Water Heater Is Going Out

Different brands, models, and situations will impart different signs that your water heater is failing. But, in most cases, youll know you need a new water heater when:

  • Water is rusty or discolored, or theres a strange metallic taste

  • Water isnt heating up enough or at all

  • Loud pops and cracks

  • It leaksget it replaced immediately

  • Its 10 years old or older.

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Power Vent Gas Water Heater Prices

The price of a power vent gas water heater is $1,050 to $5,000, fully installed. Power heaters are more complex. They have moving parts that require electricity to direct the off-gasses to the vent. They can be installed much farther away from the wall, meaning they have more placement versatility. However, they do not function during an outage, even when they run on gas. When operational, they are much more efficient at moving gases out of the area than a direct vent unit.

How Much Does Installing Or Replacing A Water Heater Cost

Electric Water Heater Installation

The national average cost estimate to install or replace a hot water heater is around $2,000, including parts and labor.

One of the most significant factors when it comes to your water heater installation cost is the unit you choose to put in your home.

Standard tank storage water heaters and heat pump water heaters typically cost between $400 and $1,500, while high-efficiency tankless and condensing water heaters generally fall between $500 and $2,500, depending on the size and capability.

The more hot water youll need for your home, the larger and more powerful and more expensive the unit will be.

A 40-gallon tank will generally cost about two-thirds of a 50-gallon water heater, but it will provide significantly less hot water.

Additionally, the fuel source will affect your overall cost a bit. A solar tank will typically be the most costly, followed by an electric tank, a gas water heater, and finally one that is oil-fired.

In addition to the new unit cost, youll have to consider the labor costs involved in installing your water heater.

Most plumbers charge between $200 and $1,000 for this plumbing repair, while some have rates up to $2,000 for more complicated tanks or installations. This additional cost can be substantial, but its typically worth having an expert install your unit.

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How To Size A Water Heater

To calculate the size of water heater you need, take into account the number of people in your household and how much hot water they use.

Showers are generally the biggest users of hot water in most households and can use up to 20 gallons of water per person. But there are other appliances and activities in your home that use hot water:

Determine what time of day has the highest hot water use and calculate the gallons of water used during that high peak hour.

Cost Comparison: Gas Vs Electric Water Heaters

If you are concerned about the long-term energy costs of your water heater, an electric appliance is the most cost-effective choice. Electricity is slightly more expensive than natural gas when it comes to powering your device, although an electric water heater is marginally cheaper than a gas-powered heater. If youre considering other cost-saving measures like solar panels, an electric water heater can be a good choice.

An electric tank heater costs around $750 on average, with annual energy consumption weighing in at approximately $460. While a gas tank heater costs slightly more, yearly energy costs weigh in at around $350.

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Types Of Water Heaters

The two main types of water heaters are tank and tankless, and they both can run on electric power, gas, oil or propane. Tank-based water heaters can also run on solar power.

  • Gas: Gas water heaters are less energy-efficient than electric but have a faster recovery rate. They cost a bit more than electric systems but will save the user more on energy costs over the life of the unit.
  • Electric: Electric water heaters are around 95% energy-efficient but cost more over their life spans due to higher energy costs. However, those living in smaller houses or apartments may find them preferable.
  • Propane: A propane water heater is more expensive than gas or electric options, but it may be the only choice available to those living in rural areas or off-the-grid homes.
  • Oil: Like propane, oil-powered water heaters are more expensive than other energy types, but they are commonly found in older homes, especially in the Northeastern U.S.
  • Solar: A solar water heater costs, on average, $1,000 to $6,000, with installation costs of $2,000 to $4,000, though some houses may see a total price tag of $13,000 or more.
  • Hybrid heat pump: A hybrid system runs between $1,200 and $3,500. These systems usually give the homeowner the option of switching from a traditional water heater to an electric heat pump that extracts heat either from the air or geothermally. Because of the large amount of space needed for these units to perform, theyre generally only an option for bigger houses.

Should I Always Replace After Ten Years

New regs for water heaters could cost homeowners

In short, yes. But its always better to have your water heater inspected at ten years. If the plumber says that you dont need to replace it for a couple of years then trust them and wait until the next inspection.

But with tank water heaters, replace them or sure after fifteen years. Any more than that and you could have underlying problems that even an inspector couldnt catch. So replace it before then just to be safe.

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Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater

Hybrid heat pump water heater installation costs $1,500 to $4,400 for labor and materials or $1,200 to $2,800 for the unit alone. Hybrid systems pull heat from the surrounding air and pump it into the storage tank, making them up to three times more efficient than electric tank water heaters.

  • Works best in warm climates when installed in a hot garage or attic.
  • Taller than standard electric tanks and require 12′ x 12′ of open air space to operate efficiently.
  • Eligible for a federal tax credit of $300 and possibly additional rebates.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Water Heater In Florida

Buyers Guide

Are you in the market for a new water heater?

Generally, water heater installations in Florida will cost between $950 and $3,800. Multiple factors dictate how much you might end up paying for a water heater, such as:

To help you budget for the installation, well break down the cost factors listed above.

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Flushing Your Water Heater

Through daily use, your tank may accumulate debris and sediment. Over time, this sediment builds up. Eventually, this impedes your unit from working the way its supposed to. If your heater becomes noisy, that might mean theres a sediment build-up.

You can avoid this problem by draining your tank on a regular basis. This is pretty easy to do. Most tanks will have a release valve where you can eliminate surplus water and sediment. Check out your owners manual for instructions on how to do this safely.

Its recommended that you flush your tank at least once each year. If you notice sluggish performance, consider draining it more frequently.

If you are not comfortable draining the tank by yourself, you can hire a plumber. This is easy work, and a plumber will usually do it promptly. Youll just need to pay their typical hourly rate.

One way or the other, be sure you attend to this key maintenance task.

Hot Water Heaters Pricing And Installation Cost Checklist

Install a Tankless Water Heater
  • Expect the hot water heater prices to fluctuate between various companies each and every company have different operation expenses and over-head.
  • Try to get prices in late Fall, early winter you should expect aggressive pricing discounts by waiting for a contractors down season.
  • Try to budget and additional 7-15% more on top of what our calculator gives out for hot water heater costs.
  • Visit every supply house that sell your particular brand of hot water heater and try to negotiate a better price with each supplier I save on average 20%.
  • A hot water heater installation isnt an easy task to perform and can leave you with a sore back. You might find it more cost effective to hire a HVAC contractor to perform the work for you. HVAC companies will most always get better prices on Hot Water tanks saving your back and additional costs of hot water tank, so shop around, ask your neighbors if they can recommend someone.

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Electric Water Heater Price By Number Of Gallons

Tank-style heaters and hybrid-style heaters are sold by the number of gallons of water they hold. This ranges from 20 to 80 gallons for electric heaters, but most fall between 40 and 60 gallons. 20 and 30-gallon heaters are typically reserved for point-of-use, meaning they deliver water to a specific area. For example, if you build an addition with a new bathroom, you may purchase a 20 or 30-gallon heater for the addition rather than upgrading and rerouting the existing unit. Because they are not common, these heaters can cost as much as a larger, more standard-sized heater, which are made in larger amounts and can have lower costs.

At 80 gallons, it becomes too costly to heat the water using electricity, so 80-gallon models are generally hybrids. They can hold 80 gallons of water while providing some on-demand hot water, using a heat pump to help lower monthly costs.

Most households likely find that 40 to 60 gallons fits their familys needs. It is only households with things like performance shower systems or large freestanding bathtubs that may benefit from larger tanks. Below are the average costs for tank and hybrid-style electric heaters in varying sizes.

Number of Gallons
$2,600 – $3,000

Hiring A Plumber To Install A Water Heater

Hire a licensed plumber to install or replace a water heater. Before signing a contract, be sure to:

  • Get at least three estimates from licensed plumbers to compare.
  • Look for plumbers with experience installing tank or tankless water heaters.
  • Check out their reviews and previous work on HomeGuide, Google, and the Better Business Bureau .
  • Select companies that are licensed, insured, and bonded.
  • Make sure the quote includes removal of the old water heater.
  • Get an itemized estimate, contract, and warranty in writing before the work begins.
  • Never pay in full before the project starts. Follow a payment plan instead.

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How Much Does It Cost To Convert A Gas Water Heater To Electric

If you already have a gas water heater system in place and want to convert it to an electric one, you need to cover the costs of new electrical wiring and circuits. Converting a gas model to electric typically costs between $250 and $600 for the electrical work involved. You may also have costs associated with the removal and disposal of the gas unit, as well as the capping of the gas line. Expect these costs to be between $200 and $250 on average. With the cost of the electric unit and its installation, this makes your total costs $1,070 to $4,350, depending on the hot water system you install.

Keep in mind that converting from gas to electricity may raise your monthly costs because gas is generally less expensive than electricity. The only exception to this would be if you have installed solar panels and are hoping to lower your total energy costs.

Cost To Convert A Gas Water Heater To Electric

How to Replace a Water Heater Thermocouple

Converting from a gas to an electric water heater is straightforward and incurs minimal additional costs beyond those generally associated with a heater replacement. Expect to pay an extra $250 to $600 to run electrical lines and transition from a gas to an electric heater, which includes disconnecting from and capping your gas line and removal and disposal of the old unit. This makes your total costs between $870 and $4,100 for the replacement of a gas heater with a new electric model.

Natural gas is less expensive than electricity in most areas. Therefore, you may see higher monthly costs in addition to the conversion costs.

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Your Tank Makes A Lot Of Noise

What does it mean when your water heater tank makes a lot of racket? A noisy tank could point to a few potential problems. Chances are, youre dealing with one or more of these issues:

  • Parts inside the tank have either contracted or expanded.
  • Minerals and hard water scales have built up inside the tank.

There are a couple of ways to remedy this. First, have a magnesium or aluminum anode rod placed at the top of the tank. And second, make sure youre in the habit of draining your tank 1 time per year minimum.

Now, you may sometimes hear what sounds like a boiling noise coming from your unit. This is a different kind of hot water heater problem. What it means is that your unit is overheating. You may have a dangerous build-up of pressure. Make sure you call a plumber ASAP to look at it.

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