Ac Stopped Blowing Cold Air Car

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It Needs To Be Recharged

Diagnostic: Why Is My Car A/C Not Blowing Cold?

Your A/C system may not be blowing cold air because it needs to be recharged. You can charge your own refrigerant. However, if you do not want to take care of this task yourself, then you can take your car to the mechanic. Your A/C should start blowing air after the refrigerant is recharged.Keep in mind that there is no specific recommendation about how often you will need to recharge your system. However, you may need to have it recharged as soon as you notice that your A/C is not blowing as much cool air as it used to.

Have You Been Changing Your Filter

You might not think your filter contributes to your AC not blowing cold air, but it does.

If you havent been regularly checking and changing your air filter, its most likely your ac unit has a dirty air filter that is now extremely clogged.

A central air conditioning unit with a clogged filter will restrict airflow into your home and cause damage to other parts ac units, like the evaporator coil. This means that you wont only notice a lack of cold air, but probably a little more dust and overall stuffiness due to airborne particles not being filtered out.

We recommend checking your filter every 30 days, and changing/cleaning it as needed. You can find out more here >

How Does Heat Affect My Car Ac

According to the NHTSA, the interior of the car can reach 115 degrees Fahrenheit when it is only 70 degrees outside. So its no wonder it can be so difficult to keep the cabin cool when the temperatures start to rise. The higher the temperature gets outside and the more humidity you are dealing with, the harder your air conditioning needs to work to keep the cabin cooler.

The hot temperatures also put a strain on the car engine because of the extra power needed to run the air conditioning. Thats why its important to protect the cars air conditioning from the dangers of heat and humidity.

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Is It Ok To Run The Cars Air Conditioner Without Freon

Without Freon you can run the cars air conditioner, and AC will still function. But without a Freon in the cars air conditioners, it can start serious damage that will eventually lead to an air compressors repair and even the full system could be broken down.

A low level of Freon will also damage the whole air compressor and lead to overheating. The air conditioner is designed for a particular refrigerant charge.

When refrigerant charge drops, this upsets the general operation of the Air conditioner. To avoid this problem, you should always check your car Freon level: save your money and car damage.

Blocked Expansion Valve/orifice Tube

Why Isn

The cold air process starts with the expansion valve. It decreases refrigerant pressure and gets it cooled. Contaminated refrigerants such as metal particles, debris, and sometimes ice build in the valve.

Thus, keeps the expansion valve or orifice tube stuck in a closed position causes a restriction of refrigerant flow. As a result, the car ac blows cold then warm.

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Check The Fuses And Make Sure They Are Not Blown

One of the first things you should do is check your cars fuse panel to see if any fuses are blown.

If a fuse has been incorrectly wired, it may cause an air conditioner problem and result in no cold air coming out.

If this is not the issue, inspect both ends of the wires at their connections for loose screws or corrosion that could be causing a short circuit.

Replace damaged wiring as needed.

Check all hoses and make sure theyre intact with no cracks or leaks where refrigerant can escape from inside them replace leaking lines as necessary.

Inspect your condenser unit for fluid leakage which can mean a leaky seal between the evaporator coil.

Is Your Ac The Right Size

An air conditioner that is too big or too small will wear out your air conditioner, and cause a whole bunch of problems. This includes no cold air.

We have a comprehensive guide on air conditioner sizes that you can find here >

Unfortunately, this is an issue that will continue unless you replace your air conditioner. If this is an option for you, we can help make sure you get the right air conditioner the first time.

If replacing your ac unit is not possible at this time, talk to us about setting up regular maintenance appointments. We might not be able to completely solve your problem, but we can do our best to keep you cool and comfortable.

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Moisture In The Ac System

You might get surprised to know that the most common reason the car air conditioner blows cold then warm is MOISTURE. Usually, air conditioning starts cool and then goes warm, in most cases due to moisture freezing up in the evaporator.

Whenever evacuating or recharging the AC system, if care is not taken, the contaminated air can enter the system. This contaminated air contains vapors that start to freeze up near the expansion valve in the evaporator and the refrigerant circulation is stopped. Thus, warm air starts to blow. The refrigerant flow resumes when the ice melts in the evaporator.

This is an InfoThe main reason, the moisture needs to be removed from the AC system is to prevent it from freezing up, which blocks the refrigerant flow. Because water has a freezing point of 32 degrees Fahrenheit, but the refrigerant freezing point is -142 degrees Fahrenheit.

You Have A Stuck Blend Air Door

AC Not Cold – Fix Car Air Conditioning Blowing Hot

Your ventilation system has a small component that is known as the blend air door. The door is designed to draw cool air when you switch the system from warm air to cool air. If the blend air door does not change, then it will draw hot air from the engine and blow it. This is a problem that has to be corrected by a mechanic.

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Is Your Car A/c Not Blowing Cold Air Heres What To Do

Is there anything more frustrating than a car A/C not blowing cold air during a summer road trip? This isnt a situation anyone wants to face, especially during the busy summer travel season, and it always seems to happen on the hottest day of the year. While there are many car troubles that can cause this problem, some are more common than others. Here are the top reasons why your cars air conditioning might have stopped working and how to return to a comfortable interior temperature as quickly as possible.

Auto Ac Is Cool But Not Getting Cold

When you have your cars air conditioning set on max cool and the fan on high, but youre only get cool air, not cold air:

  • Check the cooling fans to make sure they are running. These are located on the condenser or radiator.
  • Check for bugs, dirt, or leaves blocking the condenser.
  • Check the cabin air filter make sure it isnt clogged.
  • If you have a manifold gauge, check the pressure settings to make sure not too high or too low.

When diagnosing an auto air conditioner issue, the compressor is often the problem identified by any of the following. If you determine it is one of these, you need to call an auto ac repair shop and get quotes on repairs:

  • With the car motor running turn the air conditioner on max with the fan blowing high. Is the compressor clutch engaging?
  • If the clutch is not engaging the refrigerant level is okay, check the voltage to the compressor with a voltmeter.
  • If the voltage is good, the refrigerant is good, then it is probably the clutch.
  • If there isnt any voltage, it could be a fuse or insufficient refrigerant.

One of the biggest problems that auto ac repair shops see is low refrigerant because of a leak. You can do your own search for a leak, then you can call a few ac auto repair shops and see what it will cost to fix.

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How To Prevent The Issue Of Car Ac Not Blowing Cold Air

With the clarity of the issues that leads to the car ac not blowing cold air, there are some preventive measures that you can take.

Remember, it is not always easy to handle or tackle these all by yourself. Sometimes you might need a professional hand, so do not hesitate to look for one.

So, let us take a look at what preventive measures and cures you can apply when you find your ac not blowing cold air.

Is Your Condenser Dirty

Car Ac Stops Blowing Cold Air After A While

The outdoor part of your air conditioner is called a condenser. When dirt and debris get in there, it interferes with the process.

Your air conditioner will have to work much harder to pull in air and cool it. Its very similar to the problem youll experience with a clogged filter.

Luckily, cleaning up your outdoor condenser unit is something you can do on your own but you have to be very careful not to bend of break anything.

We recommend using soap and water to gently wipe away the dirt. You can also use a hose with a gentle pressure.

To minimize dirt and debris in the future, invest in a good weatherproof cover for when your air conditioner is not in use. You should also keep the area around the condenser weeded, trimmed, and clear of overhanging branches and other plants.

Weve got more tips on landscaping around your air conditioner here >

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Air Conditioner Is Freezing Up

While air conditioners are meant to cool your house down, they arent meant to freeze or have ice and frost buildup. An AC unit freezing up can mean your clogged filter caused a dirty coil , the condensate line is blocked, low refrigerant, or that your thermostat settings are wrong- Either set too low, or the outdoor air is too cold.

My Car Air Conditioner Stopped Blowing Cold Air At Cars

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My Car Air Conditioner Stopped Blowing Cold Air. A bad ac control switch that will not make good contacts can also be the reason for the car air conditioner blows cold then warm then cold again. If your ac stops blowing cold air, here are a few things that might be able to help.

Likewise, people ask, why does my ac get warm when i stop? However, there can be several reasons why your vehicles air conditioning gave up out of the blue. When there isnt enough freon, the air conditioners clucth wont come on, which will also affect the compressor from cycling.

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S Of A Car Air Conditioning System

The air conditioning system of a car consists of five major parts. They all work together in perfect harmony to provide you with cool air that makes your journey better every single time.

Most AC systems comprise of:

  • Compressor
    • The inability of the defroster to remove moisture from glass & windows

    4. Expansion Valve

    The alemite expansion valve monitors & controls the amount of refrigerant entering the evaporator. It stores excess refrigerant so that it does not enter the compressor. In addition, it filters dirt and removes moisture from the system.

    Expansion Valve wear signs:

    • When it has become dirty

    5. Evaporator

    The evaporator is located right behind your dashboard. It cools the air with refrigerant and the cold air starts to flow.

    Evaporatorwear signs: Bad air conditioning

    Car Ac Compressor Problem

    How to Fix Car AC that’s Not Blowing Cold Air

    Without a car AC compressor, air conditioning in your vehicle would be impossible. As the name suggests, your ac compressor compresses the Freon and gets very cold. Air blown across metal filled with cold Freon causes the air to cool quickly.

    If your ac compressor is failing, your car ac will not blow cold air. In other circumstances, if your Freon is low, it may cause your compressor to not engage at all and thus no cold air blowing from the vents.

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    Feel The Air Coming Out

    Feel the air coming out of your air vents. Check if the air coming out is cold, room temperature, or really hot. It may be blowing cold and then warm alternately too. Youll need to tell your mechanic exactly what air your AC is blowing or if the car AC is not cold enough.

    Also, note the air pressure of the air coming out. Pressure should be different when your AC is turned on at low and when its turned on at high. The pressure should increase as you turn it higher.

    Why Is My Car Blowing Hot Air

    Why is my car air conditioner not blowing cold air? That is the most common question that people will ask in regards to their cars air conditioner not working. When your air conditioning system isnt blowing cool air, that is the first sign that you need auto AC repair. There are a couple of reasons why your AC isnt blowing cool air and instead is blowing warm air. The first reason why your AC isnt blowing cool air is because it needs a freon recharge. When there isnt enough freon, the air conditioners clucth wont come on, which will also affect the compressor from cycling. Another reason why your air conditioner is only blowing warm air is because the condenser is broken. The air conditioner condenser converts gas into a liquid, so if its broken or clogged, then your air conditioner wont blow cool air. Your air conditioner might also have issues if the system has some sort of blockage. When there is a blockage in the air conditioning system, it wont be able to blow cool air out. Whatever the reason for your car not blowing cool air, its important to get auto AC repair to correct the problem. If you are looking for auto AC repair in Lombard and Wheaton, IL, you can depend on J1 Auto Repair to help you. Auto repair is so important, so whenever your cars air conditioner isnt working, contact our auto mechanic shop for repairs. We can go over auto AC repair cost, as well as our process. Dial in order to make an appointment today.

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    There Could Be A Leak In Your Car Ac System

    Leaks are another common issue with AC systems. This is a harder issue to spot because you may not see any leaking because the fluid evaporates when it touches air. There are a few things car owners can look out for. First, listen for a click when the AC system turns on.

    Another sign of a leak is if your system frequently cycles off and on. Other signs include hissing sounds when the engine is turned off and oil near the AC fittings, parts and hoses. Make sure to inspect seals and hoses for gaps and holes. It is important that all of the parts are properly attached to avoid leaks.

    Mechanics can use specific tools that use ultraviolet fluids to see if there are signs of a leak. If too much fluid has been lost, mechanics may need to flush out the whole air conditioning system to replace the fluid. You should be careful around refrigerant since this is a toxic chemical. Trained professionals understand how to handle the fluid without harm.

    Reason #: Your Car Is Leaking Refrigerant

    Car AC Stopped Working Suddenly [Not Blowing Cold Air]  Road Sumo

    A refrigerant leak can occur at any point in the air conditioning process and so its sometimes difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. The most common places where leaks are found are at A/C unit hose connections.

    Its sometimes possible to see an oily substance accumulating around these connection, which is likely the source of the leak. You or a technician can use a sealant found at most auto parts stores to close the leak.

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    Faulty Ac Compressor Clutch

    Some car compressors use a clutch inside the air compressor. The serpentine belt powers the air compressor pulley, and when you activate the AC the clutch is connecting the air compressor to the pulley. This makes the AC compressor to spin and power the AC system.

    If this clutch is too worn, it may cause the AC compressor not to start at all. You can replace this clutch in many AC compressors or even remove shims for the clutch for it to work a little bit more.

    Most newer cars have a variable AC compressor, though, and in this case, no AC compressor clutch can fail.

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    Reason #: The Condenser Is Blocked

    The condenser of your vehicles air conditioning unit is supposed to re-cool hot refrigerant once it has been compressed. This is done using the airflow that comes through the front of your car as you drive. If the condenser is blocked by some type of debris from the road, then it will be unable to properly cool the refrigerant and your cars system will continue to operate with overheated refrigerant. This will quickly cause the A/C unit to only expel hot air.

    In most vehicles, the condenser is found at the front of the car, so it should be easy to visually see if anything is blocking it. This can easily be removed from the grill of your car and the issue should be resolved.

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