Car Ac Not Blowing Air

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Are You Looking For A Car Ac Repair Near You

How to Fix Car AC that’s Not Blowing Cold Air

If so, Ace Car Care Center on Avon Street Extended in Charlottesville, VA is here to help. Our certified AC technicians use professional equipment to ensure a proper fix to your cars AC. Having your cars A/C recharged typically costs only a few hundred dollars. Costs for AC repair can vary based on your cars specifications, and the exact diagnosed problem. As we are reviewing the issue we will keep you updated so you have an understanding of any associated costs that will go along with fixing your AC unit.

How Much Might Repairing Air Con Cost

This depends on what the problem is. For a start, air con is tricky to sort out by the home mechanic. The refrigerant can be harmful to the environment so its best to get a trained technician on the job.

Unfortunately, if it is the condenser thats causing the leaking air con and needs replacing, itll be a costly job. The part is expensive and youll need to have the system fully charged with gas. As a result, youll be looking at the thick end of £500, even if you have the job done by an independent garage.

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Car Ac Not Blowing Or Is Your Car Ac Fan Not Working

If your cars AC isnt blowing air, it could be a problem with your cars fan. Most vehicles today have one multi-speed fan that blows air through a series of ducts and vents based on the drivers selection in their climate control system. These different speeds are usually controlled through a set of resistors or a small computer module which is controlled by the fan switch. The blower motor resistor or blower module gets hot as it powers the fan so, often times, they can burn out causing certain speeds of the fan in your car to stop working, the fan can be stuck on one speed, only work on high speed, or not work on any settings. Since these resistors get hot, many car manufacturers will install them into the ventilation ducts of your car to keep them cool. Changing them can be as easy as removing two screws and one electrical connection and installing a new set of resistors or a new module which are available at your local parts store. Although each vehicle is a little bit different, these systems are often very similar so this instructional article may be helpful. Another reason why your car AC fan is not working could be due to your cabin air filter. Cabin air filters serve as a filter to the outside air coming into your car to make sure it is clean and not filled with contaminants. However, if this air filter isnt changed, it can become clogged which can prevent full force air circulation through your cars ventilation system.

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Ac Compressor Is Not Engaging

The AC compressor is a critical part of the vehicles HVAC system. It circulates the refrigerant around by allowing it to suck up hot air. The AC compressor cools the refrigerant and recirculates it for further cooling.

When the AC compressor malfunctions, it shows signs such as car shakes when AC is on, growling noises, and diminished airflow.

A critical part of the AC that makes the cooling process possible is known as the shaft. This is the component that rotates when the AC is on. The shaft pushes against a clutch to kickstart the cooling process. When the clutch refuses to engage, the shaft will rotate freely without any cooling.

Fortunately, troubleshooting this issue is straightforward. Turn the AC to the heat mode. Then, pop the hood and locate the compressor. Youll see a disk on the pulley side of the compressor. This is the clutch, and it should not be moving when running the heat setting. Now, go back to the car, switch to cool mode, and check if the clutch is moving. If its disengaged, its not working correctly and needs to be replaced.

How Car Air Conditioner Works

Car A/C Not Blowing Cold Air

Automobile air conditioning systems are used to cool the interior air of the vehicle in hot weather. Whether you are talking about the home air conditioning or the car, both of them are used to make hot air cool.

The car conditioner works by cycling refrigerant. First, the air conditioner makes refrigerant gas into a liquid and then brings it back to the gas state again, and that gas blows from the air conditioner and makes the car interior cool. Understanding how an air conditioner works is that simple.

Knowing what a car air conditioning system is and how it works helps you diagnose why car AC is not blowing cold air when idle. So, lets know why it happens to your aircon.

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No : You Have An Electrical Problem

There are several things that can cause electrical problems for your cars air conditioning. These can include failed switches, a blown fuse, a problem with the control module or something else. Fuses can short out and make the A/C stop working or a loose connection can create an electrical short that is easily fixed.

While electrical issues in the air conditioning system are often easy to fix, they need to be addressed immediately, since they can cause acid buildup. Acid buildup can cause serious damage to your vehicle and can even lead to needing to replace the entire air conditioning system. Staying on top of problems will keep this from happening.

Why Is My Ac Blower Not Blowing Cold Air

The second problem you may have on a hot day is having your ventilation system continue to only blow warm air or hot air even when the air conditioner is turned on. This problem has to do with your air conditioning system itself. Your air conditioning system uses a refrigerant, a compressor, an expansion valve and two heat exchangers to manage air flow and cool the air inside the cabin of your vehicle. Therefore, it is possible that your car is low on refrigerant that is preventing your air conditioning from working properly. This is the most common reason for why your cars AC is not blowing cold air. For a more in-depth look at automotive air conditioning systems, read this How Stuff Works article! With little or no use during a long winter, the air conditioning system may have problems when re-engaged. Occasionally there could be problems with the compressor, but usually, the problem is a slow leak that has caused enough refrigerant to leak out causing your air conditioner to malfunction.

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Understanding Your Vehicle’s Ac System

The air conditioning system in your vehicle can be complex due to the location of the hoses and lines. Essentially, your vehicle’s AC system compresses and heats the refrigerant, then allowing it to decompress and condense into a liquid that causes it to rapidly lose heat. This process absorbs heat from the car’s cabin and is continuously repeated to achieve your desired temperature.

The basic concept is much easier to understand when the components are broken down, as follows:

  • The compressor runs off an engine belt that squeezes or compresses the gaseous refrigerant.
  • Once it has been pressurized, the condenser cools it down through a series of finned tubes where it returns to a liquid state. This liquid will then pass through a dryer or receiver that removes excess water to eliminate the risk of ice crystal formations inside the AC system.
  • Next the liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator via a thermal expansion valve where it is then exposed to heat from the vehicle’s cabin. At this point the fluid boils, reducing it to a gas form once again. During this process the heat from the surrounding air is absorbed causing the evaporator coil to chill. Finally, it is redistributed throughout the cabin by the blowing fan through the vents as cool, crisp air-conditioned air.

Here are the top 3 reasons why your car AC may not be blowing cold air:

How Can We Help

Front vents NOT blowing air~~~~QUICK FIX

Just because your car air conditioner has stopped cooling doesnt mean that all is lost. In fact, the fix may be a relatively inexpensive repair that can be done in just a matter of minutes. We understand that this can be an extremely frustrating thing to happen to your vehicle, so we wanted to equip you with the necessary knowledge to troubleshoot these things on your own if possible.

If youre still having trouble trying to fix these issues yourself though, and youre in the Central Missouri area, then feel free to give us a call or stop by our repair shop. Wed be happy to have our experienced ASE-certified technicians take a look and get you back on the road in no time.

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Clogged Cabin Air Filter

Dirty AC filter is the leading cause of weak AC airflow. The pollen filter, also known as the cabin air filter or microfilter, is responsible for filtering the air that the passengers breathe in the cabin. A dirty filter causes the overall ventilation of the interior to deteriorate resulting in reduced cooling and airflow. It also puts unnecessary strain on the entire AC system which negatively impacts the fuel economy.

There is no prescribed time for changing cabin air filter, but most manufacturers recommend a change after 10,000-20,000 miles. If you drive your vehicle in dusty or polluted environment, the filter can get dirty much sooner than manufacturers recommendation.

How A Car Air Conditioning System Works

A vehicles A/C system cools cabin air by cycling refrigerant through a closed loop, in various physical states. Each of these changes in state directly correlates to temperature/pressure fluctuations within the system.

In order to facilitate proper operation, a vehicles A/C system must contain the proper amount of refrigerant, and be free of atmospheric air contamination.

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Problem: Air Is Cool But Does Not Get Cold

Most often this issue is due to low refrigerant. When there is not enough refrigerant in the system the pressure is reduced which prevents the clutch from triggering the compressor to begin its cycle. If enough refrigerant is in the system it could also be caused by:

  • Blocked or Failed Condenser The condenser is the device that takes the refrigerant from its gaseous state by removing the heat and transforming it back into a liquid state. If the condenser has a blockage or is otherwise damaged, the air coming through the vents will not be cold.
  • Failed Clutch Switch If this component is not functioning, the air compressor will be unable to operate, thus preventing it from condensing the liquid refrigerant into gas.

Solution: A technician will need to test these major components to look for blockages, damage, or failure and replace them as necessary.

Reason #: Your Car Is Leaking Refrigerant

Why is My Car Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air?

A refrigerant leak can occur at any point in the air conditioning process and so its sometimes difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. The most common places where leaks are found are at A/C unit hose connections.

Its sometimes possible to see an oily substance accumulating around these connection, which is likely the source of the leak. You or a technician can use a sealant found at most auto parts stores to close the leak.

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Car Heater Not Blowing Hot Air: A Bad Blower Fan Motor

The blower fan located behind the dashboard pushes air through the climate control vents. If the heater isn’t blowing hot air at you when you turn the system on, the blower fan might have a problem. Either it’s not getting electrical power or, more likely, the motor itself has simply burned out. A blower motor in an older vehicle is likely to burn out over time, and may need replacement.

Car Ac Repair: What To Do When Your Cars Air Conditioner Stops Working

If youve ever sat stranded in an endless traffic jam baking away on a 100-degree summer day without air conditioning, youll agree that a functional car air conditioning system is essential. Yet unlike many simple repairs, automotive AC systems are often misunderstood and can be costly to fix. If something goes wrong, a little familiarity with your auto air conditioning system will help you understand the severity of the problem when talking with your mechanic and can save you money on the repair.

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Moisture Leaking From Your Ac Vents Or Dashboard

Another tell-tale sign that your cars air conditioning unit is in need of a check-up by a technician is the sight of water inside your cabin. Air conditioners are supposed to blow air, without any noticeable moisture. See if there is any moisture leaking out from the air vents.

One place that is especially easy to spot, is the carpets or floor mats. If theyre feeling a bit damp without any discernible reason, then its another sign that your AC unit is leaking moisture into the cabin.

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Reasons Why Car Ac Is Not Blowing Cold Air

Car Ac Not Blowing Enough Air Thru Vents | How To Fix it

Nothing feels as good as turning on your cars AC on a hot day and having a blast of cold air rushing over your skin. Warm air, however, is annoying, which brings us to todays topic reasons why car AC is not blowing cold air.

There are many reasons for this problem, but the most common ones include a refrigerant leak, an AC compressor thats not engaging, electrical issues, and many other issues. Before you rush to the nearest dealership, lets understand these problems because some are easy to fix at home.

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Diagnosing A Broken Ac With Ac Manifold Gauges

Step 1: Turn off the engine. Turn off your cars engine.

Step 2: Locate the pressure ports. Open the hood and locate the high and low pressure ports on the AC system.

Step 3: Install the gauges. Install your gauges and start the engine back up with the AC on Max or high.

Step 4: Check your pressure. Depending on the outside temperature, your low side pressure should be typically around 40psi and typically the high side will vary from 170psi to 250psi. This is depending on the size of the AC system, as well as the ambient temperature outside.

Step 5: Verify the read-outs. If one or both pressure readings are out of range, this is verification your vehicle has a non working air conditioner.

If the system is low or completely out of refrigerant, you have a leak and it will need to be inspected as soon as possible. Leaks are commonly found at the condenser but leaks can also appear where pipe fittings and hoses come together. Typically you will see oily dirt around the joints or area of the leak. If a leak cannot be detected visually, the leak may be too small to see, or even deep inside the dashboard. These kinds of leaks are unable to be seen and will need to be inspected by a certified mechanic, such as one from

Step 6: Re-charge the system. Once you find the leak and have it repaired, the system needs to be charged with the proper amount of refrigerant and the system needs to be rechecked for proper function.

Faulty Heat Controller / Air Condition Control Unit

The last cause on this list is a faulty heat controller. If this fails, it may send the wrong signal to the blend door actuator, and this may cause it to blow hot air instead of cold.

Most older cars have wires for this, but newer cars have an electronic signal between these, which can fail. The Air condition control unit is often quite expensive, and it is recommended to check the other things first.

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The Compressor Is Not Engaging

There are a variety of things that can cause this. It may be caused by an electrical failure in the A/C compressor circuit. Your car may be overheating, which can cause this problem. Additionally, the coolant may be low.Today’s vehicles are controlled via computer. If the computer senses a problem, then the air conditioner is often the first system that is shut down. You can have a part replaced if it is not functioning properly.

How To Unclog The Air Vents In Your Car

Ac Not Working In Car After Winter : Car Heater Blowing Cold Air: Let

When you’re doing some routine cleaning of your car you might give the outside of your vents a quick wipe down to keep them clean, but it’s possible if the ducts themselves are clogged that could be what’s preventing your air conditioner from blowing air into the cabin. If that’s the case, there are some methods that you can try to clean your ducts and get the air flowing again.

For the parts of the vent that you are capable of reaching right from the cabin of your vehicle you can use some small paint brushes, especially those small foam brushes that look like little wedges on a stick to clean in between the slats in your vents as deeply as you can. This should get out a lot of the excess dust and debris that’s clogging things up.

If you want a deeper clean you can always go with a cleaning solution, either one you buy from a store or even a homemade solution that you make with something as simple as equal parts warm water and white vinegar. You can also add a little lemon juice if the smell of vinegar isn’t something you want to have in your car. Just use this on the foam brush and scrub out all the events in your vehicle as deeply as you can.

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