Best Aftermarket Ac For Classic Cars

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Adding Factory Style Air Conditioning

Installing Air Conditioning in Your Classic Car

The job of adding AC to a classic car is a lot easier when factory air-conditioning was an available option on your exact model. Both aftermarket and the manufacturers original equipment are available to fit these cars. Factory style heating and air-conditioning control panels are offered in kits with template type brackets that make the finished installation look like it was always there and belongs on the automobile.

As an example of the contents of the kit, check out the Ford galaxy 500. On this specific model, the kit includes an evaporator assembly, condenser and mounting kit, exact fit AC hoses, compressor with high and low-pressure cut-off switches and all of the mounting brackets to facilitate a professional looking, fully operational air-conditioning system.

Another popular option when adding factory style air-conditioning to a car it was available on from the factory, is to source these parts from a junkyard. Most components like the control panel, compressor and hoses are straightforward in removal. The more difficult parts will be the evaporator, retrieval of brackets and mounting hardware if the car has been exposed to the elements for a long period of time. Keep in mind that junkyard parts can be reconditioned by companies that specialize in vintage AC.

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Custom Aftermarket A/C Systems for Classic& Vintage Cars The Haymaker-S, Vapir 2-S, Vapir 3-S, Bantam-S, and Cyclone-S systems are built around all of our best innovations. If you want ultimate style and killer performance for your hot rod, street rod, classic or vintage car then look no further than Restomod Airs custom aftermarket air conditioning systems.

For over 28 years, Classic Auto Air has provided the highest quality classic and vintage auto air conditioning systems and climate control systems for the widest range of cars and trucks. Your prized Street Rod deserves the best, so your vintage auto air conditioning should be built to last and enhance the value and prestige of your vehicle..

May 20, 2019 · The Vintage Air kit is not like the knee-knocker units of days-gone-by that bolted to the bottom of your dash and frequently gave your knees something to complain about. Vintage Air HVAC units are a complete heat, cool, and defrost system. The units integrate themselves into the car where the factory heater box once took up residence..

Custom Aftermarket A/C Systems for Classic& Vintage Cars The Haymaker-S, Vapir 2-S, Vapir 3-S, Bantam-S, and Cyclone-S systems are built around all of our best innovations. If you want ultimate style and killer performance for your hot rod, street rod, classic or vintage car then look no further than Restomod Airs custom aftermarket air conditioning systems.

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What Are The Top Classic Auto Air Products

From the popular Chevrolet muscle cars to the classic Ford trucks, Classic Auto Air offers specifically designed kits to ensure an easy installation every time. JEGS has thousands of compressors, condensers, and other Classic air conditioning parts, ready to ship out today, with free shipping on any order over $99.

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Florida Vintage Air Installation Services

High-Quality Specialty Auto Cooling: Vintage Air Installation Services

We work on all types of cars and vehicles. While we specialize on classic car repair services, we are also experts on installing and upgrading classic auto air-conditioning systems. We offer custom and standard Vintage Air installation systems and regularly have customers coming from Tampa and Orlando to have us do theirs.

Air conditioning, especially in Florida, is a necessity. It is the difference between wanting to drive your car in the summer and leaving it in the garage covered up. We all can live with the lack of power options on our classics, but the lack of A/C in a classic car can be a miserable situation. Fortunately, there are a bunch of options available for upgrading your classic auto air-conditioning with a Vintage Air installation.

Whether you want to upgrade an old, tired R-12 air conditioning to a modern, efficient R-134 system from Vintage Air, or if your classic car or hot rod never had any at all, we offer affordable options. Many of our customers cars never had factory air conditioning originally, and we have fabricated custom systems for them.

If you want to keep your classic period-correct and it has factory A/C that is missing a few components or needs some repair, we can typically find the parts and get you back on the road in comfort. Main Street Automotive also does maintenance and repair on modern A/C systems. We can help you enjoy your vehicle with the utmost comfort.

Best Air Conditioning Factory Ford Or Aftermarket

Universal Air Conditioning &  Heater Kit 400mm
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im rebuilding my factory AC next springI decided R134-Sanden with CCA Cond and dryer. Im hoping to use my original evap corethe sanden wont look original but im not concors anyway and do not want to rebuild/retrofit a dinosaur

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Features a cotton-gauze K& N Filtercharger air filter – washable and … Take a look at the left column to see all the brands we have available for aftermarket and JDM … Excl. Tax: £239.95 Incl. Tax: £287.94. Add to Cart. Get the best deals on performance auto parts for your Chevy C/K Series. We carry a. An undercharged system will show lower operating pressures and poor performance, as well. Prior to charging, an A/C system must be evacuated for a minimum of 30 minutes at 75 degrees F with a. Depending on the kit, you get everything you need to bring modern airconditioning to your classiccar or truck. Most come with evaporator kit, condenser, compressor, drier package, and even hardware and brackets. Your ride looks hot but feels cool when you install an airconditioning kit from Summit Racing! Individual Parts Part Groups.

Buying Products From Online Stores Has Other Benefits

Online shopping offers a number of advantages. Here are a few reasons why you should purchase aftermarket air conditioning for classic cars from Online Store. Here are some of the top benefits:

Prices at the best price

The best part about online shopping is that it offers things at very competitive prices. Many of these retailers have relationships with a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers, which allows them to offer the best discounts. Additionally, there are no intermediaries, which means extra expenses are reduced.


While sitting at home, you can compare the same goods on many websites at the same time. You may then choose the product to purchase based on the ratings. In this way, you may obtain better quality than traditional purchasing.


Buying from online retailers becomes more trustworthy since they display consumer feedback. When you encounter a flaw, you have the option to fix it.

You may be enticed to buy from certain shops due to their exceptional customer service.

A large array

Customers of online retailers are large. Thousands of people buy online every day. A growing number of people are shopping online due to the epidemic.

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Three A/c Companies To Help You Out This Summer

There’s nothing cool about cruising with no A/C. LRM takes a look at three companies that’ll help you out this summer.

When it comes to adding aftermarket air conditioning to your classic car it becomes a touchy subject that’s often frowned upon. For starters, there are purists who believe that a classic car should only be restored to the specifications they were built to, and then there are the countless others who are weary because of bad personal experiencesor the countless amount of horror stories they’ve heard about either repairing or replacing an A/C unit.

This segment of the industry has always been clouded by doubt. From poor performing factory air, unknowledgeable technicians, and the costly bills associated with repairing or modding vehicles to accept aftermarket airthese are just some of the issues on the list.

Fast-forward to present day and things have changeddrastically. The heat that once surrounded A/C talk has now cooled off and since been replaced with rave reviews, all thanks to advancement in technology.

Today we have available to us aftermarket air conditioning kits that are easy to install, reliable, and there’s a multitude of options to fit your specific platform. These replacement units make repairing older A/C compressors a thing of the past and there’s options to choose from. From vehicle specific, to universal platforms, each of the companies listed below have units that are sure to keep you coolin’ out.

Vintage Air Reviews Around The Web

Perfect Fit Elite Air Conditioning System With Compressor | Classic Auto Air | 1965-66 Mustang

Want to know what your fellow classic car enthusiasts are saying about this brand? Youre in luck – we’ve complied some insightful reviews about Vintage Air products.

The Chevy Nova enthusiasts at Steves Nova Site rave about the modern technology implemented in Vintage Air products. They like how Vintage Air systems operate off electronic control panels rather than cables like their competitors. User Chevy Kid wrote, Look at any high end build in a magazine, and Vintage Air. Another user, 62convert, chimed in with, could not be any happier with installation and performance. only way it would have been easier was if it installed itself. You cannot tell are replacements.

Reddit user Jehannum_505 installed a Vintage Air system in his GTO, and hes pleased with the results. It was easy to install, he wrote. simple to program and the fit/finish is great. user Joe Harrison compared Vintage Air to a major competitor, concluding that Vintage Air systems were built better. has some nice formed parts and has some cheesy plastic parts with foam, he wrote. The Vintage Air instructions, brackets and some other things look a little more well thought out to me.

Its safe to deduce from all these rave reviews that Vintage Air is the high-performance A/C brand of choice for many.

Ready to buy a Vintage Air component or system for your classic Chevy? Browse our Vintage Air catalog and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Why Should You Use An Online Store

If you search for product reviews, you might notice an eerie similarity. Internet retailers dominate the top spots. Do you wonder why online stores are so popular?

We live in a digital age where everyone is looking for easier solutions. In other words, for internet shopping, it is only a matter of time before you can buy any goods such as aftermarket air conditioning for classic cars. Things can be purchased and canceled effortlessly anytime and anywhere.

Take advantage of internet retailers to discover multiple brands for the same product. In addition, you can compare prices on these sites. You can easily navigate through the product pages and spend your money wisely.

Right in the palm of your hand, you can find some wonderful offers at a reasonable cost. Whats not to like?

Adding Ac To A Classic Car

Some hard-core collectors consider it sacrilegious to add an air-conditioning system to a vintage or classic muscle car that didn’t come with it from the factory. For those seeking comfort, the upgrade option is available on even some of the rarest automobiles. Here we’ll talk about the acquisition of replicated manufacturer type and standalone aftermarket systems. Review installation obstacles and the price ranges to help you decide whether up fitting your classic is right for you.

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Rejuvenating An Old System

Evaluate: The steps in rejuvenating an old system overlap substantially with a from-scratch installation, but they begin with an evaluation of the existing system. Is it complete? Was it working until recently, but the refrigerant leaked out, or were the hoses cut and the compressor thrown in the garbage sometime during the Carter administration? Sometimes, the only components remaining are the evaporator assembly under the dash and the console around it, which on the one hand is okay because thats usually the only component youd want to reuse anyway, but if hoses were cut or youre changing to R134a, the evaporator will need to be removed and flushed, and depending on the car, getting it out without damaging old fragile vinyl, particle board, and plastic can be the most challenging part of the repair.

Leak testing: One major distinction between rejuvenating and retrofitting is the nature of leak-testing. With retrofitting, youre starting off with all new hoses, so unless you screwed something up, the system should be leak-free, and if there is a leak, its usually at an incorrectly crimped fitting. In contrast, on an old system, leaks can be anywhere and everywherein the middle of hoses, from the compressor seal, from inside the evaporator assembly anywhere.

What To Consider Before Purchasing Aftermarket Air Conditioning For Classic Cars How To Buy The Best

Universal Air Conditioning Unit With Heater

Do you want the best aftermarket air conditioning for classic cars? You have found the right place since your quest has brought you here. When you no longer have to search through thousands of articles online to find the perfect product, youll thank us.

Selecting a product from the many options available is not a problem. Throughout the editing process, our staff considered both the upsides and downsides of this post. What are you looking forward to? Have a go!

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ITS TRUE what they say: Happy wife equals happy life. Phillip Vella was getting married and his XY HO replica was going to be the bridal ride, so to ensure his betrothed doesnt get all hot and bothered on her big day, he figured hed better fit an air conditioner. Rohan Hutson from Australian Auto Air is here to show us how its done.

Any air-conditioning system that was fitted to a classic streeter as original equipment will usually be well past its use-by date, and the mandatory replacement of R-12 refrigerant gas with R-134a is another issue. Its possible to convert your original system over to R-134a, but it has to be in top condition, and if an a/c system hasnt been running for some time, it wont be. So, youll probably have to replace an old factory unit.

The easiest way to air-condition a street machine these days is to fit a new system designed to run on R-134a from the outset, like the Vintage Air unit shown above. People have been known to transfer OEM R-134a systems from one car into another, but often this doesnt work very well. On the other hand, aftermarket systems like those offered by Vintage Air are designed to fit the widest range of cars, and they work properly. Theyre also pretty easy to fit.

Bnt Portable Air Conditioner

Even though BNT is not as well-known as other brands yet still manages to provide the best quality products. So, we include this in our list of portable ACs that keep away the sultry air in hot summer.

This mini portable AC offers fine spray that brings humidity and coolness in dry & hot summer. With its three adjustable wind speeds, you can adjust them to stay comfortably. It has a built-in 2 X 1800 mAh rechargeable battery lasting up to 5 7 hours and USB Type-C charging.

It consists of a 200 ml water tank and a digital LED screen showing the remaining power to charge the model. It is lightweight, compact, portable, easy to move around, and ideal to use in the study room, bedroom, couch, workspace, or dining table. Also, it has a built-in soft light that acts as a night lamp. BNT offers a 1-year manufacturer warranty along with a 30-day money-back guarantee upon any dissatisfaction.

Best Features

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Buying Guide For The Best Portable Ac For Car

Portable air conditioners are perfect for cars since there is already a very limited installation space available below your dashboard. On top of that, you will have to choose the option that can offer a satisfying performance and create a chilled environment without spending a fortune. Therefore, we have crafted this list of the best portable ACs that are specifically designed for cars.

While you are buying one, you have to be aware of many characteristics that you would find on an AC. On top of that, there are some additional factors that you should know since there are compact and possibly battery-powered units. To offer you in-depth knowledge about these factors, we have prepared the following buying guide right here. In this guide, we will discuss such properties in detail and let you know how these qualities affect the performance of the AC in day-to-day usage.

Compact Full Size & Ultra Compact Air Conditioning Systems:

Vintage Air Vs Classic Auto Air
Welcome to the world of the Haymaker-S, Vapir 2-S, Vapir 3-S, Bantam-S, and Cyclone-S. Behind all the sleek and stylish looks of our vents, controls, and bulkheads lies the heart of the high-performance custom aftermarket air conditioning systems that everyone is talking about. All 4 have ultra-high-performance capabilities that are unmatched by any other custom aftermarket air conditioning systems on the market for your classic car.
The Haymaker-S, Vapir 2-S, Vapir 3-S, Bantam-S, and Cyclone-S systems are built around all of our best innovations. If you want ultimate style and killer performance for your hot rod, street rod, classic or vintage car then look no further than Restomod Airs custom aftermarket air conditioning systems. The Haymaker-S is a full-size custom air conditioning system, the Vapir 2-S, Vapir 3-S are compact custom air conditioning systems, and the Bantam -S is an ultra-compact air conditioning system. All are innovative marvels that youll need to experience to believe.

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