1.5 Ton Ac Unit Cost

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Average Ac Condenser Replacement Cost

Croma 1.5 Ton Portable AC, CRAC1201 | Features | Croma

Replacing an air conditioning condenser costs $1,200$4,200 on average. You may only have to pay for installation costs if the unit is still under warranty, reducing the price to $300$1,200. Here are the key factors affecting replacement cost.

  • AC capacity: The more powerful the unit, the more expensive it is to replace.
  • Coil type: Condenser coils are one of the most expensive parts to replace. Their costs vary by design.
  • Condenser part: Some parts within the unit are relatively inexpensive. Others cost almost as much as the whole unit.

Owner Installed Ac Unit Costs

In the section below, we maintain our list of user submitted prices for their homes central air conditioner replacement cost. If you would like to share the cost to install central air, ac unit cost, a repair you had done, or the price range that you were quoted or paid for your home system, please go to the user submission form and send it in.

Each of the estimated prices you see below are based on the home, the homeowner needs and much more. Trane goes out of its own way to help homeowners understand there are many variables in pricing when you buy an AC unit for your home. The only way to know the exact cost for your home is to have a trained professional provide a detailed quote. today.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A New Central Ac Unit

According to Fixr, the average national air conditioner installation cost is around $7,000. However, prices could range between $3,000 and $7,000, depending on your existing system and which AC unit you choose.

You can use average air conditioner installation prices per square foot to get a clearer idea of how much your project is likely to cost for your property. Generally, you should expect to pay between $2.50 and $6 per square foot, depending on whether you need new ducts installed and your AC model.

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Cost To Install A Mini

The cost to install a mini-split air conditioner in a garage ranges from $1,500 to $3,500. Garages are unique in their layout and construction, which limits the air conditioning you can use there. Most garages do not have windows, meaning window units cannot be used. Most portable units also need some window access, meaning they are not a good fit for garages. Most garages also do not have ducts, meaning a ductless system is the best in most cases. If your garage has a room above it, the same system could also cool this by adding a second air handler to the installation.

Energy Efficiency Of Ac Units For Small Houses

Reduced Price

Up till now, we have only seen the upfront costs of 1,000 sq ft air conditioning systems:

  • Central air costs more than $5,000.
  • Mini splits cost between $2,000 and $5,000.
  • Room AC units can cost as little as $1,000.

Of course, we can all note how much a unit costs. What is more difficult and overall more important to calculate are the running costs.

Here is an example to illustrate this: Lets say you are buying an air conditioner for a 1,000 sq ft house and you decide on a $5,000 unit. Cooling costs over the next 20 years, however, can surpass $10,000.

It is quite evident that it can pay off to decrease these $10,000 or more future electricity costs. You do that by choosing an energy efficient air conditioner.

The efficiency of air conditioners is measured by SEER rating. A higher SEER rating equals to lower running costs. As we have seen, a 20 SEER unit can lower the cooling costs by about 40% compared to a 14 SEER unit. That reduces that $10,000 bill to $6,000 a whooping $4,000 difference.

In general, it always pays off to invest in a high SEER unit for a 1,000 sq ft home. Yes, the upfront cost will be higher , but the cooling costs in the next 20 years will be lower.

Hopefully, now you have a full overview on how to go about choosing the best air conditioner for a 1,000 sq ft house. If you have any questions or would like advice on which AC units to choose, you can use the comment section below and well try to help you out as best we can.

Thank you.

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Air Conditioner Price By Location

While central air is one of the most popular types of air conditioning for homes, your costs can be different if you have a smaller area to cool. Condos, apartments, townhouses, and mobile homes may have different needs. In some of these cases, a window or portable unit might be your best or only option. In other cases, a ductless installation might be appropriate. For that reason, installing air conditioning in an area that is not a house has different costs.

Location / House Type
$1,500 – $3,500

Condo Air Conditioning Unit Cost

The cost of air conditioning for a condo is between $300 and $3,500. Since condos are individual units owned by the resident, you have more leeway in what you can use. You may need to check with the association before doing anything visible. This may mean using a window unit, installing a window unit in a wall permanently, or using a split system. These plus portable units make great choices for condos. Because running ducts likely means dealing with shared spaces or running through other peoples properties, going ductless or using an in-wall, window, or portable unit are your best options.

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What Are The Available Models In Solar Ac Other Than 15 Ton Solar Ac

There are several models of solar AC that are also available in the market. Solar air conditioner is available in many models including 0.5 ton solar air conditioner, 1 ton solar air conditioner, 2 ton solar air conditioner and so on. Also these ACs are available in various rating such as 3 star or 5 star.

Apartment Ac Unit Cost

Super General 1.5 Ton Portable AC (SGPI 182) Overview

The average cost of an AC unit for an apartment ranges from $300 to $1,500. Most apartments do not allow changes to the walls or other building structures. That means you must add a window unit or purchase a portable unit if the unit does not currently have AC. Depending on your apartments layout and size, either may work well to meet your needs. If your apartment is larger, a portable unit may be your best option. You can wheel it from area to area or purchase one large enough to effectively cool a large, open space.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Goodman Air Conditioner

  • How much does it cost to install a Goodman air conditioner if you have a friend that knows HVAC or a one-person company?
  • In this article, Im gonna give you a complete breakdown of how much it costs to install a Goodman air conditioner. When people are searching for the replacement cost of a Goodman air conditioner we first need to distinguish. Are talking about just the outside Goodman condenser or are they talking about installing a whole Goodman system?

    A whole system would include the condenser outside as well as an indoor air handler or furnace with an evaporator coil.

    Quite often when people say how much does an air conditioner cost. What they are referring to is just the outside condenser. However, an air conditioner is more than just the outside condenser. Regardless I will break down the cost of a Goodman air conditioner outside condenser by itself. I will also give prices for a whole Goodman HVAC system installation.

    Goodman gets a bad rap in many different ways. From online comments and various competing contractors that dont think Goodman is a very good brand.

    However, in reality, a lot of it has to do with the easy ability for anyone to purchase Goodman equipment online.

    S And Installation Supplies

    We include this cost of supplies section in the installation cost area, since most homeowners dont clearly understand other expenses that are included when they see a contractor price quote. Your installation may or may not require all of these items, but most do.

    • $35 $100 | Miscellaneous copper tubing and fittings.
    • $150 $300 | Copper line-set tubing to connect indoor and outdoor unit.
    • $40 $760 | New thermostat if needed.
    • $15 $50 | Condensate drain line pipe and fittings.
    • $50 $150 | Sheet metal transition or plenum supplies.
    • $10 $50 | Misc fasteners and screws, metal seam tape, etc.
    • $25 $75 | Outdoor condensing unit pad.
    • $40 $250 | Electrical wire, disconnect, supplies and/or circuit breaker.

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    Ac Unit Replacement Cost By Home Size

    Below is a chart calculating the national average cost to replace a central air conditioning unit according to the square footage of a home

    • AC Unit for 1,200 Sq. Ft. Home: $2,210
    • AC Unit for 1,500 Sq. Ft. Home: $3,415
    • AC Unit for 2,000 Sq. Ft. Home: $3,431
    • AC Unit for 2,500 Sq. Ft. Home: $3,959
    • AC Unit for 3,000 Sq. Ft. Home: $4,689
    • AC Unit for 4,000 Sq. Ft Home: $5,209

    AC cost does not include installation, which will be between $90/hour $150/hour for a qualified technician. For exact pricing, please request to compare quotes from HVAC companies near you.

    A Minneapolis, MN AC company can replace your entire AC unit or just the outside unit. AC brands like Trane, Rheem, and Carrier typically are fairly close in their price points. This guide helps with

    Geothermal Air Conditioning Cost

    Small Kitchen Food Elevator Dumbwaiter Kitchen Elevator

    Geothermal heat pumps cost $12,000 to $30,000. Geothermal heat pumps are not air conditioners, but they can cool the air. In cold weather, they take heat from the ground and move it into your home. In hot weather, they take the hot air out of your home and move it into the earth. This is a very efficient method of heating and cooling and works best in cold climates. Once installed, it has much lower lifetime costs than other HVAC systems.

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    Central Air Conditioner Cost

    Central air conditioners cost between $3,500 and $12,000. If you also use a forced hot air furnace, these are sometimes referred to as split HVAC systems. Central air conditioning uses ducts to deliver cooled air to every room. There is just one unit with the condenser and air handler. It is usually installed outside, although it can be installed in an attic in rare instances. It is installed indoors if you have a furnace so that both systems use the same ducts.

    Ac Costs By Seer Rating

    Some of the best AC units will have high energy efficiency capabilities can save you a considerable amount of money on your average heating and cooling energy bill costs. However, a higher energy efficiency level may mean a higher HVAC installation cost. SEER ratings can range from the lowest point of a 13 SEER to the maximum efficiency air conditioners boasting a 24 SEER rating. The average price for a standard AC unit providing a 13 to 14 SEER rating will cost around $2,820 for total unit installation, while a unit with a 24 SEER rating will cost much more initially at around $6,800 for total installation. See chart below for all SEER ratings and central AC costs.

    AC Unit Costs by SEER

    SEER Efficiency Ratings
    Max Efficiency

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    Ac Size Estimate Based On Room Size

    Here is another very quick and basic way to figure out the size of an AC unit based on the number of square feet in your house.

    Take the total amount of square feet in your home. Make sure to EXCLUDE the square footage of your attic/basement/garage, unless you are using any of them as living spaces. Take this number of square feet and divide it by 600.

    For example: 2,400 sq.ft. : 600 = 4,tons

    If your house is well insulated and energy efficient, you can estimate down. For example, a 2,200 sq.ft. house divided by 600 = 3.6666. So you would want to install a 3.5 ton unit.

    If there is poor insulation/efficiency in your home, its best to estimate higher tonnage. In the example above, you would estimate a 4 ton unit for a poorly insulated 2,200 sq.ft. house.

    House square footage/ AC unit size estimate

    1,500 sq. ft./2.5 tonsGreater than 3,000 sq. ft./5 tons

    Hvac Package Unit Cost

    Installing a 1.5 Ton Water Cooled Air Conditioner Into A Commercial Kitchen

    A package unit costs between $10,000 and $14,000. A package unit contains the AC and furnace in one piece. It is smaller than a split system and is typically installed outdoors. This is not the most efficient system and is best used in small homes and moderate climates. While it can be less expensive than installing a separate furnace and air conditioners, it can cost more long-term because the entire unit must be replaced if one section breaks. These units most frequently use gas, and it can be difficult to find models that use other fuels.

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    Hvac Package Unit Installation Cost

    The cost to install an HVAC package unit is between $2,000 and $5,000. This HVAC system packages a furnace and air conditioner in one cabinet. It can take up less space than two separate units, which makes it a good choice for smaller homes. The entire unit must be installed outdoors. It requires ducts to run like other central air systems. This system requires frequent maintenance and has higher installation fees.

    Lg Lw1816hr The Best 15

    Getting the LG LW1816HR window AC will help you avoid dealing with a complex installation process. The unit comes with an installation kit that includes everything you need to mount it on a window. The unit has cooling and heating modes, but its output is limited to 12000 BTU in the heating mode.

    The LGs window AC also has the dehumidifier function that can absorb up to 5.5 pints of moisture per hour. This model can operate at two different speeds, and you can direct its airflow in four different directions.

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    Cost To Replace An Ac Unit

    The cost to replace an AC unit varies, but it is often very close to the initial installation estimate, depending on the unit type. In an initial installation for central air, the coils, refrigerant lines, and cooling pad must be installed with the new unit. Many of these can be reused with the replacement AC, which can lower costs slightly and offset the removal and disposal fees. Many installers roll these fees into their final estimate or haul away for no cost or around $200.

    Costs can be higher if you also need to replace your ductwork, cooling pad, lines, or other equipment. Costs for the average central air replacement are between $4,000 and $12,000.

    For a window unit, replacement costs are similar to a new unit cost, with disposal fees of up to $50. Portable units also have the same potential disposal fees. This makes replacement costs between $200 and $1,550.

    The replacement cost for mini-splits varies greatly, depending on where the unit is located and the type of unit and air handler. If you cannot use a new air handler that is the same size and shape as your older unit, you could have higher costs related to fitting the new unit. This could include repairing the drywall, cutting a larger hole in the drywall, or running new tubes through the walls. All this can mean higher labor costs, so the total cost range for replacing this system ranges from $4,000 to $11,000.

    Cost Comparison Of Ac Brands Unit Sizes Repair Costs Replacement Cost And Different Efficiency Central Air Systems

    How to Hide and Cover a Heat Pump in the Dining Room

    Welcome to our price comparison website for residential central air conditioner systems. The information we display on this site is updated weekly with pricing we compile from industry information, consumer submissions, and data gathered from readers and contractors across the web who have chosen to share it. Our latest update was done to bring pricing and information up to date for 2022. The price range to have central air installed can vary widely by location, your home and many other factors. This page is meant to be your replacement cost guide and help you get started in understanding those costs.

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    American Standard Central Ac Unit Prices

    American Standard has long been one of the most popular brands when it comes to central air conditioning units, customer satisfaction and quality. They have a stellar reputation for producing high quality products that are not only affordable, but that will last for years to come. With one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings among all brands, American Standard central air conditioners are a good choice for the homeowner who wants a high performing system at an affordable price.

    American Standard is considered one of the higher quality brands of central HVAC equipment. Other top tier brands include: Carrier, Trane and Lennox.

    Central Ac Unit Prices By Brand

    For the purpose of this price list of leading central air conditioner brands, we used a baseline of a standard efficiency 2.5 ton central ac unit and matching evaporator coil, from the different leading brands below. A 2.5 ton unit is the approximate size installed in most 1400-1800 square foot homes. All central ac unit prices online are approximate, based on the latest pricing sheets we have. Prices updated to reflect 2022 new pricing and economic conditions.

    Central AC Unit Brand

    Average Tier Units: Bryant | Heil | Amana | Gibson | Rheem | Ruud | York

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