Cost Of Trane Ac Unit

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What Is The Difference Between A Heat Pump And An Air Conditioner

How Much Does a Trane Air Conditioner Cost?

An air conditioner can cool but cannot heat. A heat pump can cool in the same way but can also reverse itself to provide heat instead when needed. Air conditioners are typically paired with a furnace to heat the home during cold months.

Before hiring an AC company near you, be sure to:

  • Get at least three estimates to compare.
  • Look for a NATE-certified company with experience installing central AC units.
  • Select an HVAC contractor who will perform a complete home evaluation to assess your cooling needs.
  • Read reviews and check out their previous work on HomeGuide and Google.
  • Select companies that are insured, bonded, and have been in business longer than five years.
  • When comparing quotes, confirm they include equipment of the same size and quality.
  • Avoid selecting the lowest quote as quality may suffer.
  • Get a detailed estimate, contract, and warranty in writing before the work begins.
  • Never pay in full before the project starts. Follow a payment plan instead for work completed.

Run New Low Volt Thermostat Line

  • It is not very often we need to run a new thermostat line but, in some cases, it is required. If you have a single-stage air conditioner unit right now but you want to upgrade to the high efficient variable speed air conditioner, a new low volt line will need to run. The reason is so the thermostat can properly communicate to the AC unit. So, if you have a single-stage air conditioning unit and youre looking to upgrade to multi or variable, I would plan on upgrading the low volt line.

Ac Only Systems Save On Equipment And Labor

We mentioned that replacing just the outside unit and indoor coil is a possibility without replacing the furnace or air handler.

If that fits your situation, subtract these costs from the Itemized Cost Table:

  • Furnace or air handler
  • Roughly 40% of the installation charges
  • You might also get by without a new thermostat.

You can consider only replacing the AC equipment if the furnace or air handler:

  • Is in good condition
  • Is compatible with the new condensing unit Is the right capacity, has the right blower size and performance
  • This situation often occurs when one component fails earlier than it should. For example, if the furnace of a complete, new HVAC system must be replaced after 10 years due to a cracked heat exchanger, the AC might not be replaced at the same time. Then, 5-10 years later, the air conditioner does need replacing, but the furnace is relatively new.

    And so, it goes back and forth, replacing either the AC equipment or the furnace or air handler, until the homeowner decides to replace the whole system for purposes of energy efficiency, system performance or having a fresh warranty on all the equipment.

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    Ton Ac Unit Price Square Footage Models

    2 ton AC units generate 24,000 BTU of cooling power. They are usually used as small house air conditioners.

    Coverage-wise, 2 ton is enough to cool down:

    • 800 sq ft in warmer climates.
    • 960 sq ft in moderated climates.
    • 1,200 sq ft in colder climates.

    The best 2 ton AC units can cost between $1,500 and $5,000 .

    Here is a shortlist of the best Energy Star-rated 2 ton AC units by renowned central AC brands:

    2 Ton Series

    Lennox produces the 2 ton AC units with the highest 26 SEER rating.

    Model Breakdown And Comparison

    XV18 TruComfort Variable Speed Trane Air Conditioner

    The top-of-the-line model in Tranes offering is the XV20i TruComfort, an ultra-high-efficiency variable-speed air conditioner that will always keep your home at the temperature you want. Its specifically designed for quiet operation and durability, and it has TruComfort technology, ComfortLink II communication system, and CleanEffects air filtration system compatibility. Although this is a high-performing premium air conditioner, its probably going to be too powerful for most Canadians. The ultra-high SEER will come with an ultra-high price tag, but you wont see a vast improvement in energy savings because of Canadas milder summers. Air conditioners like this are for hotter climates with longer summers, and a Trane model with a SEER between 16 and 18 will likely provide more bang for your buck in the long run.

    • Compressor: Variable-speed
    • Ideal for: Homeowners in hotter climates with long heat waves and high humidity who want a powerful and highly efficient premium air conditioner with a lot of bells and whistles. In Canada, you might not need an air conditioner this powerful unless you live in a very large home or a very warm part of the country. This ultra-high SEER air conditioner is going to be very pricey, but in the right home and the right climate it will produce excellent energy savings and consistent temperatures.

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    How Much Do New Central Air Conditioners Cost

    The total cost of any central air conditioner is primarily comprised of 3 factors:

  • Price of the unit itself.
  • Installation cost.
  • Electricity costs.
  • When we talk about how much does a central air conditioner costs, we talk about the unit + installation. According to Home Advisor, the central air conditioner system costs between $3,811 and $7,476. The national average is thus $5,638.

    Some high-end 5 ton Trane air conditioners can cost more than $10,000 .

    Other low-end smaller 2 ton central air conditioners can cost as little as $2,000.

    When we will go through all the best central air conditioner brands, you will see the cost of installed units. Do keep in mind that those costs are only rough estimates with quite a big range the price of central air conditioner and installation does vary from state to state, from home to home, and from brand to brand.

    Most homeowners would obviously prefer to pay less for a central air conditioner. Why should you choose Goodman or Trane central AC, if you can get some no-brand central AC unit for $2000 less?

    For normal products, that logic makes complete sense. However, when it comes to choosing a central air conditioner, a long-lasting and recognizable brand is the safer choice altogether:

    Trane Model Numbers Explained

    All Trane products have unique model and serial numbers, each representing a different class of products. Trane recommends using its higher-end units because of the external technologies they use.

    For example, the best model Trane has to offer is the XV20i with its TruComfort technology. This technology allows the unit to run at precise speeds to regulate the inside temperature as and when required, thus saving electricity.

    Similarly, Trane VX18 is branded as the quietest unit with running noise going as low as 40-45 dB! Moreover, the XR14 is one of the most affordable air conditioners with the best SEER at low cost.


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    Trane Ac Prices By Model

    $6,020 $8,280

    Note: The above table is updated on Jan 2022 and shows the average cost based on a 16 SEER Unit with a Single Stage Air Handler. System Installed Cost includes the whole equipment cost and national average installation cost.

    Before installing your air conditioner, an HVAC contractor needs to size your system by Manual J calculation. This will take into accounts factors like where you live, how much insulation you have, windows types and directions, and everything else. Then you will get a right-sized ac unit ranging from 1.5 ton to 5 ton. You can use our AC Sizing Calculator to get a suitable size in a minute.

    How To Find A Good Trane Contractor

    Trane XR16 Air Conditioner Review

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    You can check if your contractor has the Comfort Specialists Certification. According to information from the Trane official website, it meets the highest standards when it comes to unit installation and, customer service and contractor training. Trane Comfort Specialists are required to sell a decent amount of Trane products annually, and it will be withdrawn if the contractor can get an average of 90 rating for customer satisfaction. North American Technician Excellence is another persuasive certification that we have mentioned many times.

    Lastly, you had better avoid Trane exclusive contractor who only sells Trane products. Most exclusive dealers have higher pricing and always recommend you to install high-end units.

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    Tax Credits Special Offers & Rebates

    When purchasing your new central ac system, it never hurts to review all savings opportunities you may be eligible for. In addition to specific units qualifying for both federal and state tax credits, Trane offers attractive financing and rebate offers on specific units. The links to each is listed below.

    Trane Air Conditioner Overview

    Before a contractor is even able to install your new air conditioning unit, he or she will first have to determine where your climate, how much insulation you have, the windows and your home size. With this information, they will be able to determine the correct A/C unit size, which can range from a 1.5 ton to 5-ton unit.

    Trane offers a unique spine-fine coil system made of pure aluminum, which increases the systems durability and SEER rating.

    Extra features, depending on the model, includes programmable thermostats, filter alters, sound dampening features and/or remote access, making it possible to access your A/C settings via a smartphone.

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    Central Ac Installation Costs

    Before you think, these prices cant be right! please understand that we draw from a range of credible sources including manufacturer pricing, local HVAC contractor estimates, and actual receipts shared by homeowners.

    $4,800 to $14,000 AC Equipment Only Use the Old Furnace or Air Handler: Keep in mind that replacing the entire system is the best strategy for efficiency, durability, and indoor climate control because installed components are matched to work together.

    $7,700 to $22,000+ Complete System: These systems include either a central AC plus a gas furnace or a heat pump plus an air handler.

    $14,200 Most Popular System: If we had to pick a single cost estimate for the average-size, 2-stage split central air conditioning system, this would be it.

    Is Trane A Good Air Conditioner

    Trane 4 Ton XR17 Air Conditioner &  TAM Air Handler

    Trane air conditioners consistently rank above average in consumer satisfaction and dependability.

    There are two reasons for this.

    • Trane quality is good
    • Trane is choosy about who installs its equipment

    Quality: We shouldnt get too carried away about quality. The truth is that many brands use quality components in fact, they use some of the same reliable third-party components.

    A few brands use cheaper internal components in some of their ACs to keep cost down.

    Trane uses the best parts available. That sets it apart.

    Installation: This is a better way to differentiate Trane from brands like Goodman and Rheem that arent considered as reliable.

    The saying in the industry is that installation day is the most important day in an air conditioners life. If it is installed properly, it will likely run efficiently and durably.

    Trane only allows certified installers to sell and install its equipment. Many have been trained in Tranes factory. This isnt unique to Trane, but many brands allow less-qualified personnel to install its equipment. As a result, it breaks down more often.

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    What Are The Extra Costs

    The higher-end models do offer a communicating system for an additional monthly fee. This 2-wire control circuit will control the entire system, adjusting the whole system according to the outdoor elements.

    The installation rates will vary from region to region, and if an air conditioning unit is being installed for the first time, then the ductwork may need to be installed and/or modified, increasing the time the installer needs to spend at your home. The same can be said about older ductwork that may need to be replaced.

    Trane Hvac System Price & Buying Guide For 2021

    Home> Trane HVAC System Price & Buying Guide For 2021

    Trane has carved a niche for itself when it comes to home HVAC systems. The best thing about these products is that they are innovative, well-built, are of high quality, and most importantly, energy-efficient. As per surveys and consumer reports, Trane HVAC and AC systems are the most preferred by consumers. The company works incessantly on improving its products so that consumers can get the best comfort levels from the systems. Apart from the products, the service of the company is excellent. Whenever you look for a Trane HVAC technician near me, you are sure to find the best man at your service.

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    Coleman Cost: $3100 $5800

    Coleman is a smaller central AC brand that produces good air conditioners. The company is primarily focused on manufacturing camping gear, including propane and gasoline stoves.

    They offer 1 line of central AC units in 2021:

    • Coleman AC21B Series: 5 models of 19.25-20 SEER units that range from 2 ton to 4.5 ton units.

    Coleman might not be the most well-recognized brand like Carrier or Trane, but they do offer their central AC units at budget-friendly rates. With installation, the total cost of Coleman central AC units is between $3,100 and $5,800.

    Lennox Cost: $3400 $7200

    Low Performance Trane AC unit lack of maintenance serviced

    Lennox Internation is one of the oldest US-based HVAC companies. Established in 1895 by Dave Lennox, this Iowian company has always been at the forefront of the newest HVAC technologies, and they are readily implementing and upgrading their models every 5 years or so.

    The integration of new technologies has enabled Lennox to come up with Lennox XC25 series 2 ton AC units. Thats the one with an outstanding 26 SEER rating something unheard of only 5 years prior.

    Here are all the current Lennox Energy Star rated series of central air conditioners in 2021:

  • Lennox XC20 Series: 20 SEER units available in 2, 3, and 4 ton cooling capacities. They are 35% more energy-efficient than 14 SEER rated units, with the exception of 19 SEER rated 5 ton unit.
  • Lennox XC21 Series: 18 and 20 SEER units with up to 4 ton cooling capacity.
  • Lennox XC25 Series: There are 4 units in this line. 20 SEER 5 ton unit, 21 SEER 4 ton unit, 23 SEER 3 ton unit, and the incredible 26 SEER 2 ton unit that is a true energy-saver. Its comprised of XC25-024-230-** outdoor and CBX40UHV-024*+TDR indoor unit and has a total lifetime cost to operate of only $1,134 .
  • All Lennox central AC units have a 1/2 degree thermostat preciseness. That means that the variable speed compressor Lennox uses will hold the temperature almost exactly as you set it.

    To control the thermostat, Lennox has developed Lennoxs iComfort S30 Ultra-Smart smart feature that enables the connection of the thermostat to a smartphone.

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    Additional Considerations And Costs

    • Lifespan. Most central air conditioners last between 15 and 20 years, but this varies by size, climate, and use.
    • Maintenance. Typical maintenance for central air conditioning involves changing the filter seasonally and having it inspected and serviced yearly.
    • Top manufacturers. There are many quality brands and manufacturers for 3-ton AC units. These include Trane, Carrier, Lennox, Bryant, Goodman, and Rheem.
    • . Most AC units have the condenser mounted outdoors, while the is located indoors. You need a outdoors for mounting the condenser.
    • Permit. In some areas, permits may be required to install a new AC unit. Check with your local municipality for more information.
    • Rebates. Some manufacturers offer rebates to help lower your costs. In some areas, you may also get rebates for installing a higher-efficiency unit. Speak to your installer about what rebates may be available in your area.

    Pricing Of Air Conditioning Units By Trane In 2021

    There are different factors on which the prices of Trane air conditioning units depend. Some of the most common factors include the model types , the weightage of the unit, the efficiency rating of the device as well as the location of the Trane dealer. In this article, we will cover some of the factors, and the pricing associated with the same.

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    What’s More Important Than Brand

    When its time to buy a new air conditioner, the first question you probably ask is what brand should I buy?

    While brand can be important for some reasonssuch as how easy it is to get replacement partsthe truth is that the name on the outside of the cabinet isn’t as important as a lot of other things.

    Only a handful of manufacturers are responsible for most of the air conditioner brands out there, in the same way that the same parent company makes both Trane and American Standard air conditioners.

    As a result, its more important to find an air conditioner in your budget, thats the right size, thats got a high-efficiency rating, that has the features you want, and that has the noise performance you need. And at the top of the list: its more important to find a contractor thats licensed, insured, trained, and certified.

    There are many reasons you should work with a professional and reputable HVAC contractor, including that theyll be able to:

    • Suggest possible brands and models that will work with your current system
    • Do a load calculation and size your air conditioner
    • Install the air conditioner properly, without damaging it or voiding the warranty
    • Make sure the A/C is working at peak efficiency
    • Help with registration and rebate applications
    • Be available for repairs, annual maintenance, and emergency service down the road
    • Install and integrate HVAC add-ons like thermostats and air cleaners

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