Ac Working But Not Cooling

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Ac Running But Not Cooling

Air Conditioner Not Cooling Enough [2 Simple Checks to Do Yourself]

In this article we are specifically addressing what to do if you air conditioner is running but not cooling the house. It’s fairly obvious that you need to find an air conditioning company when your AC is NOT running. But what do you do when your AC is running but not cooling?

Put The Problem In Perspective

There are two questions you should ask yourself when you notice your AC unit running but not cooling. First, you need to ask yourself “How long has this been going on?“. Secondly, “What is the temperature outside?“.

Most people don’t realize that air conditioners are meant to be “fine-tuned” for your specific location. In Orange County and Seminole County, we only surpass 93 degrees 1% of the year . That means that a “fine-tuned” air conditioning system will operate normally as long as the temperature is below 93 degrees. However, once the outside temperature exceeds 93 degrees, you will notice your ac not cooling enough even though it’s running.

Chart of average temperatures in Orlando, FL. Courtesy of

While this can be frustrating on those 1% of extremely hot days, the payoff is that your fine-tuned air conditioner will do its job properly the other 99% of the year.

So before you spend too much time and energy trying to solve a problem, make sure it’s truly a problem. Ask yourself if the temperature is above 93 degrees and is this an ongoing issue? If not, wait it out and more than likely you’ll be comfortable again in no time.

Invest In A Ductless Air Conditioner

If you are having trouble keeping your upstairs cool with your central air conditioner, you should consider investing in a ductless air conditioner.

These are self-contained units where each AC cools one room. There are many types of ductless air conditioners mini-splits, portable air conditioners, and window units are some of the most popular choices.

It is easier to create climate zones with ductless ACs as there is a separate unit for each room. They are also more cost-efficient since you do not have to waste energy in cooling rooms you are not using.

How To Keep Upstairs Cool Without Ac

Implementing the above-mentioned two-story house air conditioning tips will reduce your bills and help you figure out why your air conditioning is working downstairs but not upstairs.

However, if you dont want to spend much on air conditioning and be more environmentally friendly, then dont worry. It is possible to cool upstairs of your two-story home without spending a fortune on bills. Following are some of the ways to keep your upstairs cool without AC.

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The Temperature On Your Thermostat Is Too High

If you have a zoning system or multiple air conditioners installed, your second story might be too hot because you havent set the correct temperature. Most people set the same temperature for the upper and lower floors. Since hot air rises, this leads to a warmer second floor. You can quickly fix this problem by lowering the temperature of your second floor by at least two degrees. Smart thermostats, sensors, and zoning can significantly help in this regard.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling My House

4 Reasons Why AC Compressor Not Working But Fan Is Running

If you find your AC not cooling your house, then you’ll want to find the solution as soon as possible. So we will start by looking at the easiest solutions first.

Check Your Thermostat

If your AC is running but not cooling, then check your thermostat settings. It’s possible that someone changed the temperature or fan settings on the thermostat. Make sure it is set to “cool” and not to “fan”. If the settings all look correct and you’re continuing to have problems, then you should proceed to the next step.

If you have a Nexia thermostat, you can connect your local service company to the thermostat so they have access to some internal diagnostics. Contact Pro-Tech to find out if your thermostat is connected and if we have access to any diagnostic information.

Change Your Air Filter

Your AC may not be cooling due to a clogged or dirty air filter. Locate your air filter and visually inspect it. If you notice it has a decent amount of dirt or debris, then change your air filter.

A standard 1 inch air filter should be changed about once every month. Changing the air filter not only gives you cleaner air, but it also ensures the proper air flow in your AC system. If the air filter becomes clogged it may be the reason your AC is not cooling your home.

If the air filter appears to be clean or your air conditioner is still not cooling your home after changing the air filter, then move on to the next step.

Check For Clogged Coils

Frozen Evaporator Coil

Leaking Refrigerant

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Ac Not Blowing Cold Air : 8 Common Causes + Fixes

My air conditioner is running but its not blowing cold air. What might be the problem?

When air conditioners malfunction, not blowing cold air is one of the most common problems. There is nothing worst than looking at the AC running but not cooling . Youre spending electricity and sweating in your home at the same time.

About 20-30% of homeowners experience the air conditioner not blowing cold air problem. At first, it might seem like an inconvenience. Every air conditioner has one function to cool your home. It isnt not cooling your home, its not doing its job properly.

Secondly, however, the air conditioner stopping to blow cold air while still running is something to be alarmed about. AC unit not blowing cold air might be an indication of a bigger problem .

If this AC problem is not dealt with properly, running an AC that is not blowing cold air might put your whole AC in danger. When central AC is not blowing cold air, for example, you want to shut it off to prevent further damage to a $3000+ unit.

Fortunately, there are a number of known causes for air conditioners not blowing cold air. They range from power issues to clogged filters, and dirty compressors.

Below, we have summarized the 8 most common causes of why air conditioners stop blowing cold air. Dont worry. Any problem can be fixed, even the malfunctioning AC thats just blowing non-cooled air.

Look At The Condenser

A central air conditioning unit typically has an outdoor condenser unit. The outside of this unit usually features an outdoor coil that wraps around the condenser. This coil has multiple fins that are spaced close to one another. If you’re experiencing AC not cooling while the system is powered on, you could have a clogged or blocked coil. Unfortunately, a wide variety of debris can find its way into this equipment, including grass, dirt, and other contaminants. This can result in a serious clog, which can lead to a system malfunction. While this can cause your unit to blow warm air instead of cold air, it can also decrease your energy efficiency and even result in a system shutdown.

To troubleshoot the issue, check the condenser and clean away any debris. This area can be cleaned by a vacuum with a brush attachment, or try using a hose to gently wipe away any dirt and grime. Still dealing with AC running but not cooling? If so, it may be time to call a professional for service.

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Clean The Hvac Interior

Next, clean out the condenser, evaporator, filters and coil. If these are dirty and clogged by debris, air flow within your unit may be restricted, which can severely affect the efficiency of your unit as a whole. Over time, this can lead to an overheated, overworked and damaged compressor which can result in costly repairs, or even the need to replace your air conditioning system altogether.

Air Conditioner Fan Not Working Outside

#1 AC Problem With Central Air Conditioning Not Cooling

When your AC isnt cooling properly, you may want to check your outdoor unit. If the outdoor fan isnt spinning, first check the breaker or fuse box. If a reset doesnt correct the problem, there may be a couple of problems at work here.

  • Start capacitor not working: If your compressor is still working, your fans motor or start capacitor may not be working. You can try to troubleshoot it by pushing the fan with a wooden stick. Dont do it by hand, since if the fan does start, it could cut your fingers. If it still doesnt start to spin, you need to call your local technician. Turn your unit off until she or he comes. If you dont, you risk burning out your compressora major repair.
  • Outdoor fan motor stuck: Dirt or rust may have caused the fan to get stuck. If the unit requires more extensive repairs, you may need to repair or replace the outdoor fan motor.

After you repair your AC system, make it a point to have your local Sears air conditioning professional stop by on a yearly basis for a maintenance checkup. With regular service, your system will last longer, work more efficiently, and save you money on your energy bills in the long run. Wondering if it might be time to replace your air conditioner? You cant go wrong with the air conditioning experts here at Sears Home Services. Were here for your home.

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What To Check When My Central Ac Isnt Cooling

There are some common AC problems that are easy for homeowners to fix. Heres how to diagnose and solve AC issues yourself, and how to know when to call a professional.

Theres nothing worse than a summer heatwave without a functioning central AC system. While many problems require the help of a professional, there are some common problems that are easy for homeowners to fix. This article will focus on helping you to diagnose problems with your homes AC system, and walking through the steps to troubleshoot simple problems. Well also let you know which problems you can handle yourself, and when it makes sense to . Ready? Lets get started!

The Filters Are Clogged

Perhaps the most common cause of AC issues is clogged filters. Dirt, pet hair, pollen and dust can clog your filters.

When filters get clogged, they begin to restrict the flow of air through your AC. The result is that the AC doesnt cool your indoor air effectively. Clogged filters can also interfere with the functioning of your systems indoor evaporator coil and outdoor condenser unit.

The best way to avoid issues with clogged filters is to clean them regularly and change them when required. We recommend changing them every three months. For those with pets, it may be necessary to change filters more often.

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Your Ac Is Leaking Refrigerant

Its actually very easy to find if your AC is leaking refrigerant.

  • Whenever something leaks in a car, it means that its going down, and ends up on the ground. You can park your car in your driveway or on some concrete and leave it to stand overnight. In the morning, back up the car a little bit and see if there is fluid on the ground. If there is, you can perform a small test like smelling the fluid. If it smells like oil, then its oil. If not, if it has that freon/refrigerant smell, you got yourself a leaky AC.
  • If you dont want to wait 24 hours and you want to diagnose and fix your AC right away, you can perform another test. You can add a special dye to the AC system. But the dye is very difficult to see, so you will need a UV light. Start your car and your AC. Add the dye to the AC system. Grab your UV light and carefully light all the pipes that go in/out the AC system. Its best if your car is parked in a garage and the light is off. If you are able to find where the leaking is coming from, mark that place and go to the mechanic. Or, if the area is very small, you can try taping it with a heat resistant tape.
  • Cost Of Repair

    Repair It Yourself

    In the best scenario, you can use a commercial product to stop the leaking. These products say that they will fix leaks in condensers, evaporators, hoses, and gaskets. The products go for around $25. If this doesnt work, take your car to the mechanic.

    Signs You Need A Replacement If Ac Is On But Not Blowing Cold Air

    Air Conditioner Stopped Working? Some Possible Problems and Fixes

    There are a few common signs that if you have an air conditioner not blowing cold air but running thatis not something even experts at Global Cool Air can repair, you need toreplace the unit or system.

    • If yoursystem is older than a decade and the ac is on but notblowing cold air it is likely time to think about replacing it. AtGlobal Cool Air we are happy to take a look and then advise you on what systemyou might want to consider as a replacement
    • Anupgrade is an investment too if you have been consistently having problems withyour current system as well as the home ac unit notblowing cold air
    • If youare paying more in repairs than you feel comfortable paying we are happy totalk to you about finding a more reliable model that will not have problemssuch as an aircon not blowing cool air
    • If youare paying a lot more in energy bills than you used to pay as well as having anair conditioner cool air not cold
    • As wellas your home central air conditioner not blowing coldair it is making strange noises often. At Global Cool Air we have arange of systems and models to consider

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    Problem : Low Refrigerant Charge/refrigerant Leak

    Refrigerant is the liquid that absorbs the heat from your air. When you dont have enough, your AC cant absorb enough heat to cool the air. A low refrigerant level means one thing: you have a refrigerant leak.

    Signs you have a refrigerant leak include:

  • Ice buildup on the refrigerant line and the outside unit
  • Bubbling or hissing noise
  • AC cant cool home on especially hot days, but cools fine on cool days and at night
  • If you see these signs, turn off your air conditioner and call an AC pro ASAP. Running the AC in this state can cause slugging in the compressor and damage it beyond repair.

    Speaking of compressors…

    Common Reasons Your Home Is Still Toohot

    If your homes air conditioning is notcooling properly, it may be time to look closely at what could be going wrong. Hereare some of the most common reasons for improper or inefficient cooling.

    #1: AC Is Too Old

    Most air conditioners last 1015 years. Over time, even the best systems begin to wear down, and that can lead to the system being ineffective at cooling the home consistently. If the air conditioner is older than this, its components are likely worn significantly, limiting its ability to perform well. That means it may be time to invest in a new model.

    #2: AC IsUnderpowered

    Air conditioners must be sized properly to fit the home. One that is too large for the home is going to short cycleturn on and offnumerous times before it can reach the proper level. More commonly, an air conditioner is too small. That means that, even though it is running nearly nonstop throughout the day, it may not be able to completely cool down the home. It just does not have the power and performance to do so.

    Even with air conditioning repair, it may be better to replace your system in these situations as it can directly contribute to home energy consumption.

    #3: Its Filter IsClogged

    Each month during the summer months,remove and replace the air conditioning filter. That is essential to ensuringthat the system is able to pull in enough air quickly and easily. As the summerheat draws on, youll notice a drop in efficiency if your homes airconditioners air filter is clogged.

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    What If You Cant Fix Your A/c

    When your central A/C wont blow cold air, its time to find some alternatives to air conditioning that can help you stay cool until you can get it repaired. One easy fix is to close your drapes and blinds early in the day this will help prevent the suns heat from increasing the temperature in your house. Leaving bedroom doors open will also help keep your home cool over summer, as it improves circulation and allows hot air to escape through your homes return grille.

    Additionally, if you have ceiling fans, its important to make sure that they are turning the correct way. By setting your fans to spin counterclockwise over the summer, cold air will be pushed down from the ceiling, creating a cooling effect for whomever is in the room. You can also invest in an energy-efficient fan to conserve power in the process. Either way, just be sure to turn your fans direction back to clockwise during the colder months.

    You can watch this video for more tips on cooling your home naturally:

    Air Conditioner Wont Turn On

    AC Unit Not Cooling House – 20 Reasons Why

    The first step in troubleshooting an air conditioner that wont turn on is ensuring that your thermostat is adjusted to the correct temperature and set to cool mode. If youre still having issues, check to make sure that the corresponding fuse or circuit breaker is switched on.

    Its also important to assess your outdoor A/C unit for any potential problems. For example, youll want to make sure the unit is plugged in and the disconnect switch is turned on. Additionally, if you have a furnace, you should check to ensure that your furnace blower motor is running. If youve covered these bases and your A/C still wont work, its likely time to seek help from an HVAC technician.

    Follow the steps in this video from a Constellation home services technician for more help with repairing an air conditioner that wont turn on:

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